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  1. Eeeeeewwww! Hope it heals quickly.
  2. Well another great Adelaide kite fest over. Three days of flying, good weather, and a great bunch of fellow kite fliers! You couldn't ask for more If you haven't been to the kite festival here before then your missing out!!! Book your holidays for Easter next year, and come and have a blast with other awesome kiters. Like this guy
  3. Yes that's his kit! Besides what he had in the air at the time!!
  4. Here's your kite Darren. As modeled by the man himself Rob Brasington.
  5. Not yet, and not sure I will this time. Got my eyes on some eyes. See if you can work that one out.
  6. Plenty of Rob's kites to chose from at this kite field. Adeliade International Kite Festival.
  7. One day left to go! Two days of great kiting weather! Awesome displays of great kites and even Australia's own Pheonix Kite Collective making jaws drop with thier quad line team flying.
  8. Happy belated Birthday from all the Clifford's
  9. Well at least they got the image of the right country.
  10. A constant foot massage while she tries to get all the 500 meters back on the roll for you.
  11. It is designed to fly in a bee's fart! Almost a no wind kite, it will glide, but not nearly as well as the Zero-G in nothing. Designed to handle up to 10 knots (12mph). 240cm wing span, 165cm body length, 4mm carbon spars Comes with a 90 foot long tail as well. This is the XL version, might have to have a look at an original version (smaller) next........
  12. New toy. A Wala XL, first flight in 2-3 knots, went straight up to the full length of the line.
  13. Not often you see three ARC's flying side by side!
  14. I've got the red one. Good fun in no wind, and add a big tail and they can handle a little bit more wind.
  15. Robert will be at the Adelaide kite fest over Easter as well.