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  1. Looks like we are going!!
  2. Well, what an interesting weekend!! Great company. Thank you to all who made it down, even for the day. Besides the beach, the wind is our next requirement. Well we got more than enough!! Friday night/Saturday morning, it blew what must have been gale force through the caravan park. Wilson's Prom (about 25kms away) recorded a gust of 147kph, so yes it was howling. Our camper trailer coped the brunt of the wind, as we were beside the fence that it funneled down, and the kids room was like the inside of an accordion!! I moved the car at 4am to act as a wind break, and even occy strapped the tent pole that was taking the brunt of the wind to the cars roof rack. We survived, the odd drop of water inside, but other than that, got to hand it to the manufacturers of our camper, she's a tuff nut to crack!! As for buggying, the wind was strong, but the angle wasn't the greatest. My first run on Saturday was the best, no tacking to return home, but the next two runs to the point needed many tacks to return. Top speed was only 78.8 kph, with the GT, and the 6m phantom mark II. First time I've had both out in winds that strong, so a good learning excersize. And the 6m needs more wind, as I ran it at almost full power for the day. Or is it the fact the GT just laughs at the power? Sunday's wind was straight down the beach, and on Monday it was looking the same again, so we headed to the Prom for a days walk. The boys that stayed were presented with a great on shore from about 2pm, so they got a super run in. Hope all that made it had a good time, see you again!!
  3. Looking at the current wind forecast. Friday looks like a waste, all North Westers 15-20 knots, straight down the beach. Saturday, a perfect onshore SW 15-20 knots, turning more Westerly and picking up a little to 25 knots. Sunday more WSW 15-20 knots, so cross onshore, but should be a goer. And a guess for Monday, should be lighter, but fingers crossed for an onshore Southerly. Saturday seems to be the pick of the bunch for any day trippers thinking of coming, BYO BBQ meat, and some thing to share if you want to hang around afterwards.
  4. Two mini monsters and their toys use a fair few batteries. Like @.Joel says, I have a pile of rechargeables as well. And just got hit up with the batteries that are in the baby RC car are flat, so off to recharge some more........... USB charging?? Just use one of these. Have a look for the plastic cases/adapters that fit the AA batteries, these allow the AA's to be used in C and D devices. Eneloop make these, I have 4 in the "D" camping lamp. Only issue was that the contacts were a little small in the lamp and didn't quite make contact with the center of the AA's in the adapter, so a little bit of wire soldered across the contact in the lamp and it works fine. Interesting to note that the Znter batteries are 1.5 volt, and not 1.2 like most rechargeables.
  5. It is a long weekend, but it starts Friday. Friday dinner at fish creek, Saturday BBQ, Sunday home.
  6. Big! My only issue with the bigger ARC's is the fact that they traditionally don't perform well in the bottom end. I find you will get a higher performance and ease of use from a big fixed bridal kite, or the new de-power foils. As they are smaller kites than an equivalent ARC, they will turn and respond quicker, a huge asset in light winds.
  7. For Sale

    I'd like a copy of the plan, please.
  8. You should find the projected area is about two thirds of the size. So the 6m projects about 4m.
  9. Congrats to both of you on your new arrival!! A new chapter begins. And my little one, miss two, told me last time we went kiting, that it was "boring"
  10. I had to get a replacement bearing for the sysmic rims, as they had butchered one installing it. Got two, just to make the bearings the same, so one spare should I need it. Mine were $25 each for the stainless. Or $50 a wheel to replace. If your bearings are seized, prize off the plastic covers, and give them a bath in petrol for a day or two. Brush or blow out the old grease and crud, repack with a good marine grease. And the bearings I got spin better than the cheap bearings that are standard in the sysmic rims. But with 3 sets of sysmic rims, I'll wait till they are stuffed before replacing them. $50 per wheel, $150 per set, $450 for the 3 sets.
  11. Thanks Juan!
  12. Hey @Juan Valdez what is the "welded edition" of the GT?? How does it differ to a "normal" GT? And great videos as always.
  13. LEGO!!!!!!
  14. It's the new kite curse. When ever you get a new kite, the wind gods know, and they don't give you what you need to fly it. I had a 10m fixed bridal foil to try (2 week loan) for light wind conditions. Didn't drop below 10 knots for the 2 weeks when ever I was free. Got desperate after visiting a friend one Friday night (well 2am Saturday morning), and went to the park in the dark to fly it. Rigging a kite in the dark is interesting, even more when your not sure you've rigged it correctly and it's a 10m foil in 6 knots. All went well, but the kite was a dog. Winds from the NW, means it will come from over the pine trees and tends to be gusty, not the best for trying a new kite. I'd say wait it out.
  15. I think it's an Electric Slim. Wing span 2.1m with a 10m tail. And it does look different in white, not what we are used to seeing from Rob.