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Ozone 2012 SnowKites, Frenzy & Access!

Thursday, 18 August 2011 | Land Kiting , by Joel Theodore
ozone_2012_snowkitesOzone 2012 SnowKites aren't far away, infact for some of you they may already be in your backyard!  Most notably missing from the 2012 lineup is the Ozone Manta, which we rumoured months ago that it may have seen its last incarnation in 2011.  The Manta 1 was first released in 2006 as a 2006/07 model kite, since the original inception of the Manta which was a very high aspect depower foil subsequent years have seen a convergence of the design more and more towards the Frenzy with each model of Manta released all the way up to the Manta 3 2011.  

UPDATE: New Photos added, View Now!

The new 2012 Frenzy is very similar to the  2011 Frenzy,  Ozone has also continued with their use of Ronstan Orbit Blocks in the bridling, and whilst we were unable to acertain this clearly from the photos sent to us we do believe that they are also using a Ronstan Orbit Block on the clam cleat trim setup.

Bar and Safety on both the Access 2012 and Frenzy 2012 has been changed, Ozone have removed their top-hat/re-ride system to a below the bar flagging line.  At this point we are unsure of the exact flagging method, however we believe that the kite will flag to the front Y-Line setup, or that the flagging line is attached to the rear lines further up the kite.  This was unclear in both the photos and informaiton sent to us, so we will await clarification.  What we are confident with however Ozone has completely moved away from the top-hat/re-ride system to a complete below the bar safety system.  Ozone for 2012 has continued with the Megatron Chicken Loop and Safety setup, which back in 2011 we expected them to start to phase out this design expecting it to be the last year we would see it and they would move towards the more universally accepted and adopted universale "jerk-off" style push away releases.  However for the land kites so far Ozone has continued with the Megatron in 2012.  The 2012 Frenzy bar offers a plastic sheath across the beal line, with a neoprene protected clam cleat whilst the Access 2012 has retained a very similar to 2011 style trim adjustment.  Both setups still offer the rider the landing/reverse launch strap with a leash attachment point.





The 2012 Ozone Access visually has changed more towards the Frenzy 2012 in graphics, whilst in 2011 it shared more in common graphically with the Manta 3 than it did the Frenzy.  The canopy design itself however looks very similar to the 2011 Access, graphics being the most notable change and the blow out valves have remained aligned the same in 2012 as they were in 2011.  The most notable change on the Access is the bar and safety setup, now similar to the 2012 Frenzy.





Overall from the information we received we see the 2012 Access as more of a visual and bar update, and a lot of the attention that was focused towards the 2011 Frenzy has been carried over to 2012.  In 2011 the Frenzy became more of a "Revolution" than an "Evolution" that was experienced each year with the Frenzy from 2003 through to 2010, for 2012 the Frenzy looks incredibly similar to the 2011 design change so no major updates on the kite itself.

So in a short roundup, for 2012 the Ozone Frezny and Access feature bar updates, and slight graphics / colour update.