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  1. Yea its a 15m.
  2. Ozone Summit V4 2017 15m complete with 5 line bar and backpack. New, test flown only. Great kite, fast turning for its size and massive power range. $950AU including shipping. or swap for 6m summit.
  3. Yea there's some yellow 16m's here. 1 kite NZD$70. 2 kites $60ea. 3 kites $50ea. plus freight. Kite only. No bag, spars, bar or lines.
  4. I still have a couple left.
  5. Its an old photo from 2003, flew well apparently.
  6. I was waiting for Joe to untree a kite, so I made a dick of myself. We could have done some bigger artworks in the Gobi.