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  1. With a tear, I said good bye for another year to Yeppoon's beautiful beach and kiting friends, Thank you all for a awesome time Total kms 723 this year, all on 2 wheels
  2. Hmmm, Out of uniform Plumet ! On a international level. There will be disciplinary action for this
  3. Awesome vid Chook Good winds today, still on the 7m chrono, massive beach
  4. Team strategy meeting at HQ at 9am I'll be there
  5. A bit less wind today Only managed to get 75.2 kmh But the kitebike was crabbing a bit this morning.... lots of little blue ones, turning into seagull bate! Kind of over it now as it been four days on the 7m, would love a nice 13m or 18m day to give my hip a rest from the seat harness I'm not complaining, It's still better than been at work!
  6. That is the only way to please the wind Gods! and maybe a pink tutu would help
  7. And bumped it again Chook in full flight to a PB
  8. And bumped it again 74.8 kmh
  9. Bumped it, my PB to 71.5 kmh on my small kitebike with a 7m Chrono prototype. 9am kick off tomorrow team, so we can do a sandy point mission
  10. We had a bit more wind today, overpowered on the 9m Chrono Got a personal best of 69.1 kmh on my small kitebike Plus a quick trip to the point and back with Chook and Ant Total k's for today on this beautiful beach 104 km
  11. Chook and I made it to Sandy Point this arvo. A good turn out of buggys and pilots today, with a colourful sky of kites
  12. 69 km travelled, max speed 50.0 kmh today, Beautiful arvo. Crocs are out in force now
  13. I was wearing crocs on the second day Didn't bring the pink tutu over maybe next year I'm a little concerned as I haven't seen anyone wearing a pink tutu over here yet! Not even in Coles! Strange breed them Aussies But good fun all the same
  14. My roadie to Yeppoon has started Just checked in the kitebike and and 5 kites this year 7m, 9m, 13m and 18m chrono and 4m Quantum. I got my flight changed to Gladstone after a 2 hour phone call to Qantas! See ya all soon
  15. I've got the same problem. My flight to Rocky is now going to Mackay then bus back to Rocky, Saturday going to be a long slow day. I should be on the sand Sunday, long as I can find some air for my wheels