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  1. @SoutherlyBuster for splicing lines, like the small white ones on the flysurfer, I use a doll needle from spotlight. The eye is large engough to get the line through and it's easy to feed up the centre of the line. just dull the point with a file so that doesn't catch any of the braided.
  2. And this years OZONE PIMP CHAMPION is......... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. 1st post updated with link to SurfPlan and plan file P-arc base.sle
  4. @Chook, I love 577 high pressure sealant on air fittings when the treads are a bit dicky. Sets like plastic and locks the threads together 👍 Not sure how it goes on hydrolics though, never done much of that.
  5. The one thing I kept thinking was that thread tape must be expensive in the US.
  6. Yeah, it does turn pretty fast, but it's on a 50cm bar, so that's got a lot to do with it. not sure how well it will go in the buggy yet. Very gusty wind. when it gusted, guessing about 15knots, it had a bit of pull. But it's still way below its ideal wind range. Plus it may static fly well, but stall when up to speed in the buggy. Only time will tell.
  7. Yeah, when you look at them side by side there are a few differences. Trailing edge strap. Different thickness material? Even different number intake vents.
  8. For Sale

    Price drop $375
  9. still waiting for the post, but outlaw says he has won buggy races with it. Honestly though, I'm just glad to get one of them.
  10. Maybe. Maybe not.... I know that mine flys
  11. Ok, I can see the appeal for guys who street kite. Being able to steer one handed would be handy. but why would you bother with depower? At most it has 100mm of depower throw, which is FA depower. But the biggest reason the depower is a waste of time is that the kite has to be flown on the bridle alone (or extremely short lines as shown in the video), so the kite spends about 0.5 seconds in the power zone as it crosses the window. Any longer lines and the steering function won't work. Plus you fly so under powered when street kiting, why do you really need depower? id love to see someone try to hold on to that handle if they were fully powered
  12. Looking at the water and other guys kiting, there wasn't a lack of wind. My guess is, shits and giggles
  13. When stacking kites is sooo yesterday, but you still want to fly 2 kites?.....
  14. First it was Photobucket killing free 3rd party sharing, now Pandora is shutting down its services to Australia and New Zealand i wonder what what will be the 3rd big shut down?