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  1. freaking stunning!
  2. Great vid @DrWind. Good old dogs and Venus Bay. That isn't the first dog v kite powered vessel incident there.
  3. Looking good Daz!
  4. Yikes sounds like a blowy time was had. Main thing is, did you all have a decent run and lots of fun?
  5. Thanks @Kathleenthat would be magic! I'll make a call closer to Friday depending on wind forecast.
  6. Have forgotten it mate. If the wind is unkind for Friday, might have to get you to pop it in the postal service for me.
  7. Dang, Friday is my only option at this stage
  8. Me too, I have a bunch that I rotate thru all of my devices. I am VERY interested in these 9V rechargeables.
  9. Thanks Ingo! I prefer apple pie. What you building knackers? Automated kite bitches?
  10. Hey, that's cool!
  11. Still after any micro sd cards anyone may have laying around. Please let me know. Thanks, B12
  12. our thoughts be with you Mick & Trev
  13. That all looks like it will come in handy @Ingo Shroeter. And at a good price, you can't complain mate.
  14. @Kathleen , best not to count me in for the moment. My plans will have to be confirmed closer. Thanks!