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Competition Time!!


In the run up to Xmas and the peak kiting season for us, We thought it was about time for another competition.  Steffen Born from Born-Kites is sending us a 5.5m LongStar 2 hot off of the presses for review.  We are going to review the kite during our Blow @ Kingston 2017 Meet in January and after that some lucky member will be announced the winner of the kite!  Yep, nearly $1000 of Born-Kite goodness can be all yours!  A big THANK YOU to Born-Kite for supplying us with the LongStar 2.  



Entry Details
To enter, simply start any of the following:

  • Discussion Topic
  • Blog Post
  • Gallery Upload
  • Kite Review

The winner will be judged by the most total replies across all entries.

Example: You create four Discussion Topics and each one receives five replies, your total score is 20.
Note: Replies to your own topics are not counted towards your total score.

Competition Information
Competition runs from Monday 12th December until Tuesday January 31st 2017.
Replies are only counted from new Discussion Topics, Blog Posts, Gallery Uploads and Reviews created during this time.
Discussion Topics in The Lounge, Buy & Sell, Meets & Events are not counted towards your score total.

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Once again Born-Kite shows its support for the Extreme Kites Community and I thank Steffen for his support.  One of the, if not the smallest manufacturer in Land Kiting doing the most to help us encourage more participation, content and information sharing.  Hats off :hatsoff:

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I'm in complete agreement with Joel here; love what Steffen does all around!  Having been the Grand Champion last go around with the marvelous limited addition 3.2m NS3 I am going to abstain from this competition.  Best of luck to all you eager beavers out there, it looks like a beautiful kite, much refined since the, err, fiasco that was the LS1.  Go Dog Go!

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Yayyyyyy, nice one guys 👍😎. 

I wannnnntt one !!. 

Im onnitt , look out for my new discussion topic on the forum 👍

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John has just sent me a list of people up until the 14th of January.
I'll crunch out the rest of the numbers over the next couple of days and we'll announce a winner :good: 

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We have a winner...

... to be announced shortly :D 

Anyone care to guess who? :dance: 

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