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  1. Flexifoil Kite Buggy and Kites on Gumtree
  2. Wow. It looks like an amazing spot chook
  3. Especially considering I sold it to him for $280 with free postage! but that was 2 years ago, so I guess the price goes up with inflation or pansy kites become more collectable???
  4. I don't think chock has any vapors left. all swapped out for r1's
  5. Bargain!
  6. Good to see you are back at it John and still have the passion. We can't loose any more of the old guard.
  7. 11m Ozone frenzy going cheap.
  8. Here you go @Tassie Flyer everything you asked for. Kite buggy and 3 kites. And 2 harnesses. AND it's in TASMANIA! It may be $1200, but it's in TASMANIA, so you can't bitch about the price and just go buy it! 🤣
  9. Flysurfer Speed 2 19m Silver Arrow
  10. Parcel 100x45x45cm (22kg), which should be big enough to posts a PL buggy is about $171 Brisbane to Hobart. And that is through Australia post! A freight company would probably do it cheaper. And freighting from Melbourne to Hobart would be cheaper again.
  11. @Tassie Flyer If price isn't an issue, why not pay for freight from the mainland?
  12. Yeah I was going to say that capacity would have to be down over standard rechargeable. who uses rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, etc) now days though???
  13. I hope you enjoy it and get more use out of it then I ever did.