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  1. I believe open cell is desirable for quick pack down when snow kiting. Kite to the top of the hill quick land and pack up snowboard down again. So they are appealing to the kitesurf/snow kite crew who want open cell in the snow and closed on the water. The rest is typical marketing drivel! PS I don't see why an open cell would have more power. The only difference I see is fast launch land vs water relaunch. The closes cell will be better in gusts too as it wont get the wind punched out of it and it will hold its shape better.
  2. Interesting. But not what I need.
  3. Nope. Never been do Townsville.
  4. That is not a Bondhus allen key.
  5. shhhhhh..... your giving away our mysterious camp fire stories. ;]
  6. 4wd is desired but not essential. You don't need 4wd to drive down the beach at low tide. Its hard as hell. But you generally need 4wd to get into the sand dunes at the camp site. There will always be someone who can tow you in/out of camp unless you are the very first to arrive and last to leave which is unlikely.
  7. Hehehe. to be privy to such coveted information you need to attend. Then you will become part of the inner sanctum of elite individuals who have attended the mighty moose.
  8. Well. That' a question that can only be answered in front of the bonfire at the mighty moosemeet its self!
  9. Farken hell there's some buggy pimping going on! It matters not In the dunes however! Yourl be hooning along in your pimpmobile and this prick in a shitty old adapted PL buggy flying a worn out 2012 lei will blast past with a grin on his face!!!I i'm look forward to handing your arses to you on a plate when/if you guys venture to the moose meet and attend one of our legendary dune races! Hehehehehehehe.
  10. When I went to Yeppoon I paid $50 each way for an extra bag of max 23kg. I fitted my stuff into a bike box. I took hydrofoil, and kites, No buggy. Maybe if you can fashion your buggy frame/axle as extra luggage and borrow some wheels over here. I know Chook and Rob missed their buggies when at the moose. As stated its pretty hard core. So if you are riding equipment you are used to then it will be easier to learn the ways of the dunes! The South island PL guys have a system where they can fit there buggies as additional bags on the plane.
  11. Not required. Hire a 4wd. Drive down the beach and camp in the dunes and kite for 4-5 days.
  12. Some throth for you!
  13. Pm gannet on this forum. He will hook you up!
  14. Igeighty is closer. 9m lei more equivalent to 4m fixed bridle.
  15. I recon you should put a lines/spare in the middle too and have a super massive mcdonalds M in the sky.