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  1. just give use an other 3 post and the world will open too you
  2. For Sale

    to what.
  3. I think that is pronounced Fuk-is-him_*
  4. Personally I'd love to try it but then again I did this back in the 70's But all the caves I did had silt bottoms so all my photos looked like they had been shot in tea with milk
  5. No prob. with plumb sack and pit bulls, and it seams one off the better suicide options, but the kiting community is getting pretty small all ready? So leave a note and take a gopro
  6. plants are all ways male and female remember the birds and bees (there may be a couple of exceptions to this)
  7. I was think since it's a peel I mite rub it with orange skin?
  8. Had no freezer (or fridge) when I was a kid but a bucket of paraffin did the trick (at the time paraffin was less than 1/2 the price of petrol). But back to the issue IT IS DONE!! both zips on my ziptip peel are now free but stiff
  9. So switched to soaking with lime juice and one of the zips is now free No external signs of corrosion and on the one that just freed up no sign of build up on the teeth of the zip, but the room smells better with the lime juice
  10. It's still too stiff!
  11. I'm trying Startpage it's like a back door into the googl search engine.
  12. don't googl they have you by the balls Probably not, but I may pop in for a day. don't use yahoo either as that's googl too
  13. But then again Jobs ghost thought it a good eider to remove the dvd slot from all the laptops. Just a point, don't bite @.Joel
  14. Well it's well over 48 hrs now and after several applications of vinegar, the mechanical abuses of needle nosed pliers. Tomorrow it's the feeler gages! I may have to purchase a tiny vibrator to brake up the aluminium oxide and put the pleasures back into flying.
  15. 20+ years ago I was offered the best way to achieve this, I was offer a job selling and demonstrating kite at festivals through out the UK. Instead I got married and moved to Aus. Hum