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  1. If you ever run for Prime Minister you have my full support and vote.
  2. After flying the Pansh Ace 2 in Kingston South Australia and being VERY impressed with it's ability, particularly with it's price, (value for money) I'd love to have some time on one of these.
  3. They are good fun on a smooth surface. Bloody @Goz put me onto them and I couldn't resist as I race "mini 5.6" and "class 5" landyachts. I put a bit more weight on my back axle by wrapping lead strips around it to stop it toppling so easily.
  4. Geez I'm lovin' that tail. Very clever.
  5. Nice work, now hit it regularly with a few drops of silicon oil to preserve it and keep it sliding smoothly.
  6. Love it!!!!! My Dad restores a lot of old machinery. There isn't much that cant be saved by placing it in a bag of diesel in the freezer for a month or so. Double bagged to keep Mother happy. The contraction of the components and the penetration of the diesel they all disassemble with patients. There has only been an old shearing handpiece that had been laying under a shearing shed for who knows how long that we had to get the hot air gun onto to help remove the cutter tension nut after this treatment.
  7. Less frontal area and to penetrate further forward in the window by adjusting angle of attack and sweeping the leading edge. The R1 rib profile is about right I reckon for the idea but it will then angle the cell stitch line/profile to the air stream so may negate the gain. Although the top of the kite is pretty bloody flat and tight at high speed looking at my footage of it passing my camera sitting on top of a due along Wylie bay beach. Even with the leading edge sweep back to the tips the top skin was reflexed beautifully with just a pucker/gather in the centre 6/7 cells trailing edge. They didn't swell up much due to their internal diagonal inter cell supports. I need more and time.
  8. Give it time if it's that corroded up.............took years to get to the oxide stage so don't expect a reversal in just 2 days. I was too impatient and tried battery terminal cleaner on a gear bag zipper and that dissolved the problem completely over the next couple of hours.
  9. Yeh well sort of............ To muck about with a delta swing wing idea I had a brain fart about (5th line controlled) to reduce the frontal area as the speed increases. Mucking about with my 7m2 with a few rings and lines it had some potential but ran out of depower as the kite flattened out and creased it's trailing edge in the centre of the kite to achieve the delta shape. Bit more geometry involved with the bridles and the 3rd speed system for wing sweep. Need something I can cut and shut and not be heart broken about when I give up. Gotta scratch the itch..........
  10. Wish I was rich enough to afford even a R1 V2. But if anyone has a blown out/ripped R1 for a project I am thinking about, I would be interested.
  11. Yeh I've done this by ratting the zipper carriage off a "Red Dot striped bag" to repair a zip in my rollup kite bag, when the staple on the end of the zip went missing in action.
  12. Yeh you arsehole...............Joel has 4 seasons in his year..............all dialed in at 18 degrees irrespective of the outside temperature!!!! We all now suffer from chilblains fella.
  13. Is the zipper broken or just seized up. A few drops of vinegar on the carriage over a few days usually sorts them out. Then rinse well, dry it out and silicon oil works a treat. Don't pull on the carriage tab to free it up, grab it's body gently with a pair of vice grip pliers to wriggle it gently and ease the vinegar into it over time. I haven't had a zipped that's not freed up with patients. I've taken some time (many days) on some old windsurfer sail camber zips and sail bags that haven't been used for a very long time though.
  14. After I fly my 11mtr R1 and then jump straight onto my 9mtr Sonic, it's a huge shock just how heavy the bar is on the Sonic. Sorry but it's Chalk and cheese. The R1 is much more responsive to small inputs too. A bit more depower when you bar out too. You can totally kill the pull instantly, where as the Sonic seems to die off more slowly. I totally agree!!!! The Chrono 2 is a much milder mannered kite, doesn't tip tuck if you sometimes get it wrong and doesn't pull as far forward in the window, compared to the R1. I haven't flown a Speed 5.
  15. I would buy a Sonic FR only if you want an upper body work out. The bar pressure is HUGE compared to the very light touch of an R1 or Chrono!!! Started with a 7mtr R1 and now have an 11m2 R1 and 15mtr Chrono2, which covers most winds for me here on the South coast of Western Australia. My 7m2 is my go too kite for 90% of my buggying. My 9m2 Flysurfer Sonic FR, has only been flown a couple of times.