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  1. Been out on it twice now, yesterday and today. Tried the recommended setting of "in the middle of the rail" and it was too twitchy for me; sensitive to pitch trim and I hadn't set the straps loose enough, so I wasn't jamming my foot in the straps: they were too close to the edge and roll trim was off. Today, I set the foil back in the tracks a little more and opened up the straps, and it was almost perfect. Smooth, agile and without vices. I was out on the 18m Sonic and the wind picked up . . . had to make a speed run downwind to bleed power in the kite and just kept going faster and faster, without a twitch. At the low speed end, can be held to almost zero board speed, when the foil just drops off in the stall. There's a wave/extra large wing in the works, looking forward to trying that for swell surfing. So, good free ride aluminum foil, highly recommended. Well worth the money over LF and SS IMO, although the Ride board is big enough that normal weight foil riders could probably do with a smaller board for powered riding.
  2. IIRC it's priced just above the Slingshot... Maybe $100 more for the Axis foil and the board was maybe $200 more than a small Dwarfcraft. The Axis Ride board is full carbon though, and the set weighs at least 2kg less than the SS. Yes it matters 😂 and the Axis is a better product... Different ride of course though do it'll depend what you want. I actually weighed it the other day: Axis foil 3.0kg Ride board 3.8kg incl straps SS foil 5.2kg (!) DC 54" 3.8 excl straps and it's a smaller board Feels like all the weight on the SS foil is at the end; when carrying it the extra 2.2kg is noticeable.
  3. Orange is now yellow 😳
  4. Aluminum foil and G10 wings. Not welded, the fuse/mast hole is recessed. The red is awesome, pics don't do it justice!
  5. Rode the prototype in NZ and liked it a lot. Also lighter than my old set ups, so that's nice. Can't wait to get it out on the water...but naturally, the wind isn't co-operating Thanks to Adrian for hooking me up with an early delivery!
  6. Oh well. Most people went to photobucket because so many other sites blocked hot linking images... click this It'll still work if you Link it, but then you've got to wait for ads to load. And everyone can just click through your gallery
  7. Gone now. Try the hack cos I can't edit: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v506/Kamikuza/Kite Stuff/B372E174-552A-4991-92D6-C1C08194A662_zps0fjo4jso.jpg~original[/img]
  8. Why would you slag off the brand then? More mark-up for Ozone products, hmm
  9. The white or green/red line? How about LCL material?
  10. So there's one Now I wonder how the European snow kiters have managed this long... Outrageous! PS Gunnar on kiteforum has reviewed
  11. Doesn't mean he can't be a massive pimp for Ozone. An outrageous pimp, even! I mean, do we really need a 7 minute video about a feature that nobody actually asked for? Beat out Steve by an outrageous whisker
  12. Eh? Can't remember the actual names, but you'll have sheathed lines from the mixer then the splits should be "plain" Liros . . . which bits did you replace? The red and green lines, huh? Hand sewing those would suck you can splice them apparently but I've never been bothered figuring it out. I thought you were doing the white Liros DC100 (?) lines. . . .
  13. No that's in a class of its own for outrageous. Guess you don't stock Slingshot, hmm
  14. Brummell splice would have been quicker
  15. Sorry, should have posted a Google maps link lazy me I see "kite line" on their webpage (but that'll be too fine for SPL) but no Dyneema/Amsteel like I saw when I was in there . . . ? 2.8mm must have been what I used: http://marinebox.shop-pro.jp/?pid=53845612 My "local" yachting shop--4 hour round trip and $80 highway tolls they do do COD though . . .