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  1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't seem to age does she?
  2. Love the sea horse
  3. Event now listed on the members calendar
  4. Excellent John - we've never been as when ever we're down there, we have the Maggie Moo with us. Such a healthy looking wommie - nice thick coat to keep out the wind. The gimbal works excellently - you should sell your footage to the Wilson Prom Tourist Board.
  5. How long until she can wear those? About 8 months at least! Love the colour!
  6. It was great to see you back in the saddle again. It put a smile on mine and @igeightyfaces to see you out and about again. And another video to entertain us all
  7. until
    Friday 10th November until Sunday 12th November Speek Weekend V2 @ Sandy Point Another chance for a long weekend (if you can) This one falls the on the same week as the Melbourne Cup. We have booked in at the Sandy Point Caravan Park (which from Sept/Oct stay, was quite accommodating) There is a kitchen at the park, however has no fridge but is equipped with kettles, toasters and microwaves and around the area, plenty of free BBQ's under cover. Accommodation is not provided for this meet, so please organise this prior as this time of year for the park can start to get busy. If you decide to camp, alternative stays are Waratah Bay Caravan Park and Foster Caravan Park (which is about a 20 minute drive to Sandy Point) Wind is not guaranteed, but a fun catch up with those who enjoy the sport is.
  8. Hi Kathleen, I have emailed him the amended dates. Cheers Mez
  9. He clocked 64kph today
  10. @igeighty (Dougie) using the 4.5m Peter Lynn Vapor. Winds are WSW at 10.9 knots. Rob’s somewhere off down near the Inlet with his 12m Icon Blind ‘2’ Flew the HQ Jive II this afternoon - bloody ripper @andy666. Practised my wind windows and a few double turns!
  11. We’re down but not out. 3am and the whole awning (and if you know our camper trailer, this consists of a whole entire room, just flew over the top of us and dumped itself on top of us, crushing the sleeping compartment. Theres us both outside in the wind trying to retrieve it all and we shall re-asses in the light. It’s blowing stronger than anything right now.
  12. It’s 2am Saturday morning and so far we’re still in one piece - the wind strength has doubled since checking the forecast at 11pm. It’s pretty damn scary to say the least.
  13. Our (myself and Doug) condolences to you and your family Trevor.
  14. Make sure they haven't got a leaky fuel line first otherwise you won't get home!