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  1. You have friends all around Australia you just have not met them yet our moto is any one passing through or comming into Aus we will lend gear /buggys to
  2. It sure did
  3. Yeah that would off seriously stopped what happened ok where do you get the clips from going to set up a few wow if I'd read this a day earlier umm yeah well a hard lesson learnt extremely the wrong way cheers for the link grant
  4. Any pics of these AQR systems. I've not heard of these I'm only familiar with bar/chicken loop/ safety leash
  5. And drove him self out about 20 km full on 4x4 sand and all bumpy rocks the track is trashed mighty big effort silly bugger more worried for me than himself
  6. @Jase Shepperd
  7. Yeah time to increase safety I think especially after today's events some extra padding would of helped jase
  8. Starting to get the feel of it now after 3 outings with less than desireable wind can not wait for a clean onshore and flat beach then we can see what they can do well what I can do at least port lincoln GT team gaining momentum 3 GT on one beach on same day
  9. The return of the true legend and the guy who inspired us originally many moons ago is back come on @Jase Shepperd flick some picks up
  10. Seriously I don't want that you would be to scared to fart I suspect weather permitting we will be at Kingston next year we have spoke about leaving our flexifoils over in Melb so we can fly in and buggy looks like the flexis will be heading to NZ moose due to weight but will be keen to get to as many as possible Jase is keen to get you guys over for session or a few days as we now have 5 buggys between us and access to 5 more in port Lincoln bring your kites and let's tear it up
  11. I sent you this last week Hahaha call the medic
  12. Steady up bro I'm thinking let's get them out there first before talking it up as the old saying goes all the bullshit stops at first launch I'm super excited at the forecast for this week end and can assure you my expectations out perform my abilities
  13. Cheers @gannet I'm still waiting for qantas to let me know but if there's rims and tyres in nz we might try bring our buggys over as extra baggage Jase is away so we will catch up and make a plan asap
  14. No but had some serious seat time already
  15. That's another idea I'm going to call qantas ask about golf bag put all in a golf. Bag as some will let you travel with certain sports goods for charge other than that book the bag a seat I've seen music people travel with huge instruments Yeah travel insurance for sure Night buggy . So glad we are not the only ones doing it yeah full moon oh yes