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  1. Just get one of the original PL ARC kites, put a long 4 way bridle to the tips and instant single line!!
  2. Look up X-Sensr and PIQ
  3. Zero chance without modification
  4. It wont cut, honest........
  5. Have a spare spool of Manja I can spare if you want to play for keeps with your mates.
  6. For Sale

    Actually it's a legitimate response. Seeing as I have actually owned one and have seen first hand what the kite has done to others. It's not simply a case of "pull the back lines and she will be all good" it has nothing to do with customer service. Should I not be entitled to an opinion? So I would suggest getting your "facts" correct before slinging shit like an organ grinders monkey in it's cage. Secondly it's all well and good to puff your chest out and call somebody a smart arse and little man whilst hiding behind a keyboard. If you like I will purchase you a plane ticket so you can say it to my face.
  7. Exactly my point Mfwetu, thanks. With regards to the kite pricing though, if you went to Asia you will find the kite prices are no cheaper than here. And the sweat shop thing-
  8. For Sale

    I can only guess you haven't flown one then.
  9. Here is an example of accountants charges in Australia. As you can see it's $110 to $395 an hour, PLUS GST!! http://www.obrienaccountants.com/fees.html Cost of outsourcing overseas starts at $35 an hour!! https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/c/accounting-consulting/sc/accounting/fb/45/?q=accountants https://www.fiverr.com/categories/business/financial-consulting-services?source=side-menu Imagine if kites had that price difference in Australia. To put it in perspective a 12m2 North rebel would cost $6450 - $23650 and that's without a bar!!
  10. Pricing is here - http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2150
  11. https://www.shinnworld.com/mode-p-foil
  12. Sweet kite
  13. We will offer them but not carry stock. The market for these high value foils is too small to risk being stuck with stock. Not even the North or F-One distributors carry stock. The lightweight version we should be able to supply within about 7-10 days from order. PL is only making the UL versions to order so much longer for those.
  14. The light weight will be similar to the Sonic but the Ultralight version will be $$ more.