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  1. What's the largest one of these available? I want to transition from lei to foils on light wind days but still be able to dump the power when needed
  2. Between 2-4 kites a complete buggy live in my troopy cause you never know
  3. Far out first things first geez I got to get my holidays booked better I'm hating watching and not being there wow enjoy guys looks great
  4. XK

    @Jase Shepperd there's still time ??
  5. 7.5 kahoona cracking a fair pace
  6. Just the way I want to Finnish a working week with a good session
  7. Hi all how many people would consider going to a international festival overseas near or far I'm interested in the huge racing that they run in Europe pros and cons obviously getting buggys there and back but maybe we could lease some shit I'd consider buying one there then selling it when you leave cons getting involved in a huge regatta putting a team together (team Aussie ) or the Aussie Extream Team any takers
  8. We don't have a club that I'm aware of we have been to a couple of meets with other crew interstate but there are no known racing but after watching videos of Europe I'm definitely keen to do a holiday and get some racing in sadly Australia is a import country so the sport is not huge but has some very loyal fans on greeting new comers and that's how we got addicted
  9. The little kite kicks arse the 9.5 kahoona seriously punches well above its weight
  10. Yeah the hard part is finding the info on the events where there are huge numbers then shipping our buggys across slightly competitive is a understatement just want to dual it out with other crew need to try lease a buggy for a event and just bring my kites with me being the easy option will start to look into it a bit more I think
  11. Awesome to watch others racing close quarters yeah one day I'm going racing that's for sure
  12. Friday session at fishery bay
  13. @Jase Shepperd hows this bring it on haha
  14. Sums it up 100% 👌
  15. Yep Louth bay since searching we have found a couple of crackers we just need some good winds and hopefully we can get a good 10 kms each way