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Ozone 2011 SnowKites & Depower Foils

Tuesday, 06 July 2010 | Land Kiting , by Joel Theodore
ozone_2011_snowkitesOzone 2011 snow kites and depower foils aren't to far away, with photos of the new kites here for you to see.  The Access XT 2011 has had some minor updates, however the big news for this kite is the re-introduction of the clam cleat indicating a reversal on their decision to remove it from the kite in 2010.  The Manta 3 2011 has seen some minor updates however the big redevelopments are with the 2011 Frenzy which looks like a complete new kite.

Ozone Frenzy 2011

The 2011 Ozone Frenzy hasbeen completely redesigned, starting with a complete new leading edge that instead of Mylar is now using a mesh across the open cells.  Also 8 cells accross the leading edge are now closed, with one cell on the wing tip to allow for easier tip inflation in lighter winds.  The 2011 Ozone Frenzy also comes with four blow out valves similar to the blow out valves offered on Flysurfer kites over the past few years.  The Ozone Frenzy as well as the complete line of Ozone depower foil snow kites is using the new Ronstan Orbit Pulley.  Sizes for the Frenzy are 7m, 11m and 13m available in Green, Blue and Red.  The Frenzy seems to have returned to being named by year.








Ozone Manta 3 2011

There are minimal changes for 2011 in the Manta 3 compared to the Frenzy, with the Manta 3 2011 being more of an evolution than revolution.  For 2011 the kite will use the 3 line Y setup, however the anti-invert line looks to be removed for this year.  The kite retains a full open cell leading edge with Mylar reinforcement.  Sizes available will be 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m available in Green, Blue and Red.





Ozone Access XT 2011

Ozone has decided to reverse its decision in 2010 to remove the depower trim from the kite, and is including it again with the Ozone Access XT 2011.  When the Ozone Access first debuted it came with no cleat, however a three knot system which required you to land the kite, make your adjustment and then fly again.  Individuals modified their Ozone Access to work with trim straps from the Frenzy fitting them on to the Access.  Ozone then released the Access 2 which included a depower cleat trim system, this carried through to the Access XC and Access XC 09 however was then removed from the kite for the Access XT 2010.  This lead to discussions on the forum where opinions were divided, retailers and team riders had no issue with the removal of the clam cleat trim system citing that the increased depower on the bar made up for this.  Ozone for 2011 has now reintroduced the clam cleat trim on the Access XT 2011 kite and has retained the blow out valves that were introduced in 2010.





Information Links
These pages below are partially built, and still being updated.  Keep your eye on them for updates going forward with more info.

Manta 3: http://www.flyozone.com/snowkites/en/products/kites/manta-m3-2011/info/
Frenzy: http://www.flyozone.com/snowkites/en/products/kites/frenzy-2011/info/
Access XT: http://www.flyozone.com/snowkites/en/products/kites/access-xt-2011/info/

More Information?  If you have any more information on these kites (photos of the bar etc) send them through our News Article Submission link which you can even do anonymously.