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  1. We dont have stingray holes but we do have something that could really hurt. Literally a mile down the beach from were i sail there is an airforce firing range. Its quite common to find spent shells on the beach and the authorities patrol the beach after each session for the ones that did not go BANG !!!! RAF Cowden. east yorkshire , i sail at Mappleton just the other side of the big craters LOL
  2. Thanks for the comments Next on the list is a good set of waterproofs Even at low tide there is still a fair amount of water on the beach and I usually end up in it 😁
  3. I am slowly getting the hang of this sailing lark. I have had 4 or 5 really good beach sessions. I changed the windsurf boom for a more standard sailing boom made from a half of a carbon mast that i had , this seems to work a lot better. I also got some new sails , i think it was chook who commented that a fuller sail gives more low down grunt but less speed and a flatter sail more top speed.Well the sails i got are fuller and no cam batons and for the beach i use they seem to work great. I wont win any races but the sails allow me to have fun when the flatter sails would struggle to get me going (my beach is not as flat,smooth or warm as the ones you have in oz , but again make do with what you have. I have all my gear stored at a friends 20mtrs from the beach , all set up ready to go , just drop the sail on and happy days. I find the land yachting a lot more relaxing than kiting , although i am now static flying way more than i ever had and enjoying it . I just wish i could get some decent video footage , my head cam seems to end up like a nodding dog ( sky , ground,sky,ground ) and my boom cam always seems to be in the wrong position ,but i will keep trying.. craig
  4. Sounds good mez. My beaches aren't great but you make do with what you have Adapt and overcome ! I am lucky that I go to fuerteventura a few times a year Sotovento beach were they hold the world windsurfing and kite surfing championships is fantastic and you can hire blowkarts. Its also an average of 30 degrees Mmmmm nice 😀
  5. That's great mez A pb is what it is Something to be proud of. I had 2hours at the beach today 20 mph on shore - 4 degrees lots of standing water But laughing all the way until I hit a patch of water that was 2 ft deep , that wiped the smile for a short while Keep up the good work mez , I think I now enjoy land yachting more than kiteing especially on UK beaches ☺
  6. Hi Just my two peneth worth from the UK. I have never met or am likely never to meet JH But from my very brief message conversations with him and one or two other forum members I think its a sad loss to this forum , he brought knowledge,humanity and above all else non judgemental opinions on peoples quest to enjoy all wind driven sports. Take it easy john
  7. Got a real dumb question to ask , when sailing the land yacht is it the same as a kite buggy as in you sail across the wind ? went out today and had a frustrating session , seemed to go ok ish one way but when i turned , nothing. I also think part of the problem is the sail not been big enough , looking on ebay now for some bigger hardware. The grass was fairly deep and boggy , then it pi##ed it down so went home and had coffee and biscuits instead cheers craig
  8. Honoured to be part of the mad guy in a shed list. I have just cut a mast tip extension from a broken mast I was given so I will see how that works should allow for more downhaul tension and also a bigger sail. How much longer would the luff tube be from a 5.5 to a 6.5 MTR sail ? Don't know about another buggy ,couple of bikes lots of kites And running out of space. Luckily though buggy's are readily available and as cheap as chips second hand in the UK Flexis can be picked up from £75 and libres from about £150 So never say never 😀
  9. wow Did chook just use my build and impressed in the same sentence I must confess to being quite pleased with myself although we are talking about a man who is impressed by the little toys in Christmas crackers. I think I need to put an extension on the mast tip so I can get more downhaul , I have an extra mast that should do the job This will also help when I get a bigger sail Another outing tomorrow hopefully Thanks for all the kind comments Craig
  10. 1 st time out today , only had a couple of hours but it gave me chance to see if it all fitted together and all the bits were in the right place. just like kiteing , as soon as it was built up ready to go the wind dropped from 15-20 mph to around 8 mph so not enough wind to get going just a couple of slow crawls , chook , you were right about the more sail the better , my sail (5.5 mtr i checked ) seemed quite a good size and if anything a bigger one may be needed , obviously no real wind to try it in but the cam baton changed sides as i assume it is supposed too ,the downhaul pulled the sail tight , i think i may need a little more outhaul but not sure , the trailing edge of the sail did not seem as tight as the rest of the sail although there is a split in the sail near the bottom edge which may account for this you can see it in the 2nd pic covered with gaffer tape. Hopeing monday may be a better day for another trial , if not my son can just push me around the field again craig ps happy new year to all
  11. cheers for that chook , i was a bit worried the sail may be to big to start with , but hey whats 45knots between friends (you must have some serious kahoonas pal ) 299 × 340 - will get some telltails set up on the sail
  12. ANOTHER QUESTION I HAVE IS WIND SPEED VS SAIL SIZE. i currently have only one sail 5.2 mtr i think. what wind speed is safe ? i dont want to be overpowered on the maiden voyage until all is proven to work. Kites i have no problem with , but a sail is another story. i have a forecast of 12-15 mph for the next few days , sailing on uneven fairly dense grass. Just mocked up the belly pan , made me chuckle and yes i do know what it is , if you dont GOOGLE cheers craig the field i will be sailing on from today
  13. Hi thanks for the comment Mez. I will try and get more pics on its maiden voyage/flight/launch this weekend , weather allowing. I am pretty sure it wont be as good as a commercial build land yacht , but i wanted to utilise the kite buggy i had (greedy yorkshireman )and with only a few nuts and bolts removed its back to the standard frankenbuggy it started out as. Nothing is welded to the frame and none of the buggy frame has been drilled , so hopefully no weak points but the proof is in the pudding as they say. I am sure there will be adjustments made and all input is welcome. I intend using it on the beach but my proving ground is a large pasture , the balloon tyres with no grip should be amusing on grass , unless i get some bearings for my barrow wheels before weekend. Hopefully i will get some video footage just cant decide were to place cameras , top of mast,boom,axle or head ? thanks for all comments again craig
  14. @Chook I tried to post this thread on seabreeze but for some reason it would not load that's were I read most of your posts Craig
  15. Thanks for the positive comment guys but its really just a nodded version of what john did With a lot of info stolen from chook so credit to you two for the inspiration I will hopefully get some video footage ( not to your standard john ) over Christmas/ maiden voyage Need to sort a seat belt next , missed that one ☺ Hope you all enjoy Christmas and thanks again 🎅 Craig