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  1. At last some vid

    Firstly a big thanks to ExtremeKites and especially Joel for sorting my prize out. Yes it was a real competition Secondly apologies for the video, it's the first time I've had chance to get my phone hooked up to it and get some footage, so here it is unedited but it proves the kite does fly, wind was very lumpy and rain very imminent: littleHammer.mp4 littleHammer.mp4
  2. Words fail me! That looks EPIC! Thanks for the updates / pics enjoy
  3. @Qman Thanks, I couldn't quite tell whether your were using a harness or hotwired, I think that is the way to go, like I said not so much for full-on traction but a way for him to be able to enjoy flying.
  4. Nice one Qman, one question, do you wear a belt or harness attached to the buggy? I ask this as my son suffers from low muscle syndrome and is unable to "hold" a kite once there is any pull, I've taken him tandem but have always thought as he gets older a three point harness on the buggy would enable him to try flying even if it's just semi-static in the bug.
  5. For knots this is my first call, nicely presented, even did a "Monkeys Fist": Animated Knots
  6. I have a Nikon D80, which I've had for around ten years now, it's been a great camera and only now am I thinking of up-grading. Whilst it does everything really well, I think I need a bit more now, higher resolution and a faster autofocus. Still miss the clarity and colours of 35mm slide film For those who don't know, there was a time we didn't know what the picture was like until two weeks later the pictures came back from being developed. Progress eh
  7. Building is a journey

    With a Z-Bridle fitted to my new 3m, I've been itching for more flying, a business trip to Irvine, west coast of Scotland, so in to my hand luggage went the kite, I was expecting to be asked what was in my luggage but nothing! Straight through it went. First evening good wind coming nearly off the sea, roughly 12mph, first attempt, kite leapt up and straight back down, second time, up around 12ft then a reverse death spin, WTF still too much brake? Or have I created a new "Damien". Moved the brakes a bit more, up she went, still short of the zenith but oh lordy did it pull, virtually no tip collapse, with a coastal wind everything is so much easier, pulling 20-30ft scuds with ease, down loops making loads of power. While walking back I was thinking maybe one more mod to the brakes, to keep the wing tips inflated, it's holding the kite back. So an evening of tinkering. Second evening, laid kite out, NO WIND! Just the odd rustle of neck hair, tried a few catch the slight breeze and walk back, no more reversing, no wing tip folding just sliding down when there was just too little wind, by this time the tide was on it's way in and the wind started to pick-up a steady 6-8mph, this time the difference at the zenith between where it did park and now does is halved. Feeling much better, power still piles on with a loop, all looking good. Weather and work were against me for the next evening, like a scratch you can't reach, I still think there is a touch more to get in terms of speed / window, so I have partially reduced the AoA, which will drop the power a touch and give more speed / window, well that's the theory anyway. Now to go back to watching trees for the next opportunity to fly. Damien: Was a 3m HA NPW9 I built a while back , it flew like a stunt kite, had less window and when I tried it in the buggy was a nightmare, fully powered it just wanted to reverse given the slightest opportunity. I tried all sorts but could not crack it. Thinking how that flew compared to my new 3m they are poles apart, the thing that really keeps striking me is the power it generates, although I could pull longs scuds sending it up was not creating heaps of lift, but nor was there anywhere in the window to rest, even parked at the top it was still pulling. Here is Damien: I you're thinking of making a 3m HA NPW or less for traction this is me trying to buggy Damien Vid
  8. @jhn.holgate i had to double take the pics its uncanny! @outlaw just out of interest what AR did you go for? Looks around high 4 to 5. My ha really packs a punch, thinking of changing the AoA a bit to increase speed / window
  9. Kite Killers are your friend

