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Editing GoPro HD Video in Windows

This guide shows how to edit GoPro HD video using Windows MovieMaker. If you use other video editing software that supports directshow filters, than these steps may help you too.

Installing the Codecs

The GoPro HD records .MP4 videos. These videos use the avc1 video codec and mp4a audio codec. The easiest way to get media player to play these is by installing the K-Lite codec pack.

You can download the codec pack here:


If you're running a 64-bit version of windows, you'll also need to install this one (please install BOTH - media player is 32-bit and movie maker is 64-bit):


Once this is installed, try playing a recorded .mp4 file using media player. When you play it, you should see some new icons appear in the tray:

If at this point the video is not playing, try:

  • Restart - grrr.
  • “Reset to recommended settings” under the K-Lite Codec Pack/Settings menu

(Something else may be trying to decode the video)

  • Run “ffdshow video decoder” from the above menu, and check that H.264/AVC is decoded by libavcodec.

  • Call a nerdy friend

Now you should be able to play the videos in media player, and import and play them in movie maker.

Note: if you're using Windows XP (Movie Maker 2.1), you may have to go to Tools–>Options, and enable the ffdshow filter under the Compatibility tab. After you've done this rename the GoPro video to .avi and it should open in movie maker.

Publishing the Video

Now that you've imported and edited your video, you need to publish it without loosing a lot of quality. To do this you'll need profiles created that match the resolution an framerate of the recorded video. I have created these profiles which you can download and use. If you'd like to create you own, install windows media encoder, and use the Profile Editor tool it gives you.

Copy the profiles to your MovieMaker\Shared\profiles folder. If this folder does not exist, create it first. Eg: C:\Program Files\MovieMaker\Shared\profiles\

Now when you publish your movie, you'll see the GoPro HD profiles. Choose the profile that matches your recording settings:

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