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  1. Enough getting carried away going big. I've been really enjoying this guy's vids lately. Weird accent but well researched. They're all worth a watch if you like engines. ok I'll stop now
  2. Dragon Fire uses and old soviet diesel engine rebuilt supercharged on methanol, 7 banks of 6 cylinders in a radial config = 42 cylinders, 147 litres.
  3. Yep Merlins are 27 litres of magnificent anger Mavis is 42 litres of fury
  4. I'm a big fan of bike engines in cars. Also oversize engines of any type really. That vid got me spending hours down the rabbit hole on youtube. Came across this one recently.. apparently the new Yaris is the hottest thing in rally driving right now. 1.6ltr, 300hp, tiny car, AWD. Got some freaky anti-lag system so that turbo's always on full boost. Makes it sound amazing on the lift off.. headphones on loud for this one..
  5. I had 4 x 10 foot stackers and a little climbing harness that the lines pulleyed into somehow. My intro to power kites. I sold 3 many years ago and still have the most colourful one. It's in pretty sad nick though, lots of holes and could do with new ferrules etc. I'm keeping it for my boys for when they want something a bit faster than the Imp. Fun times back in the day.
  6. That looks like a heap of fun.
  7. That looks sweet! Anyone know what the price is going to be? There's a couple of new foils that are priced pretty nicely, like the new North foil and the Shinn.
  8. Nice build. All those fittings must have cost a fortune.
  9. We have a paid Spotify account in the house that I share with my wife. It's pretty good but I can't compare with Pandora, I always thought they were pretty similar. I guess they'll do better now with one (non-apple) service getting all the paid subscriptions? I use Soundcloud more but I fear they're struggling along the same way, one step from financial collapse. I would pay but a/ I'm not sure they'll survive and b/ they (purposefully?) don't let you search or filter on track length in the app - I'm only interested in 1hr+ mixes on soundcloud. Unmixed dance tracks are pretty annoying as they have long sparse intro/outro's that are meant to be mixed over.. plus they tend to release numerous remixes so you get 4 of the same thing in a row.. I also use tunein (free version) for streaming SomaFM, DI, and SBS Chill and Double J. Plus lots of obscure internet radio stations for blues, dub, etc It's pretty good but plenty of ads which are mostly irrelevant seppo stuff.
  10. I had a 6 speed manual SS VE como while my wife had a 2.2 diesel 7 speed auto Kia sorento. I honestly reckon up to about 100 I had trouble keeping up with her. Plant the foot hard in the Kia and that diesel hooks up and snaps your head back if you're not expecting it.. and it whips through the gears with milisecond changes, staying in peak torque all the time. Plant the foot in the 6L V8 and she'd just go sideways, so you'd baby it a bit off the line, or start in second and wait that bit for it to wake up at 3,500 rpm, then I'd be making up ground then clunk - wait - clunk with the the slow shifting box I'd lose all the ground I'd made up during the last gear. Once you're in 3rd at 3500 there's no stopping it.. but by then you're not legal any more and it's a bit pointless. So maybe I should have just slammed the gears, but the box was crunchy and finicky enough as it is, I never wanted to hammer it. Already had to cycle through reverse & 2nd to get 1st half the time.. and then it would jump out sometimes. So point is Kias can be fast enough without trying.. I reckon a fast car from them would be pretty interesting. That 8 speed transmission with 5 modes should be quick. pic comparison..
  11. There's a nice Moses Vorace going for $2000 on the breeze. If you want a full carbon fast stable strong foil for 2k, half new price and well looked after, I'd be considering that one.
  12. Look nice, will be interested to see pricing as he claims it'll be reasonable. Not sure on the logic of mounting wings on top of fuse for protection from hitting bottom, I think putting all that load on the bolts could be worse in the long term, and it'd be rare to hit bottom not keeled over anyway...
  13. Surprisingly I have no good pics of other hobbies.. There's this - had a close (<1m) encounter with a 2.5m dugong that morning Bit of this Every week I do this - competitive Laser League And sometimes manage some of this
  14. Here's some actual good innovation. This canard configuration has everyone very very interested. This is one of the up to 50 spitfire protos being tested. Compare and contrast to the previous vids, if you will, this foil can carve. It's stable, yet lively. It's matched to a suitable board. Foiling is not only or even primarily for light winds. If you think that you're missing out too. Here's another fantastic innovator showing how to do stuff with a 3.5m kite in 40kts while foiling that I've never seen anyone do before. Again, note the stable, fast, responsive foil, in this case a StringyFoil. Which is actually not fast: like the last one it's a lower aspect ratio, lower speed foil designed for carving and waves. Only it works, unlike the bi-di abominations at the start of this thread. These foils are nothing to do with speed, or racing, which seems to be your argument against all other foils. Now it seems you were fibbing earlier dropping the "$900" in there when you meant 900 pounds. You know you're on an aussie forum, the .au bit at the end kinda gives that away, and unless you're actually 12 you'd know that our aussie dollar is worth about about 0.6 of one of your pounds. So your "$900" is actually ($900x1.6) = $1465 in our koala currency. If you're talking foil only in the 900 pound range there's many, many decent foils you can choose from, new, including the spitfire above. Ones that don't get reviewed like this: Okay well I tested it ... It flies almost stopped that's for sure [foils early] but definitely not top slide, my old Carafino dragged less water! As soon as we try to push it a little it becomes hyper unstable and it stings the nose. In short not at all convinced. Too bad the 2 young people seem motivated but in my opinion it is not completed.
  15. Go ahead. It's gonna go one of 2 ways. 70% chance "foiling sucks, I just wanna have fun not be a noob all over again" or 30% chance "foiling is awesome wish I'd bought one that works.." I pointed our it's flaws as a public service to assist the clueless. As for price I see 850 euros or $1250 plus 10% gst plus customs fee $52 plus estimated $200 shipping. How do you get $900, I get $1600? No mention of how they handle the aluminum carbon interface and the galvanic corrosion it brings. Alpine foils haven't handled Aussie conditions that well despite isolators. Zeeko won't put al & carbon together under Any circumstances. No stats either, what does it weight? Masts sealed? Lots of questions. Let us know how great yours turns out to be.