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  1. Thank you, I don't use adhesive per se.. I use masking tape to hold the shape while I sew like you would use straight pins for normal sewing.. No glue or seam tape has been used to date but I'm considering it for a current build which is of a different design..Outside of that this entire kite is shortcut after shortcut.. (And in all honesty, the angles aren't necessarily true, just "close enough") These kites fly better than they should given all the guesswork that goes into them. I'll chalk that up to luck and not skill. The design is very forgiving in the first place.. I have a few more experiments in "what can i do with just Tails?" planned before moving on to actual piecework.. The Only "not tail" material in any of these sails is the Screen which is regular door screen.. and one has a LE made out of a kite bag instead of a tail.. Most of the LE Sleeves are also the same tail material the kites are made from.. Caps bungees and Frames are either Rev, Freilein, Skyshark or FSD. Depends on the materials at hand when I build.. Not sure how much of the white I'll be keeping in this next one. The Brick pattern might be too prevalant. Planning a full sail instead of a mesh.. (actually hoping to get 4 full kites out of one 96' x 5" Transition tail. will stack them together if possible) These will probably use seam tape in an effort to keep everything very flat. will keep you posted..
  2. Latest build see the air..
  3. Never thought actual thread weight would be a factor Thanks
  4. Thank You
  5. So I've been having quite a bit of fun making kite tails into kites.. Many of you will recognize the first one.. Wanted to share a few others with you. Last one is still in work. Here are also the flying vids. Enjoy.. Let me know what you think..
  6. Welcome Jason.. Glad you found this place..
  7. Agreed, but the US is also much more than the sum of any one or two candidates.
  8. This is starting to not look like a train wreck any more..
  9. After watching the Hayseed Dixie, I found this one for your enjoyment..
  10. And unfortunately in this campaign, My personal vote won't be for a president.. My vote will be squarely focused on the US Supreme Court and US Constitution. I'll be keeping in full mind who the next president will nominate for those positions..
  11. Sure,, I fully agree with checking multiple sources in any matter.. http://cdanews.com/2016/10/cnn-accused-of-editing-video-of-keith-scott-shooting-in-charlotte-nc/ This one has the clip as recorded by the individual's wife.. https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/10/04/police-group-accuses-cnn-of-deceptively-editing-charlotte-shooting-video/ and a follow up story from CNN's page citing the loaded gun recovered at the scene. http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/09/23/charlotte-shooting-scott-family-release-video-todd-dnt-tsr.cnn
  12. I think you misread what I typed..I should have emphasized the word "appear".. CNN Muted sound where the officer told the individual to drop the gun.. in Fact, the gun WAS recovered in the incident along with the leg holster being worn by the individual... The individual was armed by all accounts from law enforcement and the gun was taken into evidence after the incident. CNN muted that verbal exchange to make the incident APPEAR differently for their broadcast...
  13. It already is..
  14. Don't believe most of what the media tells you. Statistics are very important but mass media will continually spin the statistical data until it supports what they want to say. They won't tell you the majority of US gun related crimes happen in areas where guns aren't allowed in the first place. The spin that the media puts on news stories about anything gun related is astounding. They only cover a story if it fits their narrative. It's as simple as knowing deep down the people that already ignore the law will continue to ignore the law while law abiding citizens get punished with more laws.. In the recent Charlotte Shooting involving the police officer.. CNN actually muted the officer yelling for the individual to drop the gun several time. They made it appear as if the officer shot an unarmed individual. Safely handling and owning a firearm is a responsibility. Sadly way too many irresponsible owners do exist and some of those have an intent to do exactly what makes headlines.. Conversely, if they didn't have guns, it's already shown they'll use anything to accomplish their goal. Pipe Bombs, Pressure Cookers etc.. Individuals that want to wreak havoc will find a way to do so. Bottom line for the election is, both top candidates have some serious flaws and skeletons in their closet.. Trump has made some outrageous comments over the years and the cameras were rolling and media was just waiting for the timing to release for the most damage. The difference is in Hillary's case the skeletons are REAL skeletons.. The list of women abused as she bullied them publicly for her husband's interests and men killed (4 in Bengazi alone) under her direction is undisputed but ignored.
  15. This wonderful gem of a man had a job as the Security Guard at a construction site.. Every day about closing time this one guy would walk past the security checkpoint pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt. This puzzled the security guard as his suspicions were raised and he was positive the guy was up to something.. The next day he stopped the guy, sifted through the dirt and found nothing. The following day he kept a small sample of the dirt thinking it might have specials properties and sent it to be analyzed. He found out it was dirt.. Still with not being able to prove his suspicions he watched day after day as the guy pushed the load of dirt past the checkpoint at the end of the day.. Finally the job ended and the building was built. They all went their merry way. One evening a few years later the ex-security guard runs into the guy at a bar and offers to buy him a drink. He starts talking to the guy and decides what the hey? I'll just ask. So clearing this throat he finally says, "You know when we were working that construction site a few years back, I was absolutely sure you were up to no good. I was convinced you were stealing but I could never prove it.. It's water under the bridge now but please tell me what was going on? What were you stealing?".. The guy leaned over and answered. "Wheelbarrows"