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    It has been an interesting journey to Zac and my first snow kiting session. It all started with those far and few in-between posts from around the global of snow kiting and me thinking I’d like to do that. Back in Oz, it was some thing like a six hour drive just to get there, and to start with apart from the kites we did not have the gear. So lot’s of questions to those on the EK that might know thing about Snow kiting (thanks @clive and @goshen), slowly the picture came together. Then came the big move from Australia to New Zealand - South Island - Christchurch, snow kiting would finally become a reality. First step was to pick whether we were to ski or snow board, since we already have experience on landboards, surfboards and skate boards, it was a natural choice … hm at the time … to pick snow boards. We now have 1.75 years experience behind us snow boarding on the steep slopes of New Zealand, just gravity runs. In the mean time I was scouring over reports/stories of snow kiting in New Zealand, to pick suitable places to go and were reasonably close to where we live, and what dangers to look out for. @outlaw gave us some great tips. More scanning on-line topographic maps. We don’t have any avalanche training, and from reading on the subject, unless you are trained, on off piste trails keep below 30degree inclines. More scanning of topographic maps. Then there was the question of at what altitude does the snow begin, rather a challenge here in New Zealand as most of the mountains with snow on them are really steep. So more keeping an eye on weather maps for snow falls and wind. Finally the planets aligned, our favourite down hill snowboarding field, Mt Hutt was forecast to be shut (aka Mt Shutt) due to high winds, with the weather forecasts indicating strong to gale conditions. So were we going to bite off more than we could chew? More scanning of the weather maps, must say https://www.windy.com proved to be very useful, thanks @plummet. So it was either a 1.5 hr drive Mt Somer with a 400 metre hike to where the snow might begin and 30 knot winds forecast or a 3hr drive to Round Hill in the south where 15 knot winds were forecast with a hop skip and jump from our car to the kite launch spot. Round Hill has some nice low slope inclines before the steep 30 degree inclines begin, but would the snow line be low enough? Found some web cams at the village next to Lake Tekapo, bonzi — looks like the snow line would be low enough and we had two potential sites around the lake, Round Hill and Mt Joseph. Round Hill was it then. It also had a ski field, so if the wind would not play ball we could hit the ski field. It was going to be an early morning start, waking up at 5am, no different to our usual weekends to Mt Hutt. Great road trip Round Hill, we arrived at 0900 and we were greeted with plenty of snow with not too steep slopes. The wind was very light but with occasional gusts, and the angry clouds building up North West of us, where the 100 to 120 km winds at Mt Hutt were blowing. Cut a long story short, we made a few trips up and down the hill from the car to the kite launching spot to get it right with kite sizes. Here is a video of our kiting session, sorry no fancy go pro videos, just stills and movies from our mobile phones. By 1530 we were both totally knackered, called it a day and drove back home. Was a great day out, looking forward to the next session. Regards, Norman and Zac.
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    Melissa and I would like to introduce you to our new daughter Olivia. Born Tuesday September 5th, with both Melissa and Olivia healthy and comfortable we all came home on the Thursday and have had an amazing past 10 days with Olivia.
