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  1. Yes it is good quality, but it is a soft fabric, not a hard finish. Manufactured specifically for their inflatables.
  2. Yeah, I've wondered about this fabric for a while. They call it icarex, but then say it is nylon. Genuine icarex is polyester. Polyester ripstop is generally colourfast, whereas nylon fades over time. I bought a sample pack of 40D ripstop nylon from Emmakites last year. Looked great in the photos, it evens looks okay in real life. But it is a soft fabric, with a fair amount of stretch. Probably okay for windsocks or ground bouncers. No good for kites
  3. @Darren Tibbey You aren't alone. Everyone has trouble getting building materials in Australia. I've built up a fairly large stock of fabric and fittings over the past 15 years, so I have a bit of flexibility when it comes to building. We buy banner cloth for Ozfeathers from Bainbridge, but we're usually ordering either 50 or 100 metres of each colour at any one time. Consequently I can usually get them to tack on stuff like rolls of dacron tape or insignia cloth to an order, but can't place a small order for just that. Nearly all my kite stuff comes in from overseas now. I try and pick up things while I'm traveling, but most often I just order on line and put up with the shipping costs. It helps to order a lot at once. I'll typically spend up to $1000 at a time, that way the shipping cost per item is minimised. Up until now there has been no import duty or GST collected on goods under $1000. That's about to change, but I haven't heard how the government intends to police or implement this. Robert Brasington faces the same issues, and he buys much more kite product than I do. He brings stuff back with him from overseas whenever possible. Doesn't work for everything though. He gets his carbon rod in bulk (!!) from Taiwan, but hardly ever travels there, so it all has to be shipped. As you've found out, no Australian manufacturers/distributors cater for small order hobbyists these days. I keep an eye on various websites in the USA and Europe (mainly Germany) who cater for the home builder. Sometimes you can pick up clearance items for a reasonable price
  4. Check out kiteplans.org/cat_1/sub_14/ There are quite a few double parasled plans there. Some are in not in English, but most are pretty easy to follow. If I remember correctly, the kite is scalable, so you can make one whatever size you want
  5. Nothing like a bunch of them :-)
  6. Totally agree on the servo motor! I converted our machines to servo motors about 4 years ago - the best modification we ever did. Nearly all servo motors on the market come out of China - many from the same factory, just with different branding stickers. If you're willing to buy direct (ebay, etc.) you can pick them up for around the $200 mark. Money well spent
  7. That particular model doesn't have the triple step zig zag. It does have serpentine though - not quite the same, but could be used at a pinch. These Pfaffs are really popular for kite making https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/narre-warren-north/sewing-machines/pfaff-1222e/1149074530
  8. Not rude at all. I've got a couple of Bernina 950 semi industrials. They are about $3500 brand new, but they occasionally pop up on Gumtree for anywhere between $900 to $1500
  9. A few photos...
  10. Yes. Robert, Mike Jenkins, Linda and I were the flyers. No, but she bought them at a price I wouldn't have paid, so they are hers!
  11. "Beautiful one day, perfect the next" Family Beach Day drew quite a few thousand people to Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas last Saturday. Beautiful on shore winds all day, wide firm sandy beach, temperatures in the high 20s. Life's tough! The most popular exhibit? Linda's crustaceans!
  12. Just got back from Carnivale at Port Douglas, Saturday was a great day for a kite display! Robert Brasington emptied his kite bag - must've been flying about 40 of his kites. Linda put up 20 of her banners, I had 12 inflatables and a bunch of 3 metre deltas - heaven! I make ripstop fighters, I'll dig up some photos tomorrow and post details
  13. No, that was a few years earlier when the Megaray still had a bucket tail. The train of Buffalo box kites got caught between the buckets and sliced right through
  14. Not 19.., 2002. It was the same weekend they had the smooth tailed Mega Ray flying.
  15. Oh wow. That brought back memories... but only vague ones :-( I saw one similar to that at the Geelong festival in the late 90s. The idea came from a Christmas decoration Very nice work Darren