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  1. Even though it's a big kite kite, I'm not expecting big things from it. But for about $350 delivered from Germany, it was to good to pass up.
  2. Sold
  3. It must be close. my ex-demo Charger arrived today and in the box was PL's latest flyer. Guess what's on page 2!
  4. This will be interesting...
  5. HQ Jive 2 stunt kite. Excellent condition. It's had maybe 10hrs of use and had been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 yrs not being used. Perfect introduction to 2 line stunt kites. Comes with bag, instruction manual, extra tail weight, ground stake and 2 sets of lines. From memory both sets are 90lb lines, but different lengths. Let's say $75 including postage within Australia. SOLD
  6. The line you are holding looks thicker then a standard flying line. Is it a pansh bar and lines you are trying to use or another brand? Are there kook proof leaders on you flying lines? actually looking at the picture again, the simplest thing to do is remove the ring ad larks head the bridle line (red) over the knot on the flying line.
  7. Yeah, I'd like a charger 2 but haven't got the $$. So settle for a charger 1 I have a "little" something coming from Germany. It won't really be practical, but good for shits and giggles when I do fly it
  8. I had one lined up, but the sale fell through. So I am looking for a 15m Peter Lynn Charger at a reasonable price. Kite only is fine. I would also consider a synergy, phantom 2 or charger 2. cheers
  9. Very pretty. Couldn't use that on a wet beach though, that white would stain easily.
  10. @Chook, flexifoil stacked in your in your colour
  11. Bloody hell mate I hope you recover quickly and it doesn't cause any issues later on in life. i don't think there is anything you can do in a situation like that. In theory you can redirect and land smoothly, but in reality nobody is going to think that quickly. Thats why I'm a chicken and tend to fly a kite size for the gusts rather then the average wind speed. I'm never going to get top speeds, but I'm reducing my risk dramatically. Although the dislocated shoulders and broken bones are proof I haven't eliminated all the risks. as for the AQR, one problem I can see is that when you begin to be lofted and the quick release activates, you are still holding on to the handles/bar. So you need to train yourself to let go rather then death grip or only fly with your finger tips. Or you are still going to superman out of the buggy.
  12. That's crazy. how quickly do the skis wear out on sand?
  13. SOLD

    PL Aero on the way?
  14. For Sale

    Hey @Darren Tibbey, congratulations on 100 posts. I could of sworn your post count would be higher with all your gas bagging