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  1. thanks for the info on the bearings guys, I am yet to try and remove them from the hubs. thans for the Popeye link stinka I will definitely look at stainless ones Andy, cheers.
  2. 6 GT-race buggies in Australia ! Mr Faber is slowly depleting the north's supply of fine stainless, It is all ending up down under. I hope the south-australian brothers fly safe and have an amazing time. have you managed to get out for a fly ? When would we see a full meet up ? probably speed week or Kingston I would guess ? also, @GT-Race, would you know a supplier, or the numbers I should search for Wheel bearing for landsegler rims, mine are seized like crazy from lack of buggy time. have fun Andy and Jase.
  3. no worries buddy, ill see you there. what time seems to be the go ? not buggying for me, but ill bring some kites (lucky I didn't get to the PO this morning, ill bring those mini SD cards for you too..
  4. I will also try and get there for Sunday afternoon if its sunny
  5. no worries buddy. I am just checking them now to make sure they are still good. these are slow cards 512Mb through to 8Gb
  6. mate I have a bunch of them, PM me your address and ill send them to you Monday.
  7. That's awesome Jo, which sponsors logos are on the feathers ? Glad to see them after all these years
  8. looks good you guys. The Midi XL works good on them, looks to be plenty of ground clearance there. and heaps of space under the front guard. are those the small wheel front ends ? congratulations!
  9. When @roblukin is flying his 9m LEI, I would be flying a 3 or 4 metre fixed bridle. But Robbie has bigger cahones than I.
  10. if I head over ill give you a ring about lunch time.
  11. I love your avalanche. Joel says I should get one. When you upgrade I may be able to make you an offer I love the way you can get all your buggy gear in the back. Plus it has a nice growl when you apply the right foot:) my VZ is only worth about 4,000$ these days and dropping fast. It is in fantastic condition. And has done me really proud. One day I will get a v8. But for now it does the job quit nicely. It is coming up to 240000 k and the engine has a bit of a tick developing. If it needs major engine work it can go to the great recycler. My next car will be another Holden. But a wagon this time. Just not a German one
  12. I think there is a crack in my screen ahhh, my bad. it is a video I wonder who made the index frame that one
  13. there are feet in that picture ?
  14. you are dead right @KiteStyle. we had a sport model Hyundai i30 diesel as a hire car when we went to England last year. it was a 2016 model. It was amazing little car, it was torquey all the way through the gears at almost any rev's when you put the foot down hard it pushed you back in the seat quick smart. I realise it is not a KIA (or is it) All these Burgundy cars are looking the same aren't they. I love the old commodores, but I wish they had just let the brand die a respectful death after the VE. Watching the new CHiPs movie last night and the getaway car was a VF SS (Mazda rear lights) but it was the American chev, It has SS on the seats and everything. I remember a few years ago when chev announced the 'SS' brand, Hollywood was up in arms due to the similarity of the name to a certain group of soldiers in the 2nd world war
  15. We await the obligatory lounge room shot