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    Well my lady (Mrs Chook) has progressed from singing in @.Joel's shower in Kingston and belting it out with @Mez under the pine trees on the foreshore. From 2.11 is her song.
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    More photos to come waiting for beach racers then we r done
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    As I mentioned in another thread, I have a heap of material left over from building 1830 F-arc's. The f-arcs are made from good quality chikara ripstop and it is too good to just throw out, so I decided I needed to put it to good use. I have been playing with Surf Plan for a while now and although I can get a design that looks good, I have no idea if the design will fly or not. Then one day looking threw some old archived websites, I found a link to the surf plan design specs for a 6m p-arc. P-arc (P=parallel) was the original name of the F-arc, but was changed before release because Parc backwards is crap SurfPlan Download P-arc base.sle anyway, I decided it was worth giving it a go since I already had the material. So I got the plans printed out on A0 paper and set to work. first thing I had to do was unpick every seam on the remaining sections of 16m f-arc, which took a lot longer then expected. next came the marking out and cutting. Because I was working with material that had been folded and crushed, rather then off the roll, it was a nightmare getting it to lay flat to trace the outline on to. I had to flatten an then clamp the corners to the table. As well as the outline of each piece surfplan also allows you to add waypoints so everything can be aligned after being cut. I used a hot knife to cut all the pieces out to make it a bit quicker and stop the edges from fraying. i then used double sided tape to stick all the pieces of the top and bottom skin together for sewing. The ribs were too difficult to stick in place, so they were just aligned and stitched as I went. (A walking foot attachment from eBay makes sewing ripstop sooo much easier) The surfplan design didn't have spar pockets, so I made them from some 50mm webbing and stitched them to the end cells. I also added internal front and rear straps of 25mm webbing, similar to the more modern arcs. Like the modern arcs, the rear strap has adjustment for the middle 5 cells and wingtip 5 cells. I also made the front line adjustable at the middle 5 cells, in case the kite was prone to backstall. And the finished product..... flat area: 6m wing span: 6m AR: 6.0 I estimate it took about 100hrs, cost $150 and countless 🍺
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    Here's a quick low res few minutes for those who weren't there to get an idea of the spot...
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    Falls creek opens this weekend, if anybody is headed up please take some photos, in the meantime, here is a photo I took today at Elwood while mountainboarding in 8ish knots. With Polish Pete.
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    From the album bakersdozen's Photos

    I needed to re-align my trucks, as when I did the rebuild I didn't get one of them quite lined up. So I took the opportunity to fill all of the old holes, using epoxy putty, and sand out and smooth her off. Instead of paint, I used a 4D carbon wrap. Ordered a new grab handle from Trampa boards in the UK and some new grip tape. I'm happy with how it turned out and even happier that it now runs true.

    © Mark Baker

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    Here's some footage from Dingley park last weekend. Hopefully the angles will give you all a better perspective of the location for buggying / landboarding. Wind was from the north and at about 15 knots (dropping off as the sun set). Kite is 12.5 Montana. First time out with the drone (lots to learn).
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    Custom made 1830 f-arc Brand new, made from 2 factory fresh 1600 f-arcs and never flown. Price drop $375 This is the ultimate light wind arc and the 2nd one I have made. The first is my personal kite and it flys beautifully. Has TE deflate valve fitted and alternative tip cut mod done, which allows VPC bridle to be attached (bridle instructions included). Standard leaders attached and can be flown off any bar with single front line or 5th line safety. For EK member I will include the vpc bridle. Kite only without spars to save on postage. But 9.5mm (3/8) fibreglass tent poles can be purchased from eBay very cheap.
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    A Great place!! Even better for the hard core keyboard kiters (helmet required, flame proof suit optional) Raising the next generation of keyboard kiters. And getting spammed.
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    It looks like Torkel is having WAY too much fun in the snow.....
