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  1. Yea there's some yellow 16m's here. 1 kite NZD$70. 2 kites $60ea. 3 kites $50ea. plus freight. Kite only. No bag, spars, bar or lines.
  2. I still have a couple left.
  3. Flying fluro man

  4. SANY2206.JPG

  5. Flying fluro man.

  6. SANY2206.JPG

  7. SANY2207 (1).JPG

  8. Its an old photo from 2003, flew well apparently.
  9. I was waiting for Joe to untree a kite, so I made a dick of myself. We could have done some bigger artworks in the Gobi.
  10. AR12!

  11. It is different for different size kites, the AofA is usually changed by sewing a full chordwise dart into the front of the kite at the shoulders, more concave LE means less AofA. The attached pics shows how to do the same thing while adding cells. Adding cells can be taken much further...
  12. Paul in Canada has been doing some cool F-Arc mods, check out the extended 19m in the attachment. Frank&Stein-CloningARCS-Tips&Tricks.pdf