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  1. @Juan Valdez 5:32 is gold
  2. Translated, shit effort @nigel Just in case anyone missed it, Outlaw still has one for sale
  3. Time to up the over-building over-engineering there @Chook & @andy666
  4. Really going to miss Pandora, I was a paid subscriber to the service for the simple reason that I enjoyed it and wanted them to hang around. I genuinely discovered more music just letting Pandora play in the background whilst I worked vs Apple Music or Spotify. Here's to a final two weeks of great random playlists I'm going to guess a large part of why they couldn't reach profitability is that their free product was just so damn good. However advertising revenue wouldn't of been adequate to maintain the payments on all songs streamed. Advertising dollar has moved significantly the past 5 years, Pandora is just a higher-profile outcome of what's generally happening to advertiser dependent content producers at the moment.
  5. Wow, that's a piece of history right there. @andy666 this missing from your collection? No offers, you have to have an actual price ( http://www.extremekites.com.au/topic/1774-buy-sell-guidelines/).
  6. Andy, that's seriously an amazing effort. My favourite Arc to this date is @nigel's 6M Phantom P1, and I bought the P2 as I could never get my hands on a P1. You may have just made something that tops that
  7. Ozone have released a new kite that crosses over Open Cell and Closed Cell foils. https://ozonekites.com/products/water-kites/hyperlink-v1/ Not it wasn't.... but it's an interesting idea
  8. @Hardwater Kiter coughed up this little gem
  9. 'bout time you bought one Looking forward to the full review, thanks for sharing the info above
  10. That's your new kite?
  11. Quick version of the story, after users have been utilising the photobucket service for years they did a quiet update to their terms & conditions a few days ago and then people woke up to find their hosted images replaced with a notice that their account had been restricted / features disabled. Even if you were a paying customer, now unless you upgrade to the $399USD/year account you can no longer share your photos on 3rd party websites. And this is exactly what I was discussing previously here in a Blog post in our News section.... http://www.extremekites.com.au/blogs/entry/198-because-history-matters/ Here's the image in place... You can read more here: http://www.aqueous-digital.co.uk/social-media/why-is-photobucket-holding-the-internet-to-ransom A lot, and I mean a lot of older content on old websites has just disappeared throughout the internet overnight.
  12. This guy ----> @Tiger37
  13. @Kiwikarl other than Falls Creek can you name some other places for snowkiting in Vic?
  14. For Sale

    Rollin' Rollin' Rollin.... to the top.
  15. Quality "Maybe i'll come down, maybe I wont"