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  1. Any pics?
  2. Wind was so crap even the 17m didnt perform. The leader was on a 16m vapor 2 followed by a 15m diablo. Its great to see new kites and constant development but performance difference is so so marginal now. I truely belive a good kite can make a faster kiter. But a great kiter can make almost any kite faster. When there is wind the pl team are always up front, but they are brilliant sure they would be there no matter what kite they flew.
  3. 29th august is the start date of the euros at hoylake this year. Sadly it seems that last years nobarriers was the last due to lack of support from the kiting industry. Some came along. Just not enough to make it feasible to repeat. SWATK have a club race series that we would welcome anyone to join in with. Day membership available and our own little windzone. Swatk also go to pembrey in south wales to criuse on clsc's beach.
  4. Well if you ever come to the uk, SWATK are very welcoming. The biggest and most active traction kite club in the uk and only racing club in england.
  5. Is there not a buggy club where you are? Could you not arrange something at your local spot?
  6. Do it. If you even slightly competative, even just one on one....its addictive.
  7. Here is the full version. Enjoy. Ps. Yes that is a fone diablo beating a pl aero
  8. Hope to see the full edit early in the week. Fingers crossed.
  9. For Sale

    Id say. Uks No1 masters pl sponsored rider on a brand new aero vs a nobody on a v1 diablo. Quite a few people were startled. Anyway...massive hijack. Someone will get a bargain with this kite. They are superb kites. Yes its a v1, but they still have legs. Performance gap from this to others is barely measurable making them a superb choice.
  10. For Sale

    Just so you know. Last weekend during a buggy race, a diablo overtook and beat an aero.
  11. For Sale

    Didnt like the diablo? Your not thinking pl aero are you?
  12. For Sale

    How come you selling?
  13. Short teaser video. Full version to come. Managed 3 races on race day. Was a great weekend.
  14. I will be videoing the success or failure. Its a foam padding covering the whole surface.
  15. Just waiting on stainless screws and itll be on the water soon. Straps fitted but not likily to be used at first. We shall see.