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  1. we'd guest this
  2. nice, not too much bling and low (and before any one comments the C.F. is bling (unless it makes a difference))
  3. A good thing and a bad thing, if you are trying to fined new developments in kites in Bing, Goo or Yah you may get a couple of hits with the rest being au shops,kitesurfing schools et al. but as I live in the sticks I have all ready to state the populated zone I'd like to buy my widget from. With satellite it was even worse as the down link was some where like Woomara and that's where it located me.
  4. Just don't like monopoly! (and google) Thanks I'll put it on the list to try. strange just Searx "tick kite" results came back 50% google 50% bing, google has 65% of the market and bing only 15.8% for 8 pages.
  5. If I'd known of this I'd have liked my self more when I had 2 profiles!
  6. Nice def. of a desk top PC so for popular I went Urban and got: PC Personal Computer. A highly flexible, powerful platform. Worth the price tag because you can do a whole lot more shit on it than you can ever do on a console such as typing up a document, image editing, music and video creation, and creating games. Will always be around when consoles systems rise and fall. The platform used to create all console games. The platform where all console games will eventually be emulated on. I'll just stick to my trusty old PC for my gaming needs ;^D but that's not quite right but fun, so from Websters: Definition of personal computer : a general-purpose computer equipped with a microprocessor and designed to run especially commercial software (such as a word processor or Internet browser) for an individual user or noun 1. a compact computer that uses a microprocessor and is designed for individual use, as by a person in an office or at home or school, for such applications as word processing, data management, financial analysis, or computer games. Abbreviation: PC. Just do a search (but not Google) "personal computer"
  7. One of his most truthful speeches!
  8. yep seen this on 20+ stacks(with out the bungy) For the 1st kite you can attach the bridle to a spreader and attach the spreader to the bridle points with short equal length lines
  9. For Sale

    I will, I will send ticket to................
  10. met him at Wildewood N.J. in 94, good guy
  11. old guy, 3 kite at ones?
  12. Why not I had a mate went to that one (95) from Aberdeen Scotland
  13. well @Mez if you live in a two storey house you could replace the stairs with a spiral and just keep going up
  14. Thanks @.Joel
  15. I also am a fan of science.