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  1. @.Joel don't show Alex!!!
  2. I use half. 10m LEI (I fly ARC's, very close) and a 5m foil, about the same.
  3. The Kia Stinger would be a far better replacement for the Commodore SS @igeighty From the Kia web site: The new Kia Stinger will arrive as a rear wheel drive, powered by a 3.3 litre V6 twin turbo mated to a 8 speed transmission. The Stinger produces 272kW of power and an impressive 510Nm of torque reaching an expected 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds. There will also be a 182kW 2.0 litre turbo on offer. One of the biggest issues of the demise of the Aussie car industry, is what car the police will use? If they get a front wheeled drive car, then all police need to be retrained to use front wheel drive cars. Their current training is for rear wheel drive only. The "NEW" Commodore looks like someone ran into a low pole when they took a turn too tight. The bottom of the doors looks like it's pushed in to much. Sorry Holden, does nothing for me. I'd buy a Stinger before a tarted up front wheel drive Commodore SS.
  4. Your going to be a one man kite festival at this rate!!
  5. If you want it for traveling in the dunes, don't waste your time and money on Midi XL's. Just get the beach racers. Here's a pic of a bigfoot, a midi XL, and a barrow. The bigfoot and midi XL are on narrow rims and will flatten out when put on a wider rim. Beach racers are much flatter than bigfoots. Using different tyres also alters the height of your buggy, so make sure you have enough clearance if using the Midi XL's
  6. Trumps victory song?
  7. ??? Wouldn't the kites rip each other apart? All the load is going through the frame?? An option if you want to have the first kite on a bridle is to then continue the stacking lines from bridle point to bridle point. You can run a much stronger line for the entire load to run off, and each kite can connect to the line, via it's own short bridle (you can add a small amount of bungy to the rear bridle if you want the kites to self regulate in stronger winds), so no kite has the load of the others going through it or it's frame. Except for the first kite, which would need to have a very strong bridle (it's taking the entire load of all the kites), and framed the same (only the spine needs to be stronger). I have used this setup on 3 large diamonds (1.5m x 1.2m), and it seemed to work fine with just using the kites original line set (quite a load in 10 knots!!). Just need to re-bridle and frame the first kite, then add the other 12 diamonds!!!
  8. How long is it??
  9. Not sure it would work, but a basla wood frame covered with tissue paper and model airplane dope (or paint with PVA for the little ones). As used for many years by model airplane makers.
  10. Or some help from an ARC-o-holic Happy to give some pointers next time we catch up, or let me know a little more in advance when your going out.
  11. Footy Grandfinal long weekend 2017 at Sandy Point Vic The tide times are awesome for using the main beach this weekend so hopefully the wind gods will be kind and provide the right amount of wind, at the right time and in the right direction. This event is diferent to previous years so please read on: You will need to organise your own accomodation there will be no group booking of houses. You can contact the Sandy Point Caravan park on 9998 4462 or by email sandyphpark at As of the 15th May they still had some sites. The advantage of this park is that it is straight accross the road from the beach and next to the shop for anything you forgot to bring. It was old but ok when we stayed a few years ago but can be crowded. Other options are Warratah Bay Caravan Park. As of the 15th May they had a handful of powered sites and plenty of unpowered sites or another caravan park a little further away such as Foster or Toora. Or get a group together and book your own house - try the local realestate agent or one of the common booking sites. It is up to you to decide where to stay and arrange it. There will be a group dinner out in Fish Creek on the Friday night at a venue to be confirmed. If you want to be included in the booking please reply in the Footy Grand Final thread with the number of people to be included in the booking. Weather permitting there will be a group BBQ on Saturday night at the BBQ's at the back of the community center (accross the road from the caravan park behind the shops and tennis courts). You will need to bring your own meat, drinks and something to share with everyone for example a salad or dessert. Closer to the date please post up what you are bringing so we don't get too many double ups. Hope to see you all there. Kathleen and Nigel
  12. I am sure these will be at the Aldi ski sale this year!!
  13. Melbourne cup is on the first Tuesday in November. That's the 7th this year. So you need to check the tides for the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th of November.
  14. Hi All, Just some quick musings. I don't know how many have had a look at the tides for Speed week, but they don't look very good. High tide for each day is Sat. @ 12:10pm, Sun. @ 1:07pm, Mon. @ 2:01pm, and Tues. @ 2:51pm Another option which we all might want to consider, is the Grand final long weekend on the 29-30th of Sept, and the 1st of Oct. The tides for this weekend look great with the Low tides on Fri. @ 11:46 am, Sat. @ 12:28pm, and Sun. (day light savings adjusted) @ 2:16pm. So what are peoples thoughts? I was considering missing Speed week, and hitting Sandy Point for the footy long weekend instead. If there are a few interested, how many would need houses, who's doing day trips, and who's camping? I guess it will be peak rates for the caravan parks on the footy weekend.
  15. Machines can be purchased. Sewing skill can't.