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  1. Pricing is here - http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2150
  2. https://www.shinnworld.com/mode-p-foil
  3. Sweet kite
  4. We will offer them but not carry stock. The market for these high value foils is too small to risk being stuck with stock. Not even the North or F-One distributors carry stock. The lightweight version we should be able to supply within about 7-10 days from order. PL is only making the UL versions to order so much longer for those.
  5. The light weight will be similar to the Sonic but the Ultralight version will be $$ more.
  6. Certainly want a kite you can trust in this terrain.
  7. With that train of thought we would only have one brand of de-power foil and we would all still be flying the Speed 1. Maybe you still drive a Model T? Did you read that dribble before hitting the submit button?
  8. For Sale

    This is exactly the reason this kite can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A combination of cross bridling and the fact it can bounce off the water instantly. There is no way to recover from a death spiral and watch this thing go if you break a front line!!
  9. Starting at $1450 for the 9m2 http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=823
  10. http://gleiten.tv/index.php/video/action/view/v/2543/page/345/?SGL_CMS_SESSID=urh9jpnsg8kh2a1gfuihallmk4&/1/
  11. Apparently not much snow is needed. This one on the 18m
  12. HQ Have released the latest Matrixx III
  13. Looks like another biased review to me. "Conclusion of the tester "JoKo": Personally I have not been able to discover any advantages when testing from Peak3." Clearly not an observant tester. Here is a list of advantages of the Peak 3 off the top of my head- - Better upwind performance. -Better lift and jumps - Backpack and harness option - The BAR