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  1. We have certainly missed your presents Rob. No where near as much sand in the unit or shower. Get that shoulder right and back to it next Easter. Yeh the wind has been really great apart from a few light wind days while Andy666 was here. He thrives on 8 to 10 knots anyway. The 19mtr "Silver Arrow" Flysurfer in the video is the most ridiculous kite I have ever flown. An 800mm bar and holds so much air when it warms up,it lofts about in no breeze like a tethered hot air balloon. Flys in 1-2 knots of wind though. Plummet ready to go into battle with the bities. Goz you did wind Dave up a tad. More pics to follow the winds up!!!!!
  2. Ahh that sucks mate. Heal quickly fella. Take good care of him Mez.
  3. Yeh that was my Best Ever speed!!!! Felt like a dog chasing cars today in fantastically smooth winds with speeds up in the low 80's. Had an absolute ball. There is just no end to these strong South/Easters. Would have been a perfect day but Gannet "down graded it" to 99.9% when we both got hit by a single rain drop while wheeling our toys back into the garage.
  4. Just some highlights so far.. Bloody good roll up this year. Buggy riders Chook, Pete (kite bike), Andy, Bernie, Jamie, Ant, Plummet, Andrew, Jeremy and Kathy, in Yeppoon for Easter along with our fantastic hosts Clive and Merrilyn.
  5. Oy!!!! We have to keep a lid on moral fella. Wind is nuken again tonight. Tomorrow looks fantastic as well with 15 knot onshore all day. Kited every day since I arrived. Just running out of holidays.
  6. Awesome day with great company. My run from the creek to the point took me 16 minutes with an average speed of 81.8kmh. Gannet had a cracking pace as well. Bit of a haul without any tacking to get back though. I had 5 runs over 92 kmh but hit the wall each time. Packed it in before I ran out of talent.
  7. 22 gusting to 26 knots directly to the beach.
  8. Awesome mate!!!!! Geez you could have crashed in on us for a bed. Catch ya soon.
  9. Sold

    Hi Matt a couple of low wind mornings with a high tide allowed me to get it up and ready to fly in Yeppoon. Thanks for everything and sending it up here for me. Cheers Chook.
  10. Up past the creek heading north to Bangalee, to about where you were tacking on the foil @plummet The beaches are pretty dry now about an hour or so after high time. Just the soldier crab balls to slow us down. Very light wind today so both using 19m2 kites. Andy on his heavily modified F-Ark and my Flysurfer "Silver Arrow".
  11. The last few days on the beach. Still havin' a ball. Most days I'm managing to get to over 80kmh. This video is the roughest the beach has been since I've been here. 85.6kmh through the foam. Fantastic to have Pete @gannet with us today. Welcome to Aus mate.
  12. Hi @KaoS, road is all good up from Gladstone as Plummet went back there yesterday afternoon, after travelling up Friday night. Winds are playing the game and it was fantastic to be able to host @plummet for his Yeppoon adventure. It was really cool to watch him foiling. Beaches are looking fantastic with a LOT of fresh water keeping the surface of the beach damp as it leaches out of the dunes into the sea after all the rain. They are really smooth too. Here is a vid of us playing and there isn't any soundtrack as the internet connection needs @Goz love and attention to work properly so I'm sitting in the laundry of the units doing this note. Anyways enjoy and it will give you an idea of how hard I'm doing it at the moment.
  13. You can use my kites Dave if that helps. Beach is good. Just need wind. Tomorrow is directly onshore, but light.
  14. After a very ordinary instrument approach into Rockhampton and an even worse touchdown/controlled crash/ landing with Virgin in pretty difficult conditions I'm here. Had to come up from Emu Park to get through to Yeppoon in Clive's 4x4 this morning. (Took him 2 hours to get to rocky to pick me up.) Water over the road in a dozen places and up to 300mm deep over one bridge. Got all hell belted out of me for the last hour of the Perth to Brisbane flight with the cabin crew strapped in. Got drowned in the plane transfere in Brisbane and soaked at Rockhampton airport early this morning. It's the first time I have ever seen a 2.5mtr swell in Yeppoon. Had an off shore wind around 30 knots for a few hours today. Ocean looks like chocolate flavoured milk. Crap all along the beach with logs and tree debris everywhere. Yeppoon is now isiolated by road closures. Good news is there is heaps of food and beer at my driftwood unit. Weather looks good for tomorrow.
  15. My 6th year and never seen Rockhampton not in flood Goz. Becoming the norm mate. I wonder how many leather backed turtles bought it in this storm. Bloody sad all round. I found 2 last year from the cyclone.