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  1. Always remembers me on my iPad. My PC never remembers me as i have private browsing always enabled, so @.Joel's explanation is probably correct. Either that, or your iPad just hates you.
  2. So Jealous. I'm so going to try and get there next year.
  3. @Chook that creek crossing looks like it worked 100% of the time.
  4. "Yipskippity..." - Love that word! I've just pulled the trigger on a 12.5 LS2 to go with the 3.5,5.5 and 7.5 - I thought the 9.5 would be too close to the 7.5 for me.
  5. @windstruck Great to hear the LS2's compare well against the Peaks. Gotta say for me the LS2's are rapidly becoming my favourite kites - the 7.5 in particular. I was managing to tandem buggy with it in about 6 knots of wind last week (not exactly ripping about the place, but towing relatives at a sedate speed). Also found out what happens when you pull then fumble and let go of the trim line in reasonable winds. It seems that they DO have lift after all!
  6. @Chook What's wrong with Purple? ;-)
  7. Funny you mention the rings... they have grown on me. Wasn't sure about them at first, but they are useful, either to slip your finger through for a quick rest, or hooking into my hardwire for longer breaks. I have two of the totem bars, and have found the 7.5 in particular is a bit less twitchy when set to 45/50cm. I'm sure there are better bars out there, but these do the job for me. So - how was the 3.5? :-)
  8. Looks like they have two new bars. Both with the new chicken loop. One has the moulded float style ends and is a bit more expensive. Other than that i don't see a need for any other improvement, the control system works fine. (The much maligned twin stopper ball is one of those things that I just cant understand what the fuss is about - I find it super easy to work.) The best part is the fact that no other manufacturer I know of responds to user feedback this quickly.
  9. I think you should glue some crocks to that board, keep your feet attached....
  10. I'm shocked. Shocked and disappointed......
  11. I dont get it. I dont get it? "Another biased review"... i havnt seen a biased review of the LS2 yet from anyone who has flown one. But i am getting fed up with the constant comparisons to the peak2 and now Peak3. "Better lifts and jumps" big deal... if i wanted tons of lift in a buggy kite. Most of us buggy riders dont. "Back pack and harness option"... again.... so what. Id rather have the soft bags the ls2s come in because the are far easier to pack in my buggy bag. Ive not flown a peak so i cant and havnt compared it when talking about the LS2. Other people here have flown both and all seem to agree that the LS2 and Peaks are both fine kites. Slightly different, with different charecteristics, but then thats what you expect. I just dont get why the polarisation and the need to try and "proove" which kite has the bigger dick. Far as i can see, they are both well endowed. End of rant.
  12. @ssayre - All of them turn on a dime, the 7.5 I could get windmilling no problems when turning. I'm new to depower so am still finding what works for me and learning not to crank them too hard when turning - they are definatly not sluggish!
  13. @Tiger37 I had a run with the 7.5 yesterday. Wind wasn't the best, - between 4 - 10 knots. Firstly the 7.5 longstar will fly in very low wind. 3-4 knots easy. However, in the buggy it wasn't really that great until until the wind gets to about 7-8 - then you will feel it suddenly "click" and it comes alive and has that "sporty" feel John talks about in his review. (bear in mind i was in quite soft sand and im over 115kg - it would probably be OK on hardpack) - It pulls like a train when powered up and has virtually no lift. Turns are nice and quick (in fact sometimes too quick - I may try setting my bar narrower) and I found letting the bar out a little really helps in the turns in low wind. A slight hint of flappyness when really de-powered, but again that may be my trim settings, as I have mine set so that pulling the bar all the way in will put the kite in reverse for landings. If you don't fly hard-wired yet, id suggest doing it. The pull this thing has is mental. First half hour i was just harnessed and felt like my liver was going to shoot out my nose when the wind picked up, switched to my hardwire and it just became effortless. The bar pressure on all three seems quite low so far makes for nice relaxed riding. Also, i don't know why but all of Born-Kites stuff looks amazing in the air, don't know if its something about being single skin, or the dyes they use - but they have a vibrancy about them none of our other kites have. I have now flown the 3.5, 5.5 and 7.5 LS2's and have to say they really are great kites. I can see myself buying a 12.5 for those really low wind days. I think you will enjoy it a lot.
  14. @Tiger37 not yet, but this weekend for sure. The 3.5 is very similar to the 5.5, the only noticable difference for me was that the 3.5 was a little flappier when depowered, but that could have simply been fixed with a small tweak to the trim.
  15. Had a blast with the 3.5 and 5.5 LS2's today, gotta say they are awesome. The 3.5 turns on a dime and both are super stable and exceptionally well behaved. Hope to get the 7.5 out for a spin on monday in the buggy.