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  1. Pretty sure they are now all sold.
  2. Very nicely done although if you flew foil kites you could fit a proper harness and some clothes in there too
  3. Hmm, very interesting idea (once I googled what a swing wing was) Whats the eventual goal? Less drag? More speed? More depower?
  4. @Chook is the project sewing it back together and making it as good as new
  5. Nice. That will fly in no wind at all.
  6. I haven't replaced one (yet) but I imagine it would be pretty simple. Just unpick the old zip and sew the new one in. the hard part may be finding a suitable zip. From memory though, they are a very small tooth zip with some kind of plastic coating to minimise air loss
  7. It's no secret that I have spent a bit of time modifying and generally farcing about with the peter lynn f-arcs, so I thought that it was time to put all the info into one place, so that others can learn from my experience. Some of the mods below were created by other people, the rest I have adapted or created entirely myself. But all the mods that I'll list have been performed and tested on my own kites to confirm that they are safe and functional. Original Tip Cut Mod: Original tip cut.pdf Alternative Tip Cut Mod: farc tip cut alternative.pdf VPC Bridle Mod: farc VPC mod.pdf 19m F-arc: Frank&Stein-CloningARCS-Tips&Tricks.pdf I've also designed and tested an adjustable front leach line mod for the f-arc, which I still have to write up. It is probably the most difficult mod to complete, but one that gives great results by extending the wind range of the f-arc.
  8. haha, there will be seedless avos soon
  9. Heaps of fun, adrenaline fuelled and more then a little crazy, must be a kiwi invention
  10. Depends what you are wanting to do in the buggy and the normal wind speeds you fly in. I haven't flown any of the other kites you mention, but the 7m r1 is a really nice kite. I've flown @Chook's in as little as 8 knots and up to 20 knots. But @gannet says that it can easily be flown in 30+ knots. I found it to be very stable and always felt very in control. the light bar pressure isn't an issue either. It's got just enough that you can easily feel where the kite is in the window.
  11. I had to google basalt fibre....
  12. Haha, it came with a peter lynn LEI. I what parts I wanted from it, but didn't need the bar.
  13. Good to hear you had a smooth flight home chook and that the kites arrived safely. The replacement cost and hassle would of been a nightmare.
  14. Would you believe that I threw out an old slingshot bar just last week!
  15. Until next year have a safe flight home @Chook