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  1. Yes for sure Andy and hit it with a squirt of Loctite primer after fitting it up and it sets solid in minutes. Ha ha, that's where I'd never have a problem Tony as there isn't a single artistic bone in my body. My painting has more runs than Don Bradman.
  2. I'm not surprised as 52 knots is 96.3kmh. So all you had to do was toddle down wind at a miserable 2.2kmh to achieve that matey!!! That is blowin' it's tits off!!! And with your stature a credit to you.
  3. Cant use Teflon thread tape on hydraulics Andy. Much better to use an anaerobic sealer, as bits of tape it will end up in the system, particularly fine orifice solenoid valves. Being a pump repair shop he must have used what was there. For air and water, cord or even traditional hemp and grease lagging works much better anyway, as you can position the fitting using the lagging as friction and still get a perfect seal. Loctite 55 is fantastic for this. I also use boxes of Loctite 565 for building fire appliances for a perfect seal every time and 55 if there has to be a perfect angle a fitting must face to connect to another component and another full turn isn't possible as there isn't enough thread taper. Bloody good build though. Nice to see someone that's just as rough as me with the TIG too!!!! Nice find Joel.
  4. Here's a bargain. 3.5m Reactor 2
  5. No Darren, got the wind........... but also the rain matey. Back to work tomorrow as school holidays are over.
  6. I reckon @andy666 just wet himself!!!!!
  7. Outstanding work!!!! I'm amazed at what you come up with. It's a credit to your determination to achieve fella. Or more to the point, not waste good materials. This should be a great high wind weapon. Bloody well done. Bet there is no wind for a month now.
  8. Nah matey just curious about their development. The only Vapor I now have is a 13.4mtr.
  9. Norm I had the same trouble with my 10meter Flysurfer Speed 2 and 21 meter Silver Arrow I repaired/tuned in Yeppoon. Both kites were posted to Yeppoon by their previous owners for me and came with their original manuals. I downloaded the bridle plans printed them out and bought them with me. The stated bridle line lengths were up to 100mm out for the big "Silver Arrow" kite. It was in pristine condition with no wear on the speed system and couldn't understand the big errors I was getting. @andy666 helped me equalize the speed system and I tuned the bar/line lengths to the manual/Chart. The kite wouldn't launch very easily at all and flew pretty ordinarily .....I returned the power line lengths back to where they were (125mm longer) when I received the kite and off it went perfectly. The bridle line lengths are enormous on this kite so I suppose 125mm on the powers isn't unusual. Just had me baffled and very frustrated on the beach till readjusted. The Speed 2 10m2, on inspection after unpacking it had 3 of it's tip bridles stretched and the stainless ring was larksheaded into a fixed position by it's own bridle line and couldn't slide through the ring. "It wouldn't turn the previous owner stated". No bloody wonder!!!!! The chart measurements for this kite were 30mm to 50mm (bridles towards the centre of the kite) different. So I just matched the tip lines to the other side of the kite. It then flew a treat. At $90.00, kite, bag, lines and bar, it turned out to be a great investment.
  10. Well it was ordered on 27th May. There was no answer to my correspondence with Pansh, as to where it was, or how it would be sent. It just turned up in the mail (sent DHL to our PO box and I got a text from the post office to collect) on Thursday the 6th of July and Anne picked it up for me!!! A 3 mtr "all Red", Cerberus (I think this is a standard colour) and 20mtr heavy 270kg/180kg lines. For the price of these lines I was very impressed with them. No stretch and they were all exactly the same length, sleeved and stitched. Just a bit fluffy at the end of the sewing. Cigarette lighter fixed that. Stitching on all the kite and tabs isn't too bad at all for the price and was all really neatly done. Really impressed with the quality of this. The material is much better than the old Pansh kites and looks like it will easily do it's job and has no stretch to it when a heap of tension is applied to it. It seems to shed the wet sand too. There are no dirt outs at the tips, but this is not a problem as there is easy access in through the front inlets and cell air transfer holes to remove debris. Unpacking it from it's simple draw string bag, my first impressions were LOTS of red material (the only colour used) and VERY thin bridles for less drag. I was really impressed with these slim, strong and unobtrusive connections to the underside of the kite. (Just like my Ozone R1's) These increased in size (red bridles for a pair in each row on both sides of the kite) and for the centre area where the load is. The lime green and bright red sleeving (the crimson are the power line leaders) in this pic are the 20mtr set of lines (White power and yellow brake) I purchased with the kite. All the loops in the bridles are folded back on them selves, then zigzag stitched and the threads were not heat sealed, just looked untidy Main A,B,C clusters. Most of the bridles are the Yellow lines and are very thin at .6mm The centre ones in the power area are red and .75mm. With some heat sealing they will tidy up ok, but not nearly as nice and streamlined as spliced and stitched like the big boys brands. It's been raining most of the week and blowing like hell. (142mm of rainfall) I took it out, set it up on my lawn between showers but the turbulence around the trees and shed was a pain and it wouldn't play the game. Not the kites fault at all, It just wouldn't launch in the swirling air. Flipped every which way the new gust hit it, before I could even get back to my "Extreme handles". It was a pain and I gave up before it flapped to bits or flew off and snagged on something sharp. I just jammed it back into it's bag and got back on with what I was doing. Modifying an 8m2 sail for my land yacht ready for Lake Lefroy in September. More pics and flight testing to come............. when ever the weather plays the game folks.
  11. Shiiiiit!!!!!! ............Do you reckon you've done it up tight enough, looking at the poor old allen key and your blister.
  12. Brilliant as always!! Makes me really envious to see you guys playing in the sunshine at this time of the year.
  13. Dirtsurfer and Blade kite. Perth WA.
  14. But they are usually indexed/retained into position by a C -clip aren't they?