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  1. For Sale

    Hey. Back onshore. Not internut on the rig. See you still haven't sold the F-arc ing obtuse kite. I have checked out your other build though. Nice job! Not many of us that build kites from scratch any more. I can buy the best on the market and build a pig of a kite. Get a whole lot more satisfaction making the pig into an angel than buying it.
  2. Sharp tool and a high speed to machine carbon fibre. I use standard tool steel and get a good finish without the furry bits.
  3. For Sale

    Dude, I see you are quite upset by this. I have had fun at your expense, and that is bad of me. I apologise for upsetting you, and being so childish. It's just that you wouldn't let go. I know this is no excuse for behaving this way. Even if the lead edge is Obtuse, Concave, Convex or simply bent, I truly hope you sell your kite. Again I appologise for taking the piss, and using this professional forum as the platform to make jest of yourself and the kite you have created. I believe such forum could be held, and in earnest, do some piss take of our fellow kiters. Alas this is a buy and sell forum. My bad
  4. For Sale

    Been on Ebay lately ?? Message from: andrewvenn "Even if you pulled your head out of your arse and made a reasonable offer I would still rather burn it then sell to you." Piss take complete
  5. For Sale

    Been on Ebay lately ? Pissing myself laughing Message from: andrewvenn "Your a moron. "
  6. For Sale

    Need to take you fishing. You took that bait well🐟
  7. For Sale

    'Obtuse' as opposite to 'acute'. Simply geometry ? Good luck with your trials.
  8. I just got home from 10days at Hotham with the kids. Anyone who knows Hotham knows the summit. This dude drops a board on the ground, pops a yakuza in the air and screams up the hill, scares piss out of all the people going down. Loved it. Who are you? You are freaking mad.
  9. For Sale

    How come the lead is obtuse?With an obtuse angle you will luff and dive without auto zenith ?
  10. I got 3. 1.8. 3m. And a 5. Cause you never know
  11. Hey, great to see that the lake is on. From the photo, that looks like a smooth sweet ride to me (I'm used to cow paddocks). There is no way I can make it down till after Easter school hols. I will do some more sneaky squirrel closer to run time and get some involved if I can.
  12. Sweet as. I'll keep an eye on the lake
  13. Cheers all for the feedback. I reckon I'll keep an eye on it. I run a big 16" shit picking up front tyre. So mud rather than cow shit is a bonus 💩 I have a mate at Wollongong who will be interested and a designated drunk who can help if anyone is interested in a meet up.
  14. Hey, has anyone buggied at Lake George north of Canberra? Are there restrictions? Can you get on it? Any other shit I don't know or need to know. It's 3 1/2 hours from me, and I don't wanna just drive for nothing.
  15. eBay?? Isn't that always the first choice