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  1. Ya figured as much, couldn't resist having a poke
  2. Lots of visits to the skii shop for waxing? Hm or perhaps just an old set of skiis.
  3. So what is under the deck?
  4. Perhaps it is time to vote with your feet, move all your content to somewhere else and boycot the site. They can not keep afloat with out people using the site, no look see, no ads, no money.
  5. Yes you guessed right, not me but ended up in the news report. The usual Melbourne weather, calm in the morning then the strong winds in the afternoon.
  6. Just don't do it on a windy day, seriously, check the weather on the BOM for forecasts.
  7. Make sure to go to the Emporium for a great choice of food from many different cultures. Was a favourite for my wife and I when we lived in Melbourne. It is in the CBD within walking distance or tram. If you want to buy some thing nice for your wife, there are shops there too, all levels of prices oh and some shops for bloke things as well, hm well no hardware shops though. The Melbourne Museum is a pretty cool place to visit.
  8. This is problably where Benny Hill got his inspiration from (well if he had a time machine ). And for the younger generation that may not know who Benny Hill is see for example
  9. Received an email from FlySurfer and they are willing to sell their bridles off the spool, minimum order 1m and their prices are very competitive. Significant cost savings if you make your own bridles / depowers off the spool versus ready made.
  10. There are sheathed lines at the pulleys (yellow lines) and for the red and green lines further up from the mixer. Liros is actually a company in Germany making lines for the paragliding industry. The white lines that attach to the LC's are non sheathed -- did not have to replace them. Only replaced the first pulley line and one of the red/green lines. Sewing the loops would go quick if the sewing machine was properly equiped. Similarily with the splices, a good splicing tool would do wonders, they call them a fid, have not bought one yet.
  11. Brummel splice ey, but all the bridles have an outer sleave surounding an inner core. Have done splices before but when there was only an outer sleave and no inner core.
  12. Speed III 12m^2 all fixed up qnd tested with a static fly . Flies great, no bridle lines went ping, steering all the way it should be. Left hand side of kite took all afternoon to sort out, hmm where does this knot go, hey that knot is not documented in the line plan, oh bugger better record all the connections if I dissasemble the bridles, oy Pixel (my cat) get out of there, lunch break, dinner break, ok so the list goes on. So once I figured out what needs to be dissasembled to replace the worn bridles, the right hand side repairs went through quickly in 45 minutes. Those little connectors (LC) came in really handy, so only had to dissconnect the bridles from there to the one needing replacement -- clever. Hint, if you are replacing say the B lines, grab all the A lines and hang them from somewhere, like a tripod to keep them out of the way. Also bunch the loose bridles with a rubber band so they do not tangle as all the larks head knots are threaded through, unless you take pleasure in untangling bird's nests! So now I have scketch of where all the bridles and knots go. Savings = x10 ! By the way all the sewing of the bridles was done by hand since I do not have a foot or sewing machine base plate with a groove to keep the bridle aligned.
  13. Well I guess he scored not only a drone snatcher but the drone as well.
  14. My hair would end up like his does if I were to do that, yikes!
  15. Got some 260 kg 2mm spectra / dyneema for the pulleys and 4mm 900 kg for the depower, will see how it goes. No worries with the google maps was easy enough to find from your instructions.