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  1. Does anyone out there on the EK have a spare control bar lying around, that they do not have a use for anymore? Don't need any other accessories apart from the bar itself. Need it for a project that i'm working on. And needs to be fairly cheap, if possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. Glad to hear it's not as bad as we all thought, mate!
  3. Welcome Joseph! Hopefully some Sydney based landboarders will wake up soon and give you some local knowledge!
  4. Love it @Chook!
  5. @igeightystory please Xrays? P.s. Sorry to hear mate.
  7. Throw up a pic Lofty, there are a few different types of MBS bindings. Yours sound like the Velcro ones to me, not the newer style ratchet ones? Cheers.
  8. Not a bad price for a kite "trolley" and 3 kites. $250 in TAS. Anyone live near Mandurah, that could go and check out this 10m Venon II for me? Please.......?
  9. Hope you get a good run in @igeighty
  10. Well done @Mélissa Duchossois! How did it feel to be going that fast on your landboard? Have you done faster without it being recorded before, do you think? Well done, it certainly looked amazing
  11. Nope, I think your doing a pretty good job of it bro! I just tend to keep the kite high and transition from heel to toe or vice versa lol
  12. Great landboard for kiting and downhill if anyone's looking. @SoutherlyBuster & @TheVelcroCats will surely concur
  13. Some nice hang time there for sure!
  14. Yup @.Joel, @bob2is another DirtySurfer bandit !
  15. Welcome to the club @Olof PalmoljaEnjoy!