Unleash the Vapor II

in Land Kiting , by Joel Theodore
article_thumbPeter Lynn for over half a decade has dominated the kite buggy race scene with its Vapor, it seems they're not about to concede their position easily with the Vapor II being unleashed.  Their new race kite will be available in sizes of 2.7m, 3.2m, 3.8m, 4.4m, 5.2m, 6.2m, 7.3m, 8.6m, 10.1m, 12.0m,14.1m and 16.6m.  

Sneak peak at the Uniq

in Land Kiting , by Joel Theodore
article_thumbPeter Lynn's foray in to single skin kites predates any of today's commercial manufacturers with their original release of the C-Quad back in the mid 90's.  Nearly 20 years later they have come full circle and are back again researching and developing for a new generation of single skin kites, our first sneak peek of this progression with the Uniq.  

Profile: Born-Kite, Steffen Born

in Land Kiting , by John Holgate
2014-001-born_kites Born-Kite is the culmination of research, development and dedication by Steffen Born a kite designer/manufacturer located in Jena, Germany. Born-Kite has captured the attention of Extreme Kites member John Holgate who writes the following profile on both Born-Kite and their creator Steffen Born.

Flysurfer Peak, Single Skin Depower Kite

in Land Kiting , by Andy666
2014-001-andy666-fs_peakThe field of single skin power kites has remained almost completely undeveloped for many years, with only the traditional, 3 line NASA Star kites having any real presence. Well that all changed recently with some of the worlds leading kite developers getting into the field of single skin kites.  Flysurfer is now leading the charge in this area of development.  

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Using a kite and a buggy allows riders to achieve great speeds harnessing the wind, or amazing heights when doing aerial freestyle buggy jumping.
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Involving a kite and a land board riders can perform amazing aerial manouvers over a hard packed surface. Land boarding can also be known as Kite Ground Boarding or KGB.
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Whilst we don't get much snow in Australia Snow Kiting is the use of a kite attached to a rider on either skis or a snowboard. Snowkiting means you will never need to buy a lift ticket again!
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