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  1. For Sale

    Are you sure you didn't mean .... I just spit my teeth out? Michael
  2. Spotter is right. Tube legs fill with air and are held in position, close to the body or splayed out using minor bridle lines. Sounds like an interesting build. Michael
  3. Good idea Darren. Will do. Michael
  4. I'll be there with bells on. Michael
  5. The kite is sold. Michael
  6. Kite was a prize for a buggy series win in 2001. Has never been flown, except for an attempt by Nigel in 2005. Is crispy and in excellent condition. Comes with new lines, bar, user manual and the original instructions provided by Chris at Peter Lynn. $150.00 firm.
  7. If I was a postal worker, I might think that package looks suspicious. I might have to check the contents. Could be contraband. we have all seen the border security shows. Michael
  8. You can always count on Joel to find the really good stuff.......... Michael
  9. I had two foil kites destroyed in the mail processes. Wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, but got caught in processing machinery. Tried patching and taping, but too much damage. Luckily they were only Panches. Recommend kites be boxed for mailing. Now that seems to be no better. Michael
  10. And the opportunity to give advice....Lots of fun... Michael
  11. I can't remember the name of the kite flown from bridles only, but I took a couple of stills from the 1994 Quadrifoil video. Sorry about the fuzzy VHS tape quality. Michael
  12. That control system looks like one used in the 90's by a European kite ski manufacturer. I will have to look them up. You twist the bar and rock it for control. They were large foils with bridling only. Michael
  13. Yes, I am aware of Chevy SS use back in the 60s. It is interesting that the use of Demon, as used by Dodge on a muscle compact, was dropped after 12 months, due to the religious uproar. Of course, they are reasonably rare, now. Michael
  14. As my HSV Avalanche is getting a bit long in the tooth, I'm going to buy a low mileage 2016 VF series 2 Calais Sportwagon with the 6.2 LS3. It's a great tourer and caravan tug. For me, choices are limited. I don't like SUVs, don't like diesels, like v8s and enjoy driving. Just check out the YouTube tests. So, for me, the Commodore finishes in Oct 2017. Michael
  15. I bought a Singer industrial machine in the early 70's and as a street rodder, made early Ford roadster roofs, seat upholstery, leather jacket repairs etc. The Singer died last year, so I bought the Siruba. Currently I do caravan annexes, shade sails to suit specific shapes and areas, general repairs and any buggy seat fixes. Could go back to smaller needles and make kites again as I have lots of ripstop. The servo motor is a Ho Hsing G60 from SMA. Cost $400 and included the needle synchroniser. When I installed it and had the light showing, it made no motor sounds, so I rang SMA and the techie said, "have you tried pushing the pedal?". Of course it was fine and provided some laughs. Michael