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  1. Seriously I don't want that you would be to scared to fart I suspect weather permitting we will be at Kingston next year we have spoke about leaving our flexifoils over in Melb so we can fly in and buggy looks like the flexis will be heading to NZ moose due to weight but will be keen to get to as many as possible Jase is keen to get you guys over for session or a few days as we now have 5 buggys between us and access to 5 more in port Lincoln bring your kites and let's tear it up
  2. I sent you this last week Hahaha call the medic
  3. Steady up bro I'm thinking let's get them out there first before talking it up as the old saying goes all the bullshit stops at first launch I'm super excited at the forecast for this week end and can assure you my expectations out perform my abilities
  4. Cheers @gannet I'm still waiting for qantas to let me know but if there's rims and tyres in nz we might try bring our buggys over as extra baggage Jase is away so we will catch up and make a plan asap
  5. No but had some serious seat time already
  6. That's another idea I'm going to call qantas ask about golf bag put all in a golf. Bag as some will let you travel with certain sports goods for charge other than that book the bag a seat I've seen music people travel with huge instruments Yeah travel insurance for sure Night buggy . So glad we are not the only ones doing it yeah full moon oh yes
  7. Sweet that's my type of trip thanks again @Jase Shepperd check this out
  8. Ok cheers guys we will start a plan of attack licences ? Entry fee ? Kiting assoation?
  9. We will put feelers out to chook @Chook hi mate what's the go with freighting buggys to NZ apparently you know about it we are thinking of doing moose meet in October any info would be greatly appreciated cheers
  10. Thanks we could send some down any help would. Be great il make contact with freight company and see if we can send them we are worried that customs will reject tyre on rims due to seeds and dirt into NZ thanks again
  11. @gannet hi gannet any info on lease or hire on some buggys for moose meet for a couple Aussie? cheers
  12. Just midi xl on the 8& 4 inch rims till beach racers arrive just no wind to give them a run we are stoked with how they look and a perfect fit too,the custom build is spot on for size
  13. Thanks big tone @BigTone is there any one who would lease a couple of buggys to a couple guys from Australia we are interested in the moose meet but freight of used buggys might be a issue for us we could maybe send a couple of buggys down and bring tyres in or luggage ? Any info on who to contact ?
  14. Is there any details on moose meet 2017 I carnt seem to find it
  15. More photos to come waiting for beach racers then we r done