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  1. Oh wow. That brought back memories... but only vague ones :-( I saw one similar to that at the Geelong festival in the late 90s. The idea came from a Christmas decoration Very nice work Darren
  2. The Freilein quads are great value. Very well made. Andy at OSK is a reliable guy, so I'd have no qualms about dealing with him. However, the price of one of their Freileins is around US$180, plus lines US$60, plus handles US$50. That's US$290 before shipping. You can get the same kite with lines, handles and shipping included for US$250 from a reliable ebay seller in China. I did, and had no problem with the deal. PM me if you want the ebay link
  3. Hope to see you guys at Emu Park this weekend. We've managed to change our flights so we come into Gladstone. Fingers crossed the roads will be passable
  4. Hmmm... not quite. The Speed Series have the leading edge aerofoil specifically built in so they do the glide stuff and dead launch. It never proved popular though
  5. Here's the Krios being flown by Azemi of Malaysia. Designed about 3 years ago, it is the kite I recommend to people these days. The Temptation was designed in 2005 before some of the combos being performed these days. I decided to retire the design at the end of 2016 as the Krios (and the cheaper Maelstrom) outperform it. Sorry I don't have a newer video of the Krios - every time I have the camera with me the wind is bad, every time the wind is good I've left the camera at home :-(
  6. Jusst read this. I'm in Hyderabad, with v. intermittent wifi. Will respond next week when back in Oz
  7. Not finalised yet, but should be under AUD$400
  8. Wingspan 2.4 metres (3 standard rods), height 0.8 metres (1 rod) Vented versions are being tested. Can be shipped worldwide :-)
  9. No Rosebud, unfortunately. Linda and I seem to have dropped off the invite list.
  10. Doug, if you still have access to one, you may be able to get a current kite maker (hint, hint!) to replicate it for you in UL, Std and Vented form... just saying
  11. Two very important things here, and they both concern the ferrule. 1. As the other guys have mentioned, the protruding end of the ferrule needs to be chamfered (radiused, smoothed off, whatever). If you haven't got sandpaper, use an old style pencil sharpener - works a treat. 2. how long is the ferrule? When it is pushed through the centre T-piece, how much ferrule protrudes for the female rod to fit onto? It should be 4 cm. If it is too short it puts too much pressure near the end of the female rod which will eventually break. P200 rods are robust - they shouldn't be breaking under normal use. If you happen to have a male rod where the ferrule has been glued in too far, the problem will continue to occur. Exactly how long are the lower spreaders? - I probably have some used ones I can send you Hope this helps Kevin Willunga, S.A.
  12. Time to lighten the bag. Here are some kite I've bought over the past couple of years and have almost never flown. Veyron SUL by diamondkites - Very good, undamaged condition. $300 SOLD Superfly standard by Benson Kites - Hardly flown, excellent condition. $280 SOLD Superfly Ultralight by Benson Kites - Hardly flown, excellent condition. $290 SOLD Talon Vented by Jest Of Eve Kites - Very good, undamaged condition. $300 SOLD
  13. Actually this is an early version of the French bridle developed by Crazy Drivers. Yes, it is very popular with Spanish Rev flyers - Viento-Sur, especially
  14. Probably too much wind for me as well