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  1. For Sale

    Cos you took two new kites, chopped them in two and sewed them together to make one...? The materials might be brand new but you've created some whole other thing. Ok so yeah, actually you're right--it is brand new
  2. For Sale

    That's . . . not brand new though is it
  3. I love postal "services" . . . they take your money, they take the product, they don't take responsibility to deliver the product or even to not destroy it. Then they insist that you have to pay consumption tax on stuff you already paid tax on So need to start my own postal service . . .
  4. All equal is the starting point. Start your tuning from there . . .
  5. Tune matters, check the mixer. I've flown two different Sonic1 18m and the bar pressure was different. The Sonic2 18 I had briefly was very light . . . but was a different riding kite to the Sonic1.
  6. You need glasses for sure. Is Holden still trading? Crikey
  7. I'm on a laptop (called a Note PC here :D) which falls under the umbrella of PC but nobody in their right mind would colloquially call it that. No more than calling a PL Rebble 5m a paraglider, unless you're especially ignorant (yes it's happened). In fact, the Mac users will be having a fit cos a MacBook is NOT a laptop I was going to make the comment about "PC not being a mainframe" but didn't think anyone would appreciate giving up their ages Buddy had an Olivetti "laptop" computer . . . that was the size of a suitcase and would probably break your knees if you put it on your lap
  8. PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone. Which one is a desktop box? Also, PC is usually used when talking about Windows machines, so that still rules out your iPad . . . which is, and always has been, a tablet.
  9. They are if there's no wind
  10. One of the guys on kiteforum and powerkiteforum has a lot of experience flying the f-arc, chasing speed records. You should compare notes
  11. Ditto By popular definition, a PC is a box that sits on/under/beside your desk, with a monitor and keyboard/mouse plugged into it. Clearly not a tablet, which is what an iPad is So that qualifies as a circuit board of a PC . . . like it says in the caption
  12. Had to pay for updating from Snow Leopard to El Capitan IIRC . . . when it stopped being cats and started being hills. The problem with "free" updates is that you're forced to do them and tough luck if you don't like it, cos you can't go back without headaches. Who paid for DOS?!?! "Newest features"?!?! most of the things that bug me are things like Hand Off or whatever it's called; they've limited it to almost brand new devices by refusing to support Bluetooth 2.1. I'm not interested in desktop machines, and if I was it'd be a very hard sell to get me to shell out for an iMac. I can get a decent performing box off-the-shelf for less than $1,000, if you don't mind vanilla brand components. I draw the line at Lenovo though My 12 year old PCs are still running 24/7. You don't NEED to upgrade, you know . . . unless you have a good reason I used to sim a lot and needed top-end specs, but that time has passed I just put 16Gb RAM into my 2009 MacBook Pro. Big difference in performance . . . got a SSD to go in too, but that means a clean install and I'm dragging my heels. No easy way to copy all my crap over. In reality, I don't care too much either way but fan boys annoy me. Thank god Ozone doesn't make computers!
  13. When did MS stop supporting XP? Oh they haven't yet. But my MBP and iPhone can't use the nifty new features because buy a new one. Until you have to buy the updates. Then a whole new system cos Apple stop selling their proprietary hardware
  14. Depends, doesn't it? High wing with anhedral and low wing with dihedral are both stable. I think you're right about anhedral and surface breaking. And, IMO, wide flat wings roll poorly e.g. the SS HG, while a wing with anhedral and curve (like the Access) actually roll nicely, even though it's wider than the SS. There are a lot of variables . . . but you can have too much stability
  15. Foiling isn't a light wind option until you've got some skills. 10m in 13 knots will be hard work...