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  1. all that material looks delicious. what are you doing with your offcuts
  2. Thats huge lounge room shots please!
  3. To Both Trevor and Michael, best wishes to you and your families. Our thoughts are with you guys and your loved ones..
  4. the bearings in the landsegler's are in a very bad way, I thought to replace rather than repair. there is a bearing shop in bayswater that I will go and haunt shortly I am very keen to get in a long run, I have a good raincoat just in case, checking out the bearings on the Peter Lynn also for Ingo. they are fine
  5. I must get some new bearings this week, I pulled out my wheels and they are good and seized
  6. http://www.kmart.com.au/product/lego-the-batman-movie:-the-riddler-riddle-racer---70903/1204317 lego set 70903.
  7. are you heading down on the footy long weekend Iain ? would be good to see you.
  8. Why was it switched ? I probably missed the announcement. We where sitting at the pub last night after dean festival, and talked about heading down anyways. and probably a few times in between I dont really need an excuse for a buggy when summer is here
  9. its ok mate I can swing by and get you, we will just leave a bit earlier is all.
  10. Id be happy to give you a lift, Mezz and I will be coming from croydon.
  11. Mary and I will be down for a fish creek steak. @IMK, @rednblackmatuka, @the_hatman you guys down for a kite fly and a feed ? Anyone else in the area we are forgetting ?
  12. LED lights inside those, powered by a button battery great for night lights.
  13. I will put my hands up for that one. if you need a volunteer. it is quite a challenging little spot nestled amongst the kite eating trees. Hatman and I had a blast last time
  14. That is a great video Bernie, A fantastic view of the beach from above too, it really shows what a great place you have up there. with that much sand it looks like you guys could kite with any wind direction. blue method is a 6.5
  15. mezz and I hope to make an appearance, it will be good to meet you guys.