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  1. The flysurfacer manually actuqlly says not to use it as a flying device. For the paragliders the factors of safety would be much higher than for kites and there are standards that must be met which do not come into play for kites. Also would have to fly the kite backwards all the time or twist the lines so you can see where you are going. Then to stop your self from spinning, just way too easy to spin on a kite, whereas with a paraglider there is a tendancy to stop this spinning. Busted bridle during flight - not too much of a problem with a kite, but big time problem for a paraglider. Life time of a kite, well until it falls appear or you buy a new one, compare paragliders there are a set number of hours of flight when you are obligated to cut it with scissors.
  2. Most entertaining.
  3. @DrWind I also have an FARC, you do not need two people to launch, just know the right technique. The key is to get it inflated well. Since it only has one centre inlet zipper, you may need to face it one way to get one half of the kite inflated, close the zip, spin kite around 180degrees, open zip to fill the other half, close zip and your are ready to fly solo.
  4. Off to the warmer climate since I did not spot a wet suit? At least you will not be cursing the baggage handlers damaging your surf board, then having to source resin/fibre glass at the holiday destination like I did years ago. Take it you are not heading to the South Island of New Zealand, blowing 40 knots Southerly straight off the antarctic, 8 deg C without wind chill. Ha ha, have good trip George, save plenty of pics to make us all jelleous. Nice FlySurfer Split board.
  5. Cool, my son learnt on a home made nasa NPW5 0.75 m^2 many years ago when he was 5 years olds. We still use it for a laugh when the winds are blowing 80 km/hr, flies like a cut snake then .
  6. Not being sarcastic.
  7. Also note the kiter on L plates was not wearing a helmet either, was instructed by some one who did not have a clue a out kites and their safety systems -- some important lessons there. When you are learning, and launching from the land put on a helmet, when you are learning get instruction from some one who is an experienced kiter, understand how to operate and when to operate the kite safety systems. Thanks Kamikuza, nothing like some graphic evidence to get the point across.
  8. Hmm, handling a 20 to 25 m^2 kite in 0 to 15 knot wind especially for someone that has not handled a kite bigger than a couple of square meters, sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Good luck with finding a suitable kite.
  9. Zac and I still reminis about the great feast had at these events, pleantly to eat and the quality is tops -- there is no need to quietly put the food under the table and have macas afterwards.
  10. One or two avacados, chopped tomato, greek feta cheeze crumbled, squirt of lemon, dash of peper, lightly mix up and add to toast -- food for the Gods.
  11. So doing the math, assuming a 10m^2 kite for 20 knots, a 105 kg rider needs a 15 m^2 kite, not a huge 25. Quadies versus kite - big difference. I fly both kites and remote controlled gliders; my son kites, quadies and remote controlled gliders -- there is a big difference between flying all three. By quadies I mean quadcopters, or are you referring to quad line foil kites steered with handles? Welcome to the EK.
  12. And presto you can see if they are brown inside!
  13. If you truely need a 20 to 25 square meter kite, that is a mighty huge kite and in the hands of an inexperience pilot you could serieously injure your self and others. I would suggest you start out with a much smaller kite especially if yoou are learning, perhaps some where near 10 to 11 square meters. Your height is not important, your weight is. So how heavy are you?
  14. Maybe they need one of these to hold it place whilst extracting the fruit's flesh. Hmm better add just in case they did not read the instruction, vice needs to be bolted to bench before use.
  15. Hmm that looks more realistic, 10m^2 wing.