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Born-Kite Longstar2 Winner

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born-kite-longstar2.JPGThe winner of the Born-Kite Longstar2 2016/17 Competition is........  @Darren Tibbey!

Congratulations and welldone, throughout the competition you created some really good and engaging contributions and discussions that landed this result.  In second place to Darren was @andy666 who also generated some engaging contributions.  An Extreme Kites Buggy T-Shirt will be on its way to you :good: 

Once again thanks to Born-Kite for supplying the prize, you can visit their website at http://www.born-kite.de 



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:yahoo:Thats AWESOME looking forward to many a happy day buggying and landboarding with you all. Massive thankyou to Born - Kites for putting up such a great price and to XK for being a top bunch of people to chat and get heaps of tips from.

Cheers Darren.

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