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  1. Yesterday
  2. Should be there with two mini monsters in tow
  3. I wonder if you would be better off just to use velcro to attach them?? This way they can still require a reasonable amount of force to remove (depends on the amount of velcro), yet will not damage, should it happen?
  4. Now these more of the better l say. Prisms. One in every colour. First of many.
  5. Ya figured as much, couldn't resist having a poke
  6. He was at Googong on the weekend battling the fickle winds
  7. It's surprising how long they do last. I've been riding the current pair for 16 months and they're still going.The dry sand seems to polish the P-tex more than abrade it but the edges do take a beating. They cost nothing (throwouts from the local ski shop) and you don't need to be fussy as pretty much anything will work. A cheap and fun way to use sections of beach where other toys may struggle I keep our alpine skis waxed and in tune but don't bother with old sand skis. They get a perfect base grind & edge tune every time I go out
  8. Cool! Better than Christmas. Thanks Jo!
  9. Will bring this to scare away the monsters.
  10. yes we can bring the power kites we have for sale..... and one of the buggies
  11. last year it was 12 till 4 have sent a text to confirm this years time so will post whenI hear back
  12. Ok, that makes sense to me.
  13. I will be there. @Jo Baker will you be bringing some of those trainer kites we spoke about? Looking forward to meet up with you guys.
  14. Whats the start time @Jo Baker?
  15. Plan on being there a bit after 1ish.
  16. Thank again @KaoS im going owe you a slab with all the advice you have been giving me.
  17. No. Pretty much everyone flies midi and maxi kites this way I've tried that, and it sometimes works okay but it isn't reliable. The Prusik knot tends to slip when used to attach things to the line of a pilot kite. I suspect it is because the pull of the pilot keeps the flying line really taut both above and below the attachment point, so the line effectively becomes a solid rod. Kite flying line is usually really smooth line, unlike climbing line and sailing cord (which both have a reasonably coarse weave outer sheath), so there is little friction for the prusik knot to grab and hold fast.
  18. Single line kite flyer Ian Burell is a VERY active kite flyer who calls Canberra his home. He has a trailer loaded with all sorts of giant kites.
  19. Last week
  20. You guys have way to much fun and food!!!! Love it!!!!
  21. We are planing to take some kites and having a fly afternoon this Sunday afternoon August 20th.. at the Dingley fly field... looking at getting there at around 1 pm for 3 or 4 hours depends how cold it gets.... will be our only opportunity over the next month as we will be heading to Redcliffs Dean and Bondi festivals... Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in... loads of room... I can be contacted on 0412 115 960.
  22. Yes. I have spoke to Jo a few times already.
  23. Yes it will be happening on Fathers day... We will be there doing workshops and flying..... its a small event with very friendly locals
  24. I dont think you are that far away from Jo Baker. She would have everything you need. Nice lady, maybe you could have a chat her.
  25. And here comes part 2 - the last day:
  26. Î have a bit of experience sewing leather with an old Singer 201 I have (straigt stitch only) but I´ve never sewn delicate fabric used for kites. Thats someting I still have to learn. But I´m not averse to giving it a try. Suppose I would have to lend my Mum´s sewing machine and find somebody to teach me.
  27. I've witnessed @Bladerunner hitting these sorts of speeds on stock Coyotes on Ivanpah. Balls like bull. Seeing it made me wish I still owned my 200x50mm Doom setup as we could have bolted his boots to my frames and really seen what a brave sole like him can accomplish. Alas, my former doom setup is in Alaska, holding up the father end of a father-son kiting duo. All of these speeds with skates underfoot are truly impressive and my hat goes off to all y'all.
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