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  1. @Chook - That was wonderful! Well Done to Anne and all that made it happen! Loved it!
  2. As "Puss in Boots" or "Puss Zit"
  3. Introducing last year's Mazda Canada......which is now this year's Holden Commodore....Zoom Zoom!
  4. I just came across the extreme kites leadership board - I came first one day in May! Wow, I didn't even know about it.
  5. @igeighty - what was the one you were looking at on Gumtree called?
  6. **UPDATE** Just heard from Ann Marie at Kingston that the park has been sold - they are taking bookings, but it will not be until August until the booking deposit is taken (after the prices are reviewed) Currently it is $35 per night for an unpowered site. It you are a Family Parks member, there is a 10% discount available.
  7. Well I have just sent through a booking request to Kingston S.E Caravan Park for January 2018. We anticipate to arrive Saturday 13th January and leave on Australia Day (as per usual) Who else will be heading over there in January?
  8. Are they some Rob Brasington Kites I spy up in the display?
  9. I'll make room @the_hatman, I'll make room!!!!
  10. Wanted - 1 x Kite B*tch for DrWind. Any takers?? Just joking. I hope you had a nice couple of days out Chris.
  11. If someone was to ask me what my favourite picture was out of our thousands......this would be the one!
  12. My DoE Calendar says its Friday 29th September @igeighty
  13. Sent Neil a booking request for Sandy Point Holiday Park. Arriving Friday 29th September, leaving Monday 2nd October. Seemed like a lovely man and is expecting the "crazy" kite group.
  14. One or Two Avocados (minus the finger and blood dressing) diced, one mango diced, 2-3 table spoons of sweet chilli........nice side salad. Mummy igeighty recipe.
  15. We've camped at the beginning of September (when we got the trailer) wasn't too bad but then it is canvas and off the ground. It can only get warmer as the month goes on.