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  1. Flexifoil Kite Buggy and Kites on Gumtree
  2. There is a flexifoil buggy for sale on eBay (not mine). Current auction price is at only $56, so it may be a cheap buggy for someone in need.
  3. Wow. It looks like an amazing spot chook
  4. Especially considering I sold it to him for $280 with free postage! but that was 2 years ago, so I guess the price goes up with inflation or pansy kites become more collectable???
  5. I don't think chock has any vapors left. all swapped out for r1's
  6. Bargain!
  7. Good to see you are back at it John and still have the passion. We can't loose any more of the old guard.
  8. 11m Ozone frenzy going cheap.
  9. Here you go @Tassie Flyer everything you asked for. Kite buggy and 3 kites. And 2 harnesses. AND it's in TASMANIA! It may be $1200, but it's in TASMANIA, so you can't bitch about the price and just go buy it! 🤣
  10. Flysurfer Speed 2 19m Silver Arrow
  11. Parcel 100x45x45cm (22kg), which should be big enough to posts a PL buggy is about $171 Brisbane to Hobart. And that is through Australia post! A freight company would probably do it cheaper. And freighting from Melbourne to Hobart would be cheaper again.
  12. @Tassie Flyer If price isn't an issue, why not pay for freight from the mainland?
  13. Yeah I was going to say that capacity would have to be down over standard rechargeable. who uses rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, etc) now days though???
  14. I hope you enjoy it and get more use out of it then I ever did.
  15. HQ Jive 2 stunt kite. Excellent condition. It's had maybe 10hrs of use and had been sitting on a shelf for the last 5 yrs not being used. Perfect introduction to 2 line stunt kites. Comes with bag, instruction manual, extra tail weight, ground stake and 2 sets of lines. From memory both sets are 90lb lines, but different lengths. Let's say $75 including postage within Australia. SOLD
  16. This will be interesting...
  17. Yep, I have a small fan that I inflate my arcs with. A lot easier then holding open zippers etc. i haven't been able to fully stretch out the big girl yet, but here are a few pics. Just the spars are about 1.8m long!
  18. Even though it's a big kite kite, I'm not expecting big things from it. But for about $350 delivered from Germany, it was to good to pass up.
  19. Sold
  20. It must be close. my ex-demo Charger arrived today and in the box was PL's latest flyer. Guess what's on page 2!
  21. The line you are holding looks thicker then a standard flying line. Is it a pansh bar and lines you are trying to use or another brand? Are there kook proof leaders on you flying lines? actually looking at the picture again, the simplest thing to do is remove the ring ad larks head the bridle line (red) over the knot on the flying line.
  22. Yeah, I'd like a charger 2 but haven't got the $$. So settle for a charger 1 I have a "little" something coming from Germany. It won't really be practical, but good for shits and giggles when I do fly it
  23. I had one lined up, but the sale fell through. So I am looking for a 15m Peter Lynn Charger at a reasonable price. Kite only is fine. I would also consider a synergy, phantom 2 or charger 2. cheers