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  1. Take it easy Doug and get well soon.
  2. I use Safari on iPad most of the time when looking at EK. Only time I've had to re enter my password is after the occasional software upgrade.
  3. Yup, my 3.5m Flexifoil Blur!
  4. I guess it's your birthday @.Joel - have a good one!
  5. @windstruck - great photos. Thanks for sharing plus your views on the kites. I've been away bush walking for a couple of weeks so still have not been out in strong winds with my LS2 3.5. Looking forward to getting both 7.5 and 3.5m out again in the buggy! Your photos inspired me to get out again asp!
  6. @windstruck great to hear such positive comments on the LS 2 3.5m. I have not had a chance to try mine out in strong winds yet but am looking forward to doing so. Sounds like you are having a good time out there.
  7. Totally agree on your comments about the Born Kites bar. Let's have some photos of your new LS2s and P3s from Lake ivanpah!
  8. I'm away till the end of the month but would certainly like to get together sometime to try Lake George again. Count me in. I'm also happy to recce the lake to check if it's dry enough.
  9. I don't think the days of cheap camping are gone. I just think that as Nigel mentioned some locations are benefitting from supply and demand. Coming back from Kingston this year I stayed on a powered site for $25. The Camps 8 book or WikiCamps lists a number of such sites. Also a lot of pubs and clubs are offering free sites for one night knowing you will likely eat there. I've stayed at quite a few of these in my caravan.
  10. @Darren Tibbey, agree it's very expensive. Wife and I are currently staying a a beautiful park at Halls Gap doing some bush walking. Great park with heated swimming pool etc and only $34 for powered site.
  11. Thanks. Wow that seems expensive! Kingston is only $40 over the Australia Day weekend (high season).
  12. @Darren Tibbey thanks for updated report of the caravan park. Good to hear it has improved. What was the cost per night for a powered site please?
  13. Please see my addition to John Holgate's review of the LongStar2 5.5m in the review section.
  14. Having now spent about 3 hours with my new LongStar 2 kites on ovals using both my Peter Lynn F Lyn and Sysmic S2 buggies, I thought I should add to @jhn.holgate's review. Note that flying on ovals means I have executed a large number of turns but not had any "park and ride" experience yet. I have mainly flown the 7.5m because winds have not been strong enough for the 3.5m. However, I have static flown the smaller kite and used it to cruise slowly in the Sysmic! The 7.5m behaves just as well as the 5.5m. It wants to take off and only a slight pull on the bar sees the kite soar to the zenith. It builds power with apparent wind and to use John's terminology, is a grunty kite. In fact on one occasion with gusty winds I felt over powered. The 7.5m pulls like a truck when you get going. It is very fast to turn and can spin on its centrally located white Star. As others have mentioned, you need to depower and sheet out on turning otherwise there is a tendency for the kite to stall. Pushing the bar out quickly rectifies this. I have not experienced any flapping on the 7.5m but did get some trailing edge flapping on the 3.5m. I have already commented on the new bar in the General section thread. The kite colours look vibrant in the sky. I have not really had enough flying time to comment on the 3.5m, but I can say that it is just as well constructed and is very responsive. Even in winds around 8 to 12 knots, it just zips around the wind window extremely quickly! There is not much power in the low winds I have had so far but I am excited and looking forward to using the 3.5m in stronger winds. More to follow. Here are some photos on the ground. Sorry I do not have a GoPro but will try and get my wife to come out and take some action photos in the future. Some of you will comment on the number of bridle lines but so far this has not been an issue. I like the colored line loops under the leading edge to secure the 4 lines when packing the kite. This prevents any line snagging problems. These are great Kites and I am very happy with my purchase. Extremely good service from Born Kites keeping me informed of my order by email. They arrived very well packed and protected in cardboard boxes. A truly customer focused first class service.
  15. Wind was not really strong enough for the 3.5 but I did static fly it. Wow - it is very quick and extremely responsive. I'm looking forward to flying it in stronger winds!