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    Kite fliers' transport to and from the beach each day Winds on the Baltic Sea coast were strong enough to lift sand on the first day Estonian take on the Volker Hoberg "Heart" kite - very elegant. I really like these painted kites Brit Gill Bloom with one of her roks A rare blonde "Brasington" - made under license for Wolkensturmer in Poland Here's a sewing challenge for you @Darren Tibbey Oh yeah, ...and some kites by a shabby Aussie
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    Nice drone footage from today on Farnborough Beach at Yeppoon. Step-daughter's boyfriend Johnnie just trying out his new drone and camera. Ant out on his board and me on the Sysmic with 5m Method - a perfect winters day in Qld...😀
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    Great weekend with Robert Brasington, Phoenix Kite Collective and ourselves. Check out the end of the video for our sand anchors
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    Here´s a quick translation of the German review. Please excuse if one or two things dont make perfect sense. I am 100% bilingual English/German but as a newbie to this my "Kiteish" isn´t perfect yet. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Single-skins are the speciality of developer Steffen Born. The NASA Star put kites on longboards and started streetkiting with extremely short strings. This year, the LongStar 2 started the departure from the NASA wing concept. According to current findings, the Street Star was conceived at Born-Kite. Why shouldn't the StreetStar be a kite? Canopy, bridle, bar – it has everything except flying lines. And the concept has deliberately dispensed with these. On the one side the wing should be usable in a narrow space, like on the road as the name suggests – where there is not always much space. On the other side the StreetStar is not like a kite when passing pedestrians or cyclists because the sail directly next to the rider has a manageable radius of action. And there is much less danger than with a high flying kite. The design of the canopy with the profiling of the leading edge using small rods and the single-skin concept match the expectations we have for the manufacturer Born-Kite. However, the control concept and the handling possibilities that are thus created are completely new. With only one hand, the wing can be steered, powered and depowered without having to hook it into a harness. How this could work was a mystery to us until we could try it ourselves. And it works! Whether you tilt the control handle to the left or right, the wing follows this impulse. If you pull the bottom of the handle down the power rises, if you push it upward, the StreetStar loses much traction. Its unhooked depower is a real sensation! Lukas Kruse, Tester, 17 years: "On a longboard the thing is awesome. You can control the kite well and you don't need worry about it all the time, just focus on the road. " The StreetStar can also easily be used for landboarding. And in winter it should be interesting with skis. Then the wing could step into the footsteps of Parawing and Kitewing. We also tried the Street Star in a small kite buggy where the NASA Star is a safe bet for Beginners. Here it offers an added value on hard surfaces, however it requires active flying. On a bike the cultivated power development can also play out its strengths. But the Street Star is made for the longboard and that is where it shows its true strengths. It was impressive how quickly our testers got used to the extraordinary control. If you put the experience you have had with a normal bar to the side, the control can be very intuitive. The restart, if the Street Star is on the ground upside down is also easy and intuitive to perform. At the top of the handle is a loop designed to secure the kite on the ground or to attach the safety leash. With this leash attached to your belt or wrist the Street Star can be released at any time and then migrates to the wind window edge with no pressure. This works even in storms. For long tours – which is particularly interesting on snow a harness connection is offered which attaches the kite in the middle position to the control handle and via a Safety release. We tested the 4.0 square meter version. In our first tests in two wind strengths the kite rose, but required a skilful hand on the "joystick". Three Beaufort should be enough to use this size. 4 to lower 5 Beaufort turned out to be ideal to go on a ride with power in reserve. Design and variability simply allow more wind than with the NASA Star. Thanks to Depower, the power is retrieved as needed, and more speed does not necessarily mean increased lateral forces, which brings significant advantages when driving upwind. If it storms, the kite immediately pulls off when powering and indicates that a smaller size would make sense.
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    Done a good job guys Pelvis fractured in 2 places L1-L5 vertebrae fractured (stable) 4 ribs on left fractured plus a bit of bark in places Feeling pretty sore
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    I wrote wrong before, it's the other way around, first two cells in outer skin and first in bottom. Finally got around to fly it: It's not hard to fly at all, it's very stable in the sky, and responds well with steering input, slow turning yes, but no probs to place it in the window, if you see what I mean. It pulls very hard at the edge without stalling. It has weak autozenith behavior, which not necessarely is bad. The depower does not exists, really. It only make the ears flap, still pulls like a wild horse. FUN :-)
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    Nah! Go big, or go home ;-) Made this one in 2000, still going strong!
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    Hi all, The tides look great for Sandy Point for the long weekend 29th September to 1st October. All details for this event are in the event calendar so have a read. Come and join us at this great buggy venue. Kathleen and Nigel
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    Might need to explain @igeighty - are you referring to the time you inflated the Cabrina in our lounge room??
