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  1. Bugger, all the best for your recovery.
  2. I noticed, like a flash in the pan, all other gear he sells are sups and surf boards, interesting look though.
  3. I had a look at the Axis foil/boards, 4 k$ NZ and that was only after talking to the owner, their resellers do not advertise price. A lot to fork out. That's more dollars than I ever spent on a single kite. I guess their argument is you don't need as many kites.
  4. @Kamikuza what all up weight of board and foil is reasonable? I know "reasonable" is a very loose description ... . Any I've been window shopping and so far the J Shapes board from NZ seems the best value for money, see , well a couple of days ago looked like a good deal, was going for $2000 now the price has hiked, hmm perhaps back to making my own. Still would like to know what a good start weight target is. Some manufacturers give the weights for their high end boards, like the 4k$ package but the cheaper boards they leave off the weight, hmm perhaps there is a reason for that.
  5. My son had the velcros on an old MBS board, eventually the velcro stopped sticking, suggest to get the rachets, will last longer than four years.
  6. I use my iPad for the XK most of the time and always remembers, I use Safari on the iPad. Go to the settings Ap, then find Safari, then Passwords and Autofill -- ensure the correct settings there.
  7. Hey what ever works.
  8. Every time the wind forecast in Christchurch (New Zealand' South Isalnd) is warm and no wind, odds are the cold air from the moutains is flowing down and raising up in the Canterbury Plains, which translates into awsome kitesurfing session at Lake Coleridge the base of those mountains. On the way to get there you pass through a town called Windwhistle and it did live up to it's name. The drive there is just as pleasant as the kiting when you get there. Ignore the max 33 knots on the wind meter, meter was stuck on position from. Zac was on the 8m Speed 4 and I was on the Flysurfer Psycho IV 10m.
  9. Noticed your long board at the start of the video is ultra narrow, why is that so?
  10. 0.75m^2 and 3.2m^2 NPW5s
  11. Happy Birthday Joel. Winds looking pretty light in Melbourne today, sounds perfect for quadie session at the race course track , regards, Norman, Tricia and Zac.
  12. Foil boarding dolphin propultion style, plus some free style thrown in for good measure:
  13. Political and placebo.
  14. Ever seen volume quoted like this?
  15. So why the tangle?