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  1. But 50% of the time they will work every time!!!!!
  2. Yeh..........and the best high speed water crossings I've ever witnessed. Best wishes for the "Moose" I'm gunna miss you fellas.
  3. Started sewing a heavy PVC gear bag to carry all that is required. I'll make up compartments internally to segregate/protect stuff. I'm just using up old seatbelts for the webbing and grain stack covering PVC scrounged from "Cooperative Bulk Handling"
  4. Looks as cold there as here!!!!! Onya guys.
  5. I tried my modified anchor system out last weekend in 16 knots of wind and it worked a teat with a big lifter and 3 laundry (10mtr Killer whale, 10mtr Panda and a 10mtr tiger) attached to its line. I could let out the 9m2 lifter to full height just by running the line through my fingers, using the red "figure of 8 descender". The old grey seat belt I attached into the Reece hitch receiver of my Patrol using it's cross pin with the tongue removed. Worked well as when the wind changed I just rotated the vehicle by letting the hand brake off and they pulled the 2.5 ton Nissan backwards on the soft grass. Kept it all tidy and made it really easy to retrieve it all when packing up in a strong sea breeze before dark, so I made a second setup today.
  6. Really nice build........ but one less wheel and then your talking Joel!!
  7. It's saying $13.80 on the Aussie post site. If it's any more than that I'll cover it to get another beginner up and running.
  8. This would be fun too.
  9. That's cool. I'll certainly hold it for you till your ready.
  10. Awesome!!!! Love those crabs they look fantastic!!!!
  11. Turns out after hunting through my gear I have 2 harnesses along with the one that I used. $70 + post for the good one. (at the front) One has a bit of wear (By the Ozone label rh side) and a few rust stains from sitting on the steel eyelet in the bottom of a Sysmic buggy seat. So only $50 + post.
  12. Yeh I'll take some photos for you. It's new and never been Chookerized.
  13. Tis too!!!!!
  14. If any one needs a Ozone D ring harness I have one here. It's barely been used, as I had it for a spare and my son's use. $70.00 plus postage.