    I mentioned another story in my last entry, some of you may already have seen a post I did on another forum a few years back but thought I'd re-tell for those who did not see it. I used a field to buggy in which is pretty much a rectangle, over 100m wide and about 220m long 7.4 acres, on the rhs and top edge there are erm power lines (marked in red). Starting flat at the bottom and rising up to a flat at the top. Okay scene set, now for the weather, it was blowing @ 20mph and I decided that it was time for me and my trusty 5m NPW to do some serious buggying. Off I set, ran down the field in the buggy with no kite up, kite out, away we go OMG I took-off like being fired out of a canon, up to the top of the rise and back down, did this a few times, I was absolutely buzzing, stopped at the bottom, dropped the kite for a breather, I had a grin like "here's Johnny". Ready for next run, stake out, "Pirate, November Papa Whiskey 21 read for take-off"..... Revvin' up your engineListen to her howlin' roarMetal under tensionBeggin' you to touch and goHighway to the Danger ZoneRide into the Danger Zone Brakes off, whoosh, crest of hill coming up fast, ready to turn, now I'm in a surreal bubble time is slowing down, I've stopped and there is no noise, I'm mid turn and I have no kite in my hands, I look in utter disbelieve as there in front of me is my kite climbing still inflated, with two handles along for the ride. I know get an incredibly sick feeling, I can see the kite approaching the power lines running across the top of the field, kite was too high to drop, so I decided to will it to go higher "GO ON!", like a plane's tail hook the lines caught the first power line, the handles swung under and up over the other parallel power line and continued a full arc, and back over the first, "phew that wasn't too bad", kite now powered up more, the death grip on the power lines tightened and the lines started a journey towards each other, I looked on utterly mesmerised and helpless, next a massive flash and CRACK. Oh holly sh!t. As if things could not get any worse, I'm now out of the buggy and doing the mother of all walks of shame, the kite has now luffed and fallen across the power lines which run up the side of the field and somehow has wrapped round the two power lines, nearing the house heart thumping I can hear the house alarms going off, my wife is at the back door taking to our neighbour, "we have no power" she says, she sees the look on my face, "Oh please don't tell me it was you", I drop my head even more in shame and that's all she needed for confirmation, as in the distance another load CRACK, my kite had succeeded with it's grip on the other lines. After placing the call to the power ppl, a posy of land rovers appeared, I walked them to the crime scene, out comes a plastic pole with a saw on the end, and he started to cut the kite lines free first, and like a gift from god my handles dropped back to earth, which I deftly picked up (£25 saved). Next the kite, he was going to go at it like Freddy Kruger, "no hang on, try cutting the lines first", so he set to work cutting the lines, it was still wrapped, I thought it must have melted, then a saw through the heart of the kite, I was gutted, but a glimmer of hope, it started to unwrap, bit by bit, it fell down, lines checked no damage, nothing had melted! I now had two handles a sick kite and a good ear bashing for being so foolish, do you realise the dangers blah blah. Next morning my wife was setting off for work, "What are we not going to do today?", "Wear my killers" I proudly pronounced, "not fly a kite was what I was hoping for". And so from the ashes arose "Zombie": Fully re-bridled, I decided not to hide the damage and patched it in white to show his scars off.
  10. A helmet mount, you must have a neck like Arnie! "I'll be back" or even his latest which made me titter "Old, but not obsolete"
  11. The Devil's place

    I'm Working down in Hertfordshire in a large town called Stevenage. I always have a kite or two in the car, so finished work and headed for the local park. Although the park is a good size it's in the middle of a large sprawling town and the wind that goes through it is spawned by the devil himself. Using my faceometer I reckon the wind was around 16mph, maybe too much but what the he'll let's see how it goes. Left the kite in the bag, run the lines out, stake handles, pulled kite from bag, immediately sprang out and sat there. Picked up the handles, let the brakes off... three feet up and back down. s!h!t maybe still too much brake on the Z bridle, give it another go. Three, four feet, I'm now looking at the handles moving skyward and my new PL killers stretching out in front of me.... please hold, then calm the kite drops back to ground in to the only muddy patch for miles around. I always religiously wear killers, the once I didn't ended up with the electricity ppl being called out and 400 ppl with no power but that is another story. I managed to skirt around the center of the window, but there really was no place to rest. 1/2hr and my arms are screaming. Packed up and checked in to my hotel, first job get the kite out to dry, omg it stank, that muddy pool must have been the aftermath of an elephant eating a local curry! So into a nice warm bath it went, the joys of a kite hobby. Now nice and clean and dry.
  12. wow

    Do you sell cars or double glazing? Well done
  13. Single figures, double figures, wind, no wind, rain, and more rain, oh yeah early spring, do we still have seasons?
  14. He's also wearing two of my latest inventions - the kevlar vest, maximum crash resistance with full thermal cooling whilst in the buggy, you may think it's just an ordinary hanky, but under there is a carbon fibre head protector with built in GPS trackers in the knots
  15. Now where did I put those fat, flat coins?