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  1. Thanks @Chook youve just solved a problem ive been having with an airbrush with that explanation of telflon tape! Off to buy some locktite!
  2. Hi @Grants As @plummet and @gannethave already said - Also talk to @Chook about shipping stuff over - he knows the ins and outs of the customs issues as well from last year and not getting stung GST on your own gear. I have a set of Bigfoot lights and wheels spare but no spare buggy sorry. Be great to have some Aussies over again.
  3. Info is available here: events.htm But to save a click.... 2017 Moose Meet We will meet 27.7km south of Glinks Gully on Baylys Beach. GPS 36°17'49.93"S 174°0'49.52"E GPS -36.2972028 ,174.0137555 5th - 8th of October Low tides are Thursday 4:06 pm Friday 4:46 pm - Full Moon Saturday 5:27 pm Sunday 6:10 pm
  4. I can vouch for the sudden wind spikes that Plummet gets. Between those, the piles of sharp pointy driftwood, and the rocks, it's amazing he's actually survived in one piece.
  5. @windstruck - The more i fly these the more I'm loving them. I'm sure this one will be no exception. It's certainly a big 'ol pile of ripstop though
  6. This bad boy arrived today. Yipskippity!
  7. Always remembers me on my iPad. My PC never remembers me as i have private browsing always enabled, so @.Joel's explanation is probably correct. Either that, or your iPad just hates you.
  8. So Jealous. I'm so going to try and get there next year.
  9. @Chook that creek crossing looks like it worked 100% of the time.
  10. "Yipskippity..." - Love that word! I've just pulled the trigger on a 12.5 LS2 to go with the 3.5,5.5 and 7.5 - I thought the 9.5 would be too close to the 7.5 for me.
  11. @windstruck Great to hear the LS2's compare well against the Peaks. Gotta say for me the LS2's are rapidly becoming my favourite kites - the 7.5 in particular. I was managing to tandem buggy with it in about 6 knots of wind last week (not exactly ripping about the place, but towing relatives at a sedate speed). Also found out what happens when you pull then fumble and let go of the trim line in reasonable winds. It seems that they DO have lift after all!
  12. @Chook What's wrong with Purple? ;-)
  13. Funny you mention the rings... they have grown on me. Wasn't sure about them at first, but they are useful, either to slip your finger through for a quick rest, or hooking into my hardwire for longer breaks. I have two of the totem bars, and have found the 7.5 in particular is a bit less twitchy when set to 45/50cm. I'm sure there are better bars out there, but these do the job for me. So - how was the 3.5? :-)
  14. Looks like they have two new bars. Both with the new chicken loop. One has the moulded float style ends and is a bit more expensive. Other than that i don't see a need for any other improvement, the control system works fine. (The much maligned twin stopper ball is one of those things that I just cant understand what the fuss is about - I find it super easy to work.) The best part is the fact that no other manufacturer I know of responds to user feedback this quickly.
  15. I think you should glue some crocks to that board, keep your feet attached....