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  1. I'll bet Doug is just champing at the bit to get his hands on these little beauties. 😳 Michael
  2. Well, how about this little gem. Came from Kitepower in 1996. Can fly in front of a fan indoors. Michael
  3. Following Dr. Hatman's recommendations, here is a possible starter kite for Doug. Flies well, long tail and cheap (K Mart). Michael.
  4. Sorry to hear about your injury Doug, but I guess it makes it easier for Mez to keep an eye on you. Michael
  5. I use an iPad most of the time and never have to log in, unless I clear history and website data. Michael
  6. Caught up with Easter family celebrations, so can't make it tomorrow. I'm still keen for any future kite days. Michael
  7. I'm in for a fly if I don't have to travel too far. Be good to catch up with everyone. Michael
  8. PKD six metre Century 2 buggy kite for sale. Complete with lines and handles. Very good condition, still crispy. Very satisfying buggy engine. Has had very little use as my Century 6.7 covers that spot in my quiver. $350 Michael
  9. I'm pleased to hear that the Sandy park is more civilised now. This park was always more expensive than other Vic parks eg. In 2010, powered sites were $45 when the norm was approx $35. It was annoying to pay extra for disgusting toilets with no soap or paper towels. I will give them another go. You can't beat the location. Michael
  10. Doug, saw this and thought of you... Michael
  11. It pays to advertise.
  12. But.... You took some great shots of the sand and your own feet. Mez looked sharp and confident during her runs. Shame about the video. We will just have to do it again. Michael
  13. No. It is loved pet in from a nearby house....that is the cat, not me. Coaxed the timid brother of the cat to say hello.
  14. Had a visit from this creature, which lives in the area. Not sure whether to pat it or run.
  15. One might ask the same question, Grant. Whereabouts are you from? Michael