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  1. Got a petrol powered leaf blower to pump it up? I imagine it will turn like a bus with a steering problem.
  2. hahahahahahahahahha! true that!
  3. I like it. I'm worried tho without the rotation nonsense it would be a bit of a drag!
  4. That's some pre planning. I'm going to have to check that by bearings still go around!
  5. What the actual F?
  6. Gloves don't save scaphoid bones! but I do wear them. Protection required is function of skill level v crazy level. I hardly ever crash land kiting these days. So unless i'm doing something really stupid I don't bother with more protection that gloves and helmet. And before someone busts out the "your not pushing hard enough if your not crashing" call I push plenty hard enough land kiting. I think Chook could attest to that based on the silliness he witnessed at last years moose!
  7. Mooose!
  8. You haven't seen my spot then. There's rocks and boulders and drift wood to hit only a few meters down wind. I used to wear armour. Then I got to a point where I didn't crash that often. If I do crash I usually can save it enough so there isn't much harm. So armour became less necessary. Also I do sillier things than landkiting. I tend to armour up more when doing downhill mountain biking...... An extreme hawian shirt required!
  9. Seems a bit over the top. I roll a hiwain shirt and mountain bike helmet with safety crocs. But I know you aussies like to armour up at every opportunity.
  10. Comprehensive! Though I feel there's a limited market of Mongolian kite buggiers!
  11. I believe open cell is desirable for quick pack down when snow kiting. Kite to the top of the hill quick land and pack up snowboard down again. So they are appealing to the kitesurf/snow kite crew who want open cell in the snow and closed on the water. The rest is typical marketing drivel! PS I don't see why an open cell would have more power. The only difference I see is fast launch land vs water relaunch. The closes cell will be better in gusts too as it wont get the wind punched out of it and it will hold its shape better.
  12. Interesting. But not what I need.
  13. Nope. Never been do Townsville.
  14. That is not a Bondhus allen key.
  15. shhhhhh..... your giving away our mysterious camp fire stories. ;]