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  1. An epic event to be sure. Shame I missed the brunt of people. But none the less worthy indeed.
  2. True. I did Hawaiian shirt up for the buggy. Didn't even think about it on the foil. What a dick!
  4. Some good speed at 4.20. Its always "Oh for Awesome" When you pass motorized vehicles!.......
  5. Why such short lines? long lines will get you into cleaner wind and more power. You need more power in the vid!
  6. Its 9 Deg C outside at the mo ad no wind this weekend!...................................................................
  7. Cranken! You mofos are on fire!
  8. Foil improves grin factor in 3 areas. Light wind. I can use a 8m lei in 10 knots. Crazy upwind opens up new areas to ride. shit house chop locations become smooth as a babies bum! rep wave style lei is ideal for foil.
  9. 79.8 In crocs, board shorts and a hawian shirt? That's what I want to see! I like it!
  10. frackers sound like you are having too much fun!
  11. nice
  12. Maybe it's a normal sized croc and a monster chookzilla!
  13. Where is that dry beach? Good speed!.... Ahahahahahaha! Pick the kiwi! sliding sideways on 2 wheels wearing a hawain shirt!...... I'm a bit disappointed you didn't wear crocs too Pete!...... or a tutu! Letting the team down! I think you Aussies think your mad max with all that battle gear on!..........
  14. Don't fall off! They are out there alright. But the chance is so small! more chance of being run over crossing the road on the way to the beach. PS I don't get shark nets. They aren't all the way to the beach so the shark could swim around them.