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  1. Hi all, Maybe you've heard, last wednesday the RedBull Megaloop challenge was on again. After 1,5 years waiting for the right conditions. Here some video's Enjoy!
  2. Way too slow.. yeah, I have to agree. To a point though. Just like "reactive copycatting", also agree but only up to a point. Point is we're actually quite a small team and we have a lot of different kites to bring, so yes, learning how to make a depower took some time, perfecting the knowledge even more so. Here's the interview with Michel as found in the Kite&Friends I think/hope we'll see more and more positive results for the Aero in times to come once folks recognise the potential of the kite. Anyhoo, came here to post the final weight of the 20m, 2.9kg (making it the lightest big depow on the market)
  3. Just updated the website with sizes and weights, I don't have the weight of the 20 yet, will have to wait 2 weeks on that. (designer went to Ragnarok, lucky bugger..) http://www.peterlynnkiteboarding.com/en/4/vmpl4707/aero.aspx
  4. The Coated fabric is stiffer and a bit stronger than the uncoated, this helps keeping the wing in shape better, that said only the ribs that have bridle points are coated for strength, all "unsupported" ribs are uncoated to keep the overall weight down. Only the 20m doesn't have this, the 20 is made competely out of uncoated 27 and 32gr Skytex to make it as light as possible. Happy to give any more info if there's more questions, still need to make the website a bit clearer on all the differences between the 'normal', UL and the 20m
  5. Or here: http://www.peterlynnkiteboarding.com/en/4/vmpl4707/aero-light.aspx
  6. We started making Lei's late 2012. I think the current Charger (II) will get an update
  7. I'm a fan of the Twinskin myself, so it saddens me to see the lack of focus on the concept. The unfortunate truth is that we simply do not have the manpower to cover all the different kite disciplines properly. I can say that the Arc isn't dead though, I do not see a completely new and redesigned model coming any time soon but rather some improvements to the current Charger (II).
  8. Haha, aspx, yeah, getting fixed. And.. we're not stopping Arc/Twinskins just yet..
  9. Happy B-day!
  10. The 'vision' was an Ozone experiment which didn't come to fruition if I remember correctly. Armins screen shows the new Speed..
  11. Video

    Very nice! great edit Joel!
  12. Hi All, As a lot of buggiers out there know, the quality of the Peter Lynn buggies has been sub par (to put it mildly) mainly because the Chinese factory has/had different ideas on what quality is. We have been working on a complete overhaul of the buggy range and have found a new (European!) factory to build them for us. As of right now the first model is available, it's called the Rally and will replace the XR+. It's all thickwalled steel which makes the buggy heavier but more importantly; a lot stronger! So no more Peter Thin but Peter Sturdy We haven't had the chance yet to make some action pics but here's how it looks; Or find it here: http://www.peterlynn.com/buggies/rally/
  13. Peter Lynn just released their new wave/freeride kite, the Swell V2. More info: http://www.peterlynn.com/lei-kites/swell/
  14. Was about to post that.. Cheers John! Yeah, season is on here in Holland
  15. A bit late to push this vid but with the 2nd edition of Flymasters coming Oct. 24 & 25... https://www.youtube.com/embed/v4weaTdXWZk" (How do I embed video's here?)