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  1. I've really enjoyed watching the Monjet Ninox development. I'm a personal big fan of SS kites so this is great to see. Good call on going with the 6m/10m combo; that's a nice quiver assuming these kites have a good range of DP. I'm quite curious to learn about how the cells are inflated. Passive inflation or active with a pump? Also, for inland riders dealing with uneven winds, days that would call for the 10m often have wind gaps that will sink any kite no matter how light. I've got a fair amount of experience with a 12m Peak in these conditions and getting the kite to settle to the ground in such a way as to allow for easy relaunch is an art form in itself. I'm thinking that the added structure of the closed cells may really help in this regard. Particularly if you end up with a leading edge closed cell. Watch out for making the leading edge burstable with pile driving the nose into the ground. Tough, but it's gonna happen.
  2. I spent quite a bit of time in high winds (30+ base, gusts into 40s mph) with the 3.5m LS2 at Lake Ivanpah at IBX. Superbly stable high wind tool. Fully agree with 9 of 10 rating. Compared to the 4.0m P2 it is more stable (particularly with the bar let out) and has a far smoother power curve. This comes at the price of lots of bridling. The smaller the LS2 the higher the launching winds and the bridling can get tangled getting it off the ground. Price paid for all that SS goodness. Steffen has a winner here!
  3. Best way to determine costs is to request a quote either from their website: or you can email Steffen directly at . He posts prices in Euros on his website and sells the kites alone or you can purchase a bar and lines separately from him. I believe (but don't know for sure so you might want to check with Steffen) that the LS2s work with other DP bar and linesets set up for 4.5 flagout. I had my LS2s equipped with an optional 5th line FAS system. Depending on where you live shipping will of course vary but the shipping cost seems reasonable. VAT is not a factor. I've had good success conversing with him via email; he's very helpful!
  4. IMHO, a drop dead gorgeous 9.5m Born Kite LongStar-2!
  5. Yipskippity! Very impressed with the LS2s. So much so in fact that earlier today I ordered the 5.5m and 7.5m. I'm going to sell my 6m Peak to make room for these two beauties in the line up. That will put it at me owning the 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, and 9.5m LS2s. Nope, not getting the 11.5m. That slot in my quiver is reserved for the Big Lady, none other than the venerable 12m Peak. I don't know what it is, but I just have a certain relationship with these larger women. The 12m P3, now in "stunning" deep blue (similar to the old 9m P2 color) is spectacular. I had a low wind afternoon when she was the only one flying on the entire playa and I was bookin! Like the Phoenix rising, Session Saver lives on! Not saying the 12.5m LS2 wouldn't have hung with this plus-sized gal but I'm a faithful guy and she's the only plump one for my heart.
  6. Live from IBX2017, I present some Born-Porn for the devoted! This is the guy flying that beauty! That's right, yours truly, Pokey!
  7. Had a go with the 9.5m LS2 today. I rode it for a while in slightly too much wind. I don't own the 7.5 and I suspect it would have been ideal for my personal conditions today. To compensate for a feeling of too much power I experimented with pulling in the trim line. This worked to reduce power but came at a cost of quite a bit of difficulty in steering. The kite kept wanting to tip down into the ground. I had to pull back the top side of the bar all the way and even sometimes grab the brake line itself to keep the tip off the ground. Not too good a feeling. Under more appropriate wind conditions a little later on it was a champ and I grew to like it a lot. One thing I do want to say is that in my eyes the LS2 line are GORGEOUS. I'm thinking of getting the 7.5m LS2. I really like the 3.5 a ton. I don't intend to get the 5.5m or 11.5m because I own the 6m and 12m P3s. Not having P3s and LS2s in (nearly) overlapping sizes makes it a challenge to really compare the two. Both are very competent SS DPs. Both suffer from way too much bridling, but that is the price One pays for single skin. On a wild wind day on a surface like the Ivanpah playa the bridling of the LS2 is easily tangled. Not a show stopper, but watching friends with FBs like Vipers for example and it is night and day different.
  8. I flew the 3.5m LS2 for several hours yesterday on the Ivanpah playa at IBX. Winds were horrendous (in a good way). Base winds in the high 20s to low 30s mph with lots of gusts in the mid 40s and at least one gust that I clocked with my windmeter at 53! Thankfully I wasn't flying during the 50+ gusts which were pretty much a "brown out". Brown Out because you couldn't see anything for all the dust flying, and Brown Out for what was going on in the seats of any poor buggy riders or land sailors that were out when those beasts came across the playa. The 3.5 was FANTASTIC. Incredibly stable and predictable. With the bar pulled in it was steady as a rock. With the bar fully out in a high speed depower it barely flapped at all, just a tiny amount at the bottom corners. Contrast this to the 4m Peak2 that I flew on Ivanpah in similar conditions last year and it was night and day difference. 3.5 LS2 was rock steady and smooth in its power build up and dumping with bar movement; 4.0 P2 flapped like a furious bird when bar was out at high speeds and its power curve is drastic. I've read that the 4.0m P3 is refined so maybe this has decreased (flapping and super steep power curve). Nice apparent wind feel too. It was decent, but not outstanding in upwind. Not a problem, but not a standout either. One other positive thing: great feel during high wind hot launches. Kite darted to zenith without yanking me off my feet and stayed calmly at zenith while I fiddled getting into my buggy seat, clipping in my AQR, etc. In a low rolling resistance setting you need 30+ winds for this to be the right sized kite. 40+ and you are feeling the groove! It's a winner!