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    Really going to miss Pandora, I was a paid subscriber to the service for the simple reason that I enjoyed it and wanted them to hang around. I genuinely discovered more music just letting Pandora play in the background whilst I worked vs Apple Music or Spotify. Here's to a final two weeks of great random playlists I'm going to guess a large part of why they couldn't reach profitability is that their free product was just so damn good. However advertising revenue wouldn't of been adequate to maintain the payments on all songs streamed. Advertising dollar has moved significantly the past 5 years, Pandora is just a higher-profile outcome of what's generally happening to advertiser dependent content producers at the moment.
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    Brand New Never used Peter Lynn Kite Buggy. Has been put together... Instruction manual included. Located in Frankston. $ 200 It has been in storage for about 8 years.. or so.
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    We have flown kites here a few times and agree its a great spot... apart from the walk up to the top lugging loads of gear... was a tad concerned re its closeness to Moorabbin airport.. During the week I contacted Moorabbin Airport and the CASA ( Civil Aviation Safety Authority). I sent an email with a map marking the area.. they rang me back with half an hour and said as long as we fly under 400 FEET.. its fine. So we will be going there this Sunday 2nd of July after lunch to test fly a load of large single string kites...
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    I've continued to turn the Gomberg/G-kites tails into kites.. Having a blast doing it and flying them.. ALL of these kites are made from Kite Tails.. Sent a pic to David Gomberg.. His Reply..
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    Travel insurance with sporting accidents cover. And bring your best Hawaiian shirt as they stand out when night buggying, Actually they just stand out anywhere πŸ˜ƒ
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    @Hardwater Kiter coughed up this little gem
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    I am going to declare this spot... "Best in Melb" there is just so much room for everyone... and clear winds from every direction... was a great afternoon of testing and sorting some new stuff.... Now how to get the council to build some toilets and put some rubbish bins around the place... and a road in would be nice...but pushing my luck there I think.... check out some video footage
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    I will also try and get there for Sunday afternoon if its sunny
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    You had Lunch or Dinner in the buggy yet?
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    Blue one at the post ready to pick up. Hope it doesnt look like Chooks kite after post has played with it.
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    Maybe that's the way you operate you shady business, with lies and deceit. But most people are like that. it is genuinely brand new, unflown. I made it from 2 brand new 16m f-arcs I bought from Joel and only finished sewing it up a few hours ago.
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    I love it. the mainstream kite manufacturers are competing with each other for the same customer base. Meanwhile in Steffenville he continues to innovate for the niche street kite market and doesn't care what the other manufacturers do. I would love to try this one out.
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    Ever seen volume quoted like this?
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    Kite mess again. But starting to come together.
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    Then a whole lot of cutting.πŸ˜₯
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    Time to up the over-building over-engineering there @Chook & @andy666
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    Wow, that's a piece of history right there. @andy666 this missing from your collection? No offers, you have to have an actual price ( http://www.extremekites.com.au/topic/1774-buy-sell-guidelines/).
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    I wonder if the ozone marketing team believe half the shit they dribble truely innovative and the first kite to bridge the gap between foil and inflato? It a mid aspect closed cell foil! Ozone are not the first to do this (flysurfer psycho, hq neo...), but it seems all kitesurfers know about is high aspect race foils. Probably because that's all the big names have offered them so far I'm not sure why they needed to reinvent the wheel though, by having open and closed cell option? Yes an open cell foil will have more power then a similar size closed cell and inflate instantly at launch. But this has 7? open cells, which will do virtually nothing different to having the cells "closed" but people will buy it because, lets face it, one of the best things ozone do is marketing
