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  1. Of the airlines we've used, they've all allowed me to use my check-in allowance as "sports gear" so long as it was under the size & weight limits, without additional fees. However, last two or three trips, I've just paid the $100 or so to get a second bag or sports gear allowance and just packed all the gear I've wanted. If your toddler is over whatever the infant limit is, you'll get the full check-in allowance for them too, so you can always use that too . . . Basically, check out the limits and milk them. For example, you're usually allowed a laptop bag in addition to your carry-on, so I put my gear in the check-in, clothes in the carry-on and stuff I actually want to carry-on in the laptop bag. Of course now I realize that wasn't actually your question sorry
  2. Board only, no foil
  3. Those will be the carbon ones -- the aluminum one isn't on the website yet, and production is due to be finished any day now. I have pics, but don't know if I can share them. The pricing will be almost the same as the Slingshot set up.
  4. Sorry to hear that I bet that sucks . . . how many months off sports? Good timing though, right before winter
  5. Nice went up there for the first time this year. Excellent place to ride!
  6. Up to you :D I got really sick of carrying the SS HoverGlide across the road and down the beach; tucked under my arm, it got really heavy after a few minutes. You notice it less on the water, but you do notice it. IIRC the foil alone was 8kg, 2 more than the LF. Which is also considered heavy I think even some aluminum foil and board combos are getting under 6kg. Shame, cos I like the SS boards a lot . . . I'm waiting impatiently for the new Axis aluminum foil, which I got to ride the prototype of when I was in Chch in Feb. It was very, very good freeride kit and after the SS and even the LF which I took back, I was shocked at how light it was! If that was $2000 for the carbon jobbie, you should have jumped on it I used the LF 3 or 4 times, at the estuary and north and south beach. The estuary sucked as even at full tide with a 90cm mast, you had to stick to the channel or you grounded out. The beach was fun but that's the kind of riding I like. Borrowed a new friends Double Agent which saved a couple of sessions, so I appreciated that. It was acceptable in the weight department, fun to ride but low top speed and power hungry.
  7. Yes, but it depends. If you're pushing the bottom end, just be prepared to self rescue and swim. Otherwise, so long as you can keep the kite in the air, you can ride. Different length mast system helps, but you only get a few hours out of each stage. IMO a 3/4-size mast (600mm) and a full-length will be better value. Keep the 600mm for shallow water. The SS aluminum foil is very heavy. . . . Some kites just work better, as usual you'll have to find out what you like.
  8. Always kite gear in the back, but if it gets cleared out then there's still a couple of Revs in the under floor compartment
  9. Got more sessions on the TT and the foil. Excellent kite for the foil, stable drift when downwinding it. Big jumps on the TT but I've yet to figure out loops...
  10. For Sale

    Amazing! The owners of the kites must have been very startled.
  11. What's that second ring on the QR/CL body for?
  12. And it makes water starting in light wind tricky...
  13. I got an 18. One tentative session in the surf on a TT. Hang time is ridiculous
  14. The only other thing I've had time for lately. The old bike... The last one...
  15. I had a TLR for 6 years! Small world...you weren't on tlzone.net or tlplanet.com too were you?