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  1. Jan, thanks for the video. Brings the memories back ! Les Hemmes is an awesome spot.
  2. I dont think so .... especially for learning issues it is very useful to be able to get kite easy up again when watered ....
  3. Fresh paint .... looks good !
  4. So something similar to the Landsegler wheels?
  5. Bigfoot are Duros? And what are these talons? thanks Daniel
  6. The Vapor had over 3 square meters more surface. Considering it was my first time out with the Diablo. There is one huge advantage within the depower, you can depower... the vapor keeps on pulling 😋. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Thanks @.Joel. Icebuggy is something different and special then the usual drive. It is just a small part of the year where you can do that, then you have to have spare time and also some wind. We where lucky last weekend. In the night from Sunday to Monday we had a 13 cm snow, so the lake will be covered ... not so nice for Icebuggy riding. Thanks
  8. On 28th January we went to the Rangsdorfer lake just south of Berlin. We ha a couple of weeks temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. The ice was not perfect flat and black but still good enough for us 😂. Around 13cm thick ice. The wind was very low at 3-5 knots. Alfred used a 11m Vapor and 14m Yakuza, I used my 12m Diablo and 8m Diablo. Icebuggy is so nice ... love it ! Are there any frozen lakes in AU or NZ? Warm regards from Germany Daniel
  9. Russ, Thanks. Which sizes do ride and which do you think is useful with the buggy?
  10. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Could you explain a bit more please? Thanks Daniel
  12. Thanks !
  13. @Björn K did you ever had the chance to compare the Sonic against the Diablo?
  14. Does one of you has any experience with the Sonic oder Diablo and cloud write a small comparison? Is there a difference in handling or racing? I know @socommk233 is flying the Sonic. Thanks Daniel