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    3 left
  2. Most likely you're browsing in "Private Mode" in Safari on your iPad or you have Cookies blocked.
  3. For Sale

    I'd imagine by 15 knots you're thinking "get me da faq off this." If you have a large and small board, I'd leave the smaller board on the shoreline to swap when you start to feel overpowered.
  4. Sorry mate, mix lollies on my B'Day just ain't going to cut it So I celebrated with these
  5. For Sale

    Switchblade: The A15 will have more bottom end, and be more forgiving if you overfly it. Being a foil it'll fall back in the window instead of out of the sky. Negative is that both the LEI's are going to turn a hell of a lot faster. Catalyst I imagine is similar to the Switchblade in power, however I haven't flown one. Psycho/Venom: Psycho's stink for low wind unless you're sub 80kg and come alive in their upper wind ranges. The A15 should have more bottom end than the psycho and especially more than the Venom. The A15 pulls like a truck, the challenge is to get yourself going and that's the same for the large Speed3's/4's/5's etc as all these higher aspect kites produce once moving so that first dive to get yourself out of the water is key. After that they just build and build.
  6. For Sale

    There's 30+ brands on the market. Narrow your question, if it's something I've flown it's something I can answer
  7. TYVM
  8. Looks like an antiques sale @andy666
  9. Solved....
  10. Yes...... like you wouldn't do the same.... @Chook practise this on the beach in Yeppoon.
  11. This so far has to be the best one of the best videos to come out of it all
  12. Queenslanders....
  13. A video by Blake Pelton on Lake Ivanpah.
  14. the lady in the background knew that was coming, 5 stars for getting that in on live TV