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    To Both Trevor and Michael, best wishes to you and your families. Our thoughts are with you guys and your loved ones..
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    @Kiwininja demonstrated the massive progress he has made in his quad line flying - must have a good tutor ;-) He'll be flying in the team very soon!
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    Just a couple of photos from today - great day out (albeit a little windy and cold) Great to catch up with many new and old EK members.
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    kid in a lolly shop! Or a Pig in excrement. Just wanted to share my joy with someone that cares (hopefully). LOL Got my lines and handles today. Resleeved the lines and attached them to my Bora. Now I´m hoping that the forecast 13 - 15 knot NNE winds for tomorrow might be a bit lower at Chelsea Bicentennial Park. Can´t wait to get out tomorrow and practice on my Bora. As anything over 10 knots will probably kill me I will have to wait even longer with my practice sessions. Fingers crossed for light winds.
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    Some pics from Redcliffe kite festival courtesy of Jo Baker.
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    Really nice colour combination here at the Leba Festival in Poland. Looks stunning against a blue sky
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    This will be interesting...
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    Even though it's a big kite kite, I'm not expecting big things from it. But for about $350 delivered from Germany, it was to good to pass up.
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    Hi all, Maybe you've heard, last wednesday the RedBull Megaloop challenge was on again. After 1,5 years waiting for the right conditions. Here some video's Enjoy!
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    Here's a video from a month or so ago, just mucking around down at Semaphore beach. Probably my 4th or 5th time flying a quad. Semaphore Beach
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    Just had a ripper day snow kiting up Falls creek on the 9m Hyperlink. (I don't have the other sizes otherwise I would have flown 12m). Wind was a little light for me, but I really wanted to fly this DEMO once more before sending back. Ive got a review to write up on it, and also try to answer questions. Let me start by saying this kite is Super stable, it did not collapse or lose its shape and I could enjoy carving turns in fresh powder rather than worrying about kite. I think the stability comes from the Lower aspect when compared to other Closed cell kites. (That's the quick easy answer). Flying Closed cell kites in the mountains is fine when everything is perfect, and It's still better than inflatables. But as you get more adventurous, you kind of appreciate the OPEN cell advantages more.. The major benefit being safety, in that you can pack up the kite much easier, quicker and smaller and in more wind.. You can land the kite using safety or stall handle and then start wrapping the lines up without even securing the kite, it will just pull towards you. Not as easy on a CLOSED cell kite. ive had a few sessions on Closed cell kites where the only way to land is to flag out the kite onto safety line and watch it turn into a tangled mess. (Usually because the wind has picked up). And it's usually takes a while to untangle out of the wind, with a beer in hand. OPEN CELL = LESS TANGLED MESSES.
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    Gloves don't save scaphoid bones! but I do wear them. Protection required is function of skill level v crazy level. I hardly ever crash land kiting these days. So unless i'm doing something really stupid I don't bother with more protection that gloves and helmet. And before someone busts out the "your not pushing hard enough if your not crashing" call I push plenty hard enough land kiting. I think Chook could attest to that based on the silliness he witnessed at last years moose!
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    Why was it switched ? I probably missed the announcement. We where sitting at the pub last night after dean festival, and talked about heading down anyways. and probably a few times in between I dont really need an excuse for a buggy when summer is here
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    Doug is looking at the tides now - might be a trip later in November (when the tides are earlier, the sun is up that little longer and there isn't a public holiday busying up the place) 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th November are more tidy promising so we shall be heading down there then. Friday 10th - Low Tude 11:30am Saturday 11th - Low Tide 12:10pm Sunday 12th - Low Tide 13:00pm Monday 13th - Low Tide 13:50pm
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    Started sewing a heavy PVC gear bag to carry all that is required. I'll make up compartments internally to segregate/protect stuff. I'm just using up old seatbelts for the webbing and grain stack covering PVC scrounged from "Cooperative Bulk Handling"
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    yes a good day nice to meat some EKers and not a little windy but a little windy then no wind then rip your arms of then no wind and so on
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    Jo sent me some pics of the Redcliffe festival today. Looks like they are having an awesome time. Weather looks spot on. Might need to go to this one next year.