  9. Finally got my 3.5 and 9.5m LS2s yesterday. Once again they got hung up in the DHL Vortex for what seemed like an eternity. They arrived one week to the day before I go to IBX on Lake Ivanpah. Whoop! The colors, craftsmanship and overall quality look to be OUTSTANDING. I've also just received 6 and 12m Peak3s. At first blush I'm liking the LS2s more than the P3s, but flying will of course be the test. I want to make a particular shout out about Steffen's new bar. It looks and feels great! Really nice refined touches and a great chicken loop. IMO, the Born kites had historically been nicer than the Born bars, but now this latest bar looks to be every bit as nice as the kites, which have always been 1st rate in my book. With good fortune I should have these babies in the sky next week!
  10. 25. Nobody knows hair products better than me. Couldn't resist that one, and I voted for him!
  11. I'm not quite sure what you are comparing it to, but the bar John was sent with the demo 5.5m and was photographed for his review here on XK was of a single fixed width. This bar has adjustable width holes on the end, allowing you to move the outer brake line pigtails apart in 5 cm increments from 45-60 cm (5 holes). I've got a bar just like this one other than color that is very sturdy and high quality. There are five LS2 sizes ranging from 3.5-11.0m so I suppose one could string the pigtails at a diffferent width for each (3.5m on the two closest holes at 45cm wide, 11.5m on the two widest holes at 60cm, etc.).
  12. THIS JUST IN: Steffen is coming out with a brand new LS2 bar! I've used this adjustable width bar a lot with my (previous) quiver of NASA Star 3s and I really liked how you can customize the width for the different size kites and conditions. To celebrate this new bar I've decided to order a 3.5m LS2 (to go along with my already ordered 9.5m!). I'm really excited by this setup. In all, I'll end up with a SS DP buggy quiver thus: 3.5m LS2, 6.0m P3, 9.5m LS2, and 12.0m P3. Pokey's a happy pony.....
  13. I'm right there with ya @Tiger37! Kerstin just sent me an email that their Czech tailoring folks are sending kites their way now. They've got a 9.5m with my name on it. Interesting side note, Steffen is of Czech decent and he used his old family connections to establish his tailoring facility there. Enquiring minds want to know!
  14. @Gamechick I too love the Nasa Stars! I used to own a complete quiver of NS3s (1.5m - 12.5m) and loved them for buggying. When the wind and kite size match up just right park and ride buggying with a B-K NPW is a little bit of alright. After a while I ended up preferring my Peak2s for buggying for their range of wind speeds and DP. I got into trouble a few times with too large a NS3 in the air... After a while I sold or gave away my larger NS3s but kept my 1.5m, 2.5m, and 3.2m (thanks John!), set them up with z-bridles and fly them static from handles. I always bring them with me to the beach and love flying those little guys with my toes in the sand. Email with Steffen is always interesting! It would seem that his bride Kerstin has a slightly better command of English. Some of his translations can be pretty funny!
  15. I for one dug your rant. I'm with you @BigTone the last thing I want in a buggy engine is lift. Lift to me for a buggy is the precursor to an OBE, the last thing I want. I buggy with an AQR that automatically deploys if I start to get lifted out of the seat, that's how much I want to avoid lift. The rub, it seems, is that lower lift seems to somewhat lead to less upwind performance. I'm too much of a novice as it relates to the physics of all this to know just how directly upwind performance is related to "lift", AR, etc. Honestly, for me, my ideal buggy engines are boring workhorses that are stable for park and ride, provide ample DP at my fingertips, fly in low winds when necessary, turn and respond quickly to input, but aren't particularly "twitchy". Those sorts of attributes come in Peak2s and I hope Peaks3s. From the reviews I've read here on XK this seems to describethe LS2 to a tee. I'm excited by that which is why I just ordered a 9.5m LS2 to complement some P3s I also have on order (I sold my quiver of P2s to make room for these new delights). If I do understand things correctly (and this is BEFORE hands on experience) the P3 and LS2 do seem to both sit in a similar niche which is why the comparison comes up so much. The question I suspect for some (at least it is for me) is which brand should one invest in for a quiver of single-skin buggy engines? My motivations go in other directions too in that I want to give business to Steffen Born to keep his brand of kites successful and keep him innovating, and I want to keep my local Flysurfer dealer in business since he has given me so much good guidance over these past years. Bottom line, I'm thrilled that both Flysurfer AND Born-Kites seem to have SS winners here, and which one is better endowed when both seem to be at full dangle may be a fools errand to work out. Real 1st world problems these!