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    Well it was ordered on 27th May. There was no answer to my correspondence with Pansh, as to where it was, or how it would be sent. It just turned up in the mail (sent DHL to our PO box and I got a text from the post office to collect) on Thursday the 6th of July and Anne picked it up for me!!! A 3 mtr "all Red", Cerberus (I think this is a standard colour) and 20mtr heavy 270kg/180kg lines. For the price of these lines I was very impressed with them. No stretch and they were all exactly the same length, sleeved and stitched. Just a bit fluffy at the end of the sewing. Cigarette lighter fixed that. Stitching on all the kite and tabs isn't too bad at all for the price and was all really neatly done. Really impressed with the quality of this. The material is much better than the old Pansh kites and looks like it will easily do it's job and has no stretch to it when a heap of tension is applied to it. It seems to shed the wet sand too. There are no dirt outs at the tips, but this is not a problem as there is easy access in through the front inlets and cell air transfer holes to remove debris. Unpacking it from it's simple draw string bag, my first impressions were LOTS of red material (the only colour used) and VERY thin bridles for less drag. I was really impressed with these slim, strong and unobtrusive connections to the underside of the kite. (Just like my Ozone R1's) These increased in size (red bridles for a pair in each row on both sides of the kite) and for the centre area where the load is. The lime green and bright red sleeving (the crimson are the power line leaders) in this pic are the 20mtr set of lines (White power and yellow brake) I purchased with the kite. All the loops in the bridles are folded back on them selves, then zigzag stitched and the threads were not heat sealed, just looked untidy Main A,B,C clusters. Most of the bridles are the Yellow lines and are very thin at .6mm The centre ones in the power area are red and .75mm. With some heat sealing they will tidy up ok, but not nearly as nice and streamlined as spliced and stitched like the big boys brands. It's been raining most of the week and blowing like hell. (142mm of rainfall) I took it out, set it up on my lawn between showers but the turbulence around the trees and shed was a pain and it wouldn't play the game. Not the kites fault at all, It just wouldn't launch in the swirling air. Flipped every which way the new gust hit it, before I could even get back to my "Extreme handles". It was a pain and I gave up before it flapped to bits or flew off and snagged on something sharp. I just jammed it back into it's bag and got back on with what I was doing. Modifying an 8m2 sail for my land yacht ready for Lake Lefroy in September. More pics and flight testing to come............. when ever the weather plays the game folks.
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    Actually, M-wing. Gosh, I got banned on seabreeze for a whole lot less than the ribbing going on in here
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    πŸ€”πŸ€” looks like it going to be some serious dune time coming now the beachracers have arrived. Show you what real dunes look like. The ones the other day were babies, only 100m above sea level and we still doing 35-40 km/h going up. Wait till ya see the next lot of footage on the new buggies. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Going to suss out some new spots as well. Then we can organise a meet over here in Port Lincoln.
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    6 GT-race buggies in Australia ! Mr Faber is slowly depleting the north's supply of fine stainless, It is all ending up down under. I hope the south-australian brothers fly safe and have an amazing time. have you managed to get out for a fly ? When would we see a full meet up ? probably speed week or Kingston I would guess ? also, @GT-Race, would you know a supplier, or the numbers I should search for Wheel bearing for landsegler rims, mine are seized like crazy from lack of buggy time. have fun Andy and Jase.
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    Hi, got my hands on an 11m aeolus this weekend. First impressions documented in kiteforum. Here is the link: http://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.p...979155#p979155 CU
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    2 HQ Beamer Power Kites. Brand new in backpacks with Lines and handles and instructions. These kites are older style have been in storage . i is 5 meter Blue and white other one is 3.6 meter and yellow with some red. They are located in Frankston Vic. 5 m $ 175 3.6m $ 150 or $ 300 for both.
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    And when you fly go Air New Zealand.................they make Qantas look pretty ordinary, this is coming from a true blue Aussie too. They went over and above for us going both ways. Perth/Auckland Jumbo 747-400, return Auckland/Perth Dreamliner 787-9. Anne bought a 6 string ukulele in Dunedin and they put it in the cabin crew personal locker to protect it. To post my 17kg box of gear cost A$109 Esperance to Auckland one way so the extra baggage sounds a MUCH better idea. Thanks @plummet& @gannet.
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    No but had some serious seat time already
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    Maybe Alex could kitesurf with Nigel on his chest.😊
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    We just got one in each colour.
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    Just midi xl on the 8& 4 inch rims till beach racers arrive just no wind to give them a run we are stoked with how they look and a perfect fit too,the custom build is spot on for size
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    β€œThe whole premise behind Pastafarianism is you’re just supposed to enjoy life and do whatever you really need to do while being slightly intoxicated.” i could get on board with this religion 🍻
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    chook has no fear and of course....>