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  • Goz

    A Tsunami Warning has been issued for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania

    Australian Tsunami Warning

    Residents warned as tsunamis roll across Pacific
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    that'd be one hell of a launch ramp for some serious hang time .....
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    se victoria


    stupid victoria

    i want some decent wave riding
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    It was nothing...I went down to the beach and chilled, waited and watched for a while at 830am...

    100mm-300mm increase in water level registered at around 11am...wooo hoooo.... :clapping:

    As usual, the media really played things up. I heard one reporter early in the morning saying that the earth quake was "one of the biggest recorded.." - come on...it was an 8.8! Yea, thats decent - but ffs...the media shit me when they play on words(fear fear fear fear fear!!!! lets make the people scared!!!)!! :mad:

    Off topic for a sec - wind was crap, 11-15kts at the time (plus 3-4ft swell), so i didnt get to kite the huge scarey tsunami which was forecast by the media..if the wind was there, i would of though :D

    Dave - done with his rant.
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    wow, who would have thought that an earthquake 11,000Km away would have a virtually imperceptible effect in Australia.

    Has anyone wondered why nobody bothers to make an Australia disaster movie?
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    The closest thing we've got to a disaster movie is 'Wolf Creek' :rolleyes:
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    I cant get past the idea that if they did an Australia disaster movie with a huge earthquake off the east coast and a 20M wave washing into Sydney harbour (cue the obligatory scene of the Bridge being destroyed by the opera house being washed into it).... Despite all that, the major death toll would probably be half the population of NSW being killed in the rush to get to the beach with their surfboards!
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    Apparently it was 7cm here in Tassie. I want to know how the hell they can work out that the water rose by 7cm!!! That is less than a normal wave height!!!

    Can just see it now, someone standing on a beach with a tape measure in a Tsunami Warning!!!
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