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  1. I'm happy with the way these have turned out. They'll be gracing the skies of Poland pretty soon
  2. Fantastic news - congratulations to you both
  3. Sorry, while Justin was flying I was tweaking the bridle on Greenie Meanie. It now flies, rather than pulls like a truck.
  4. @Kiwininja demonstrated the massive progress he has made in his quad line flying - must have a good tutor ;-) He'll be flying in the team very soon!
  5. The trailing edge of this delta is a bit softer than when it started... but everything survived wind.mp4
  6. Kite fliers' transport to and from the beach each day Winds on the Baltic Sea coast were strong enough to lift sand on the first day Estonian take on the Volker Hoberg "Heart" kite - very elegant. I really like these painted kites Brit Gill Bloom with one of her roks A rare blonde "Brasington" - made under license for Wolkensturmer in Poland Here's a sewing challenge for you @Darren Tibbey Oh yeah, ...and some kites by a shabby Aussie
  7. i'd say about 3 metres wingspan when I get home...
  8. Really nice colour combination here at the Leba Festival in Poland. Looks stunning against a blue sky
  9. Great weekend with Robert Brasington, Phoenix Kite Collective and ourselves. Check out the end of the video for our sand anchors
  10. No. Pretty much everyone flies midi and maxi kites this way I've tried that, and it sometimes works okay but it isn't reliable. The Prusik knot tends to slip when used to attach things to the line of a pilot kite. I suspect it is because the pull of the pilot keeps the flying line really taut both above and below the attachment point, so the line effectively becomes a solid rod. Kite flying line is usually really smooth line, unlike climbing line and sailing cord (which both have a reasonably coarse weave outer sheath), so there is little friction for the prusik knot to grab and hold fast.
  11. Heaps of info at http://gombergkites.com/how.html With midi kites, I lock the bridle to the lifter line with a carabiner (but a proper one, not a cheap one) Then another carabiner on the top or head connector that simply clips over the pilot line (not locked with twists), but can slide back and forth
  12. Ooh, Clive! That's the sort of name I like. I had a beagle called Eric a few years ago.
  13. Darren got me thinking when he started the thread about Spike. About time I got some of those "I'll get around to that one day..." tasks done. One evening on Corel Draw... Followed by a week of intermittent cutting and sewing... Just got to think of a name. He's about 2.5 metres long