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  1. It does look good and I'm keen to test fly one. Ozone must have timed the release for the Northern Hemisphere winter which is good for me as our summer sea breezes have started. I'd like to test fly the 9m as this is the size I use most. Any idea when they'll be out?
  2. Sounds really bad. Hope you aren't scarred by the experience
  3. Any footage or pics from this year's meet to share?
  5. When all else fails just lower your expectations. I'd like to offer $2.50
  6. Thanks again Chris. Unfortunately I don't think there's enough demand for snow kites over here for retailers to carry stock on hand of all models so there's not always the opportunity to fly before you buy. and getting a new model takes a bit of a leap of faith. Would appreciate it if anybody out there with a Summit V4 wouldn't mind measuring the span of the kite so we could calc the approximate flat AR which should be good enough to make a rough comparison.
  7. Price dropped to $1000
  8. Thanks for the info Chris. Ozone don't seem to make their kites' technical data available to the general public like Flysurfer and HQ do. Can you share the AR's of the V10 & V4?
  9. 12m Aurora II is roughly $385 brand new from Pansh delivered. You may be aiming a bit high
  10. Hey 13, found a few in a cleanout of old tech. PM an address and I'll post them.
  11. Blizzard = Summit V5?. Same cell count and AR looks similar to V4 although its being offered in the same sizes that the Frenzy traditionally was. They mention reduced bar pressure so obviously there's been some tinkering with the bridle/speed system. Seems more like a re-branding exercise of the Summit than a genuinely new kite and they're using the opportunity to dump the Frenzy from the lineup using the usual Ozone marketing blurb. Possibly sales of the Frenzy didn't warrant keeping it in production. I'll be sorry to see it go but then I've always wanted to give the Summit a test drive. Ozone do make bloody good kites.Hopefully @Kitepower Australia will have a couple of demo models of the Blizzard when they do get released.
  12. For Sale

    Maybe I'm over simplifying things but why not try low tech. Most kite manufacturers do. Sketch the kite and bridle, Number the various elements and tabulate the lengths. Take a picture and upload using the same device you used to reply to this post. Simple no?
  13. For Sale

    Why not put the plan for your modified bridle on this forum? I'm sure there are quite a few members who'd be interested to see how you tamed the "killer" kite
  14. Congratulations to both of you.and welcome to the world beautiful girl!
  15. Melbourne girl Tash Sultana rocking Mt Isa