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  1. What are the set dates for Yeppoon 2018 fellas? - I can at least pencil them in and see what the year brings.
  2. We shall try - mind you said that this year (thats why I started the thread)
  3. Remembering the ANZAC heroes of the First War. Lest We Forget
  4. No - Fortunately.
  5. So @igeighty is currently grounded - He has pulled something in his calf muscle whilst at work on Thursday (hoping its just a pulled tendon and nothing more) And is on a set of crutches for the long weekend.
  6. Sad news coming out of Esperance today as a young girl (17 years) dies from a shark attack. I know Esperance is a large place, however @Chook being the man of imprint that he is, I hope it it was no-one you knew (although sad as it is that it happened)
  7. Love it Bull! Hope your both well? From @Mez and @igeighty
  8. Someone has itchy feet....
  9. Very different to our Victorian Sandy Point @gannet - Have fun you guys!
  10. Happy Birthday to @.Joel - Hope you have a fantastic day! All the best from @Mez @igeighty and Maggie the Wonder Dog!
  11. Awesome Video Chook - I like the no soundtrack Didn't know I was up there in the blowfly LOL - What a cheeky move!
  12. Awesome tell-tails on that sail @igeighty
  13. Must be a land yacht thing - bought my new water proofs the other week. Stingray holes are invisible when you sit so low down.
  14. Kite surfer also got a headline - The Australian's calling him an Idiot, the Brits call him decide. I wonder what this resident was thinking......"Love, lets tie the trees to the fence, then when the trees knock it down regardless of whether they are tied up or not, we can claim it on the insurance?" Surely not a won/win situation, if those trees are coming down, the ties are not going to stop it. If one comes down, it will bring the fence, and the anchor for the rest. And by the way the wind seems to be blowing the branches, its going towards the house if it comes down.
  15. And stopping is instant.....ker-plunk!