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  1. I have some manners!...... a dry insertion is pretty darn harsh!
  2. You can nicely roll you fixed bridle kite up into a nice small cylinder shape. Tightly bag it then smear it in vasaline and shove it up your arse! ill be sticking to my depower kites.
  3. looks shin smashingly awesome
  4. They will all be difficult if you are not used to high aspect depower foil. Just buy the least used best condition cheapest kite amongst your list and go fly it, You wont know the difference between them anyway. They will all be good. Its just a matter of get the lowest cost least used unit.
  5. Open a kite shop. Then you buy all your kites at wholesale. Use em for a year and sell em at for what you bought them for.
  6. Avacodos piss me off. you have to buy them 3 weeks in advance and wait for them to ripen. Then you have 15 minutes to eat them between too hard and over ripe.
  7. Bar is better for landboarding. But you do loose a little fine control. Ultimately you should plant to get a depower kite if you want to do more landboarding
  8. Wetsuit!
  9. Hehe. Yep. I'd also add lei I'd oh for awesome i the dunes. Depower race kite for light winds and speeeeeeeeeeed. Used my 4m uno once! Waiting for those. Winter storms to roll in!
  10. If not racing lei's are the shiz for higher winds.
  11. Yep. Way too slow. They should have been one of the first on the band wagon. I just don't think they are as dynamic as the other brands in terms of design and innovation any more. When PL was the owner it they where light years ahead of the pack. Now its more reactive copycatting.
  12. Strange heavy design.
  13. An epic event to be sure. Shame I missed the brunt of people. But none the less worthy indeed.
  14. True. I did Hawaiian shirt up for the buggy. Didn't even think about it on the foil. What a dick!