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  1. Yesterday
  2. Love it. Amazing skills and the shots of Capetown bring back some good memories. He's still alive with both original legs intact so obviously he hasn't made many serious mistakes but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the "blooper" footage thrown in
  3. Thats unbeliveable Im speechless !
  4. It’s the only way to go..
  5. freaking stunning!
  6. Thats class that.
  7. Credit to Perrin, Dan, Veronica, Pete and Tony for these photo's.
  8. And another. . . As usual better than the last. .
  9. Was cold the old claws were blue Another run
  10. Am I watching this correctly? @roblukin in uggs on the buggy?
  11. The guru at work old mate is seriously fast i like to think im fast but every time any direction out guns me
  12. Last week
  13. We got both front ends and goose necks at the same time
  14. It does look good and I'm keen to test fly one. Ozone must have timed the release for the Northern Hemisphere winter which is good for me as our summer sea breezes have started. I'd like to test fly the 9m as this is the size I use most. Any idea when they'll be out?
  15. Yes next i want to try thé ergo bar with thé nasa Street star would be easy with sup ergo bar plus single Skin is thé perfect combo
  16. So do the prices include the bar?
  17. fits on a GT Bigfoot front end just fine, you just need some spacers like mark has above. these wheels are 10cm's wide and can handle soft sand with ease. keep your Kenya's for the dunes. and use the segler's for the beach having said that, I haven't used Kendal now for a long while... go on dude, you know you want them plus you get a spare tyre for nix!
  18. @Jase Shepperd
  19. Sorry for the delay mate. We discussed merging the Frenzy and Summit when a heap of dealers around the globe got together in Switzerland for the OSKM (tough gig, i know) there was a general consensus that the Summit and Frenzy were competing against one another, with the Frenzy sprouting technology from the race kites and paragliders, yet nearly all the really good snowkiters were using summits... So we reached the conclusion that an entry level Access and an advanced (yet to be named) open cell snowkite was all that is needed to cover 90% of the snowkiters out there. The Blizzard looks great and but the timing of the release sucks for us, because snow season is over. I'll order in a couple, happy to put one into demo if there is interest. What size? 9m or 11m?
  20. Video

    Hey I had missed it too. Outstanding clip!!!!
  21. Rob Lukin and Andy having a blast down Louth Bay while the tide only .2m. Post some video up later
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