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  2. And the price?
  3. I am looking for alternatives to the Woo and Xsensor, because I want a device that does more than just record GPS and height data (flunky at best I've heard). Is there a Garmin watch, a Smart watch, anything that is water proof and reads jumps properly?
  4. No but had some serious seat time already
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hop it will be possible tp use thΓ© kite with long lines to
  7. This "video" (collection of still photos) really gives you the chance to see how Steffen worked the bridling. Good stuff!
  8. Even at no wind this is possible πŸ˜‚. I love my GT ! #bestkitebuggyever
  9. You had Lunch or Dinner in the buggy yet?
  10. So stoked with these GT's, just REALLY pissed there no friggin wind to give them a good run and scare the crap out of us.. looking back at the old buggies they seem so fragile and flimsy... will definitely post the footage of the virgin run in them....
  11. That's another idea I'm going to call qantas ask about golf bag put all in a golf. Bag as some will let you travel with certain sports goods for charge other than that book the bag a seat I've seen music people travel with huge instruments Yeah travel insurance for sure Night buggy . So glad we are not the only ones doing it yeah full moon oh yes
  12. Hey just thinking, @plummet didn't you just pay for more flight baggage to Aust on your Yeppoon trip and save all the stress.
  13. Travel insurance with sporting accidents cover. And bring your best Hawaiian shirt as they stand out when night buggying, Actually they just stand out anywhere πŸ˜ƒ
  14. Sweet that's my type of trip thanks again @Jase Shepperd check this out
  15. Not required. Hire a 4wd. Drive down the beach and camp in the dunes and kite for 4-5 days.
  16. Ok cheers guys we will start a plan of attack licences ? Entry fee ? Kiting assoation?
  17. Just on the facebook page of BORN-KITE fresh colors for the StreetStar discovered.
  18. @Grants I checked my lock up today and I have a spare set of bigfoot duro's as well
  19. Hi fellas. Yeh I did clean everything so it was absolutely spot on as far as my 7mtr & 11mtr R1's, armour, helmet, shin pads wet weather clothing and declared it all. The cost of sending a buggy was horrendous and I borrowed one in the end from Al @northernal321 as the buggy @gannet built for me to use fitted Rob Lukin better and he stole it for Moose. I really stuffed up and I still owe Wayne and @gannet a huge thankyou for sorting out the hassle of getting gear into and then back out of NZ. My local post office said everything had to be valued at new price even though I'd purchased secondhand. Then on sending them to NZ, customs wouldn't release them till the 15% GST was paid (NZ $799) and a $50 customs inspection fee. After a lot of correspondence and emails it was sorted out by Wayne. The way to do it is apply for a "Temporary import request" from NZ customs as an "International competitor" as all gear will be returned to Australia. This would need to happen soon as there is a delay in processing to get it there in time. It took 6 weeks after posting from here to get my gear cleared by customs. My stuffup. So get the forms to streamline everything. They only took 3 days to post from Esperance to Auckland. I posted it to Wayne's personal address in Auckland and Pete @gannet collected it for me from there. After all the hassles that Wayne sorted out for me the box wasn't even opened going either way by both countries customs. Getting my gear out of NZ was so simple and I was only asked if it contained guns or batteries and to list everything in the box. I'd kept all the import forms and letters and this helped everything along. It was a 10 minute process at a postal shop south of Auckland. Moose was very challenging on my skills, bloody cold and blew it's tits off..................but I would do it all again in less than a heart beat!!!!! The Moose brothers are simply brilliant. Yeh crazy, but bloody fantastic fellas. The dunes are unreal to ride and the lakes not too deep. I tested most of their depths in the buggy. The beach is outstanding!!!! Anne my wife stayed at Dargaville at the caravan park in a chalet and drove all over the North Island while I was away. Hope this helps and never say is an event not to be missed.
  20. Maybe Alex could kitesurf with Nigel on his chest.😊
  21. That's awesome Jo, which sponsors logos are on the feathers ? Glad to see them after all these years
  22. Got mine Friday. But had no wind to fly it.
  23. @nigel is that because you would then have to kite surf? Come on guys, help Alex along here and encourage nigel to kite surf, you all know Alex would be tickled pink.
  24. @Grants when we moved from Oz to NZ, we had to not only declare what we brought but how we cleaned the items, imcluding cars and landboards. I popped the tires off all of my landboards, removed all seeds, sand and dirt; then assembled them again pumping up to normal pressure; all this declared for the customs to read; all went through without any trouble. Kites received the same treatment, I was very particular to remove seeds from the velcro straps, inspected the internal spaces of the kites to make sure all seeds removed, again all stated on the declaration, all kites went through without hassle. Don't forget your kiting harness and body guards, they great traps for seeds -- after I cleaned these they looked like new Hey @Chook did you do similar for your recent holiday?
  25. We just got one in each colour.
  26. Hey thats our dragon... puff.... also have the smaller one.. stuff.... they come from rollo kites in the Netherlands
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