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    So today I found the top end of the 9m Hyperlink. 25knots had me going nice and fast. (But also a little scared). I prob should have flown my 7m Frenzy, that would have been the right size for the conditions. Heaps of snow, it's time to get up there before it starts getting to warm and wet.
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    Always nice to see somebody new interested in getting involved in our sport, so welcome David. I had to chuckle about your request for a "kite" in the singular sense. Good luck with that...
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    What I find very amusing is some of the discussions this thread has kicked off. I personally have next to no experience with power kiting but I have played enough silly sports in my live (Ice Hockey, Gridiron, Extrem Skiing, DH MTB,...) to know that it can never hurt to wear protection when in danger (even the remotest) of hiting something. Regardless of whether that "someting" is the ground, an object or even another body. If I look a bit silly in body armor and helmet ... but by wearing them avoid any strains, sprains, breaks, scuffs or bruises I´ve come out the winner and can enjoy kiting the next day as well.
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    I´m bilingual. I´ll do the translation as quick as I can.
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    I wonder if the ozone marketing team believe half the shit they dribble truely innovative and the first kite to bridge the gap between foil and inflato? It a mid aspect closed cell foil! Ozone are not the first to do this (flysurfer psycho, hq neo...), but it seems all kitesurfers know about is high aspect race foils. Probably because that's all the big names have offered them so far I'm not sure why they needed to reinvent the wheel though, by having open and closed cell option? Yes an open cell foil will have more power then a similar size closed cell and inflate instantly at launch. But this has 7? open cells, which will do virtually nothing different to having the cells "closed" but people will buy it because, lets face it, one of the best things ozone do is marketing
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    HQ Jive 2 stunt kite. Excellent condition. It's had maybe 10hrs of use and had been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 yrs not being used. Perfect introduction to 2 line stunt kites. Comes with bag, instruction manual, extra tail weight, ground stake and 2 sets of lines. From memory both sets are 90lb lines, but different lengths. Let's say $75 including postage within Australia. SOLD
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    Sorry, while Justin was flying I was tweaking the bridle on Greenie Meanie. It now flies, rather than pulls like a truck.
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    It was an amazing day (apart from the lost lines and handles), near perfect weather and those colours against the sky looked awesome.
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    Had a fantastic time today and met a lot of really great people. A big thanks to everybody! And a special thanks to @Mez and @igeighty! Now I really can´t wait for Sandy Point.
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    I have enjoyed the kite day on two previous occasions, but can't make it this year, as Marie and I are escaping to the NSW coast. Will check out some beaches, prior to returning for the Sandy Point celebrations. It's not easy being retired. Every day is like the weekend.....lol Michael
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    Nathan and I managed to squeeze in a couple of days at Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek last weekend. It was great to get the dust off the gear and we are now planning some more trips before the snow disappears. Hope you enjoy the footage :-)
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    Really nice build........ but one less wheel and then your talking Joel!!
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    You have friends all around Australia you just have not met them yet our moto is any one passing through or comming into Aus we will lend gear /buggys to
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    The Victorian Alps received 1m of snow last weekend, needless to say it's was epic conditions after the "Blizzard of Oz" finished. I planned to do an in-depth review of the 9m Hyperlink, comparing it to the 9m ChronoV2UL B2B. However the wind was light, after this photo I swapped up to riding 13m ChronoV2UL A review will still be coming, just need more wind, hopefully next session! What I can say, was the Hyperlink was super easy to launch in light wind, it flew well at its low end ( around 10knots ) and packed down perfectly.