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  1. Yeah that was my buggy
  2. cool, next time i'm at Elwood i'll give you a go!
  3. Thanks for the 21m, took it out on the weekend :-) was the only one fully powered in sub 10 knots ...
  4. never really checked my speed :-) but was fun to try it out...
  5. hey Peter, did you just pickup a new Sonic from James in WA, 15 m ???
  6. Yeah i have a long board and a pole and sometimes do it when there is no wind at the park around the bike paths at Elwood and Stkilda, Built my own pole. here is a Video you might find informative
  7. no rain here, no issues here having fun
  8. rain has stopped now and I'd say good in about 30-45 mins for a run, it's cold but doable arm 😀
  9. Weather is shit at Elwood atm, hope it gets better soon. Raining and blowing a gail
  10. Sounds good 😀 11 am ish works for me
  11. Yeah i'll likely be there on Saturday, i'll bring a Board down for you...
  12. the guy was a little freaked out :-)
  13. Like the look of them, nice present!