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  1. Should be there with two mini monsters in tow
  2. I wonder if you would be better off just to use velcro to attach them?? This way they can still require a reasonable amount of force to remove (depends on the amount of velcro), yet will not damage, should it happen?
  3. That depends if it's a front loader or top loader.
  4. Did you get my card @Chook
  5. I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  6. They also made a 4 ft flexi as well. These were not very common though. Still a Stacker, but with modern construction taken from the newer race foils. Such as the "weed wacker" leading edge supports, internal cross cell bracing, and even a little smaller inlets for faster performance. A new Flexi Stacker to take it's own world record from it's self.
  7. I wish Flexifoil would pull their fingers out and re-make the stackers. Give them a full update, and bring them up to current spec. Would love to see them with all the bells and whistles that the current crop of high aspect de-power kites has.
  8. All ARC's need to be inflated before launch, the more air in them the easier they are to launch. For a limited amount of air, push the air to the wing tips, and hold bar in, on launching. Pulling the bar in opens the wing tips, and slows it down, so it shouldn't over fly, invert, or bow tie. All sled style kites lose about one third of their area to stability. So, yes, the projected size of the 6m ARC is about 4m. ARC's like to be powered up, so it will be used when other kiters are on 3m fixed bridle kites, and de-power to when they are on 2-1.5m kites. Don't bother using it in under 20 knots, if you wish to buggy. I have had my 6m Phantom mark one all the way to a recorded 52 knots of wind, and 98.5kph!! Now just need some wind stronger than 20 knots to try the 6m mark II Phantom out!!
  9. When are you free? The Bakers might need another day to fly some more fresh second hand kites? Just keep an eye on the weather, and if Saturday or Sunday are looking good a week out, make a call.
  10. WOW!!!!!!! Have you flown it yet??
  11. Go @Kiwininja Rev's (or Freilein's) are great fun to play with.
  12. A Great place!! Even better for the hard core keyboard kiters (helmet required, flame proof suit optional) Raising the next generation of keyboard kiters. And getting spammed.
  13. $200 !!!! BARGIN! I just got told I don't need 4 buggies. So some one else had better buy this.
  14. Sounds like a plan!! The Clifford clan will see around lunch time!!