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At last some vid


Firstly a big thanks to ExtremeKites and especially Joel for sorting my prize out.  Yes it was a real competition :Thumbs-up-smaller:

Secondly apologies for the video, it's the first time I've had chance to get my phone hooked up to it and get some footage, so here it is unedited but it proves the kite does fly, wind was very lumpy and rain very imminent:



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HOLY frack!  That thing looks like a weapon in the sky, and for such a high-aspect kite it damn well turns incredibly well!  Really I don't know what to say, other than one day I hope we bump in to each-other and you pull that kite out because after watching all the work you put in to building it and then to see it fly like that I'm in awe.

Great to see you got the new camera out as well!  Considering the low light it also did well, fiddle with the onscreen settings a bit and you'll end up with a low-light and bright-light setting.  I've also found the Gyro that's built in works amazingly well when it's attached to your helmet or body, not so great when it's directly attached to the frame of the buggy and you hit corrugations.  

John when he wakes up and sees this is going to have to wipe his keyboard once he done salivating.

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Cheers Joel, I think I've just about hit the optimum profile settings for it now, in lumpy wind like today I hold the handles like an NPW so it's slower and less prone to wing tip collapse, but when the wind is clean or enough to buggy with then I switch to a foil grip and then it is even faster.

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At last the video we have been waiting for .

stunning !!!!

to think from the humble npw 5 to this , evolution at its best.

how does it compare to the 1st hammers ?

does the brake input correct the wing tuck same as it does on the nose of an npw ?

Hope to see some buggy footage in the future.


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Thanks @lasrocas how does it compare.... more power and quicker, but a bit more flighty which is why it's taken a bit of taming.  I guess going higher on the AR is going to make the kite more flighty and less of a "beginners kite". That said last time out the sun was right in the middle of the window, no sun glasses so I practised some eyes closed flying and it felt really good. I may have compromised on the power to make it easier to use, won't give too much away but a couple of bridle tweaks has really balanced it. 

Brake input makes a big difference, very NPW, I have a Z-bridle on it which in cleaner winds (or higher wind speed) works really well, right up to the zenith no wing tip collapse, but in this park in Stevenage the wind has a mind of it's own, it's like it's constantly trying to catch you out, which is why I tried moving my hands down the handles, the kite slowed with the extra brake but the wing tips stayed inflated.  That said when the wind suddenly dropped the extra brake meant the kite luffed.  Roll on the summer, I want to do a side-by-side with my 4.9m blade as I'm guessing they will be about the same.

Farmer's field next to me has just been cut so may get out in the bug but the Isle of Man TT is coming up and I'll be off to that for a couple of weeks.      

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That looks pretty damn awesome, Ian.  Well bloody done. :good:   As for uploading video, most of us generally upload to youtube or vimeo and then copy and paste the link into the reply box.  Seems to be the easiest way.

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Dear BigE,

Thanks to have shown this awesome video.

Is it possible to share your works and plan for us?

Thanks in advance

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