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  1. Should be around another hour or so
  2. I'm heading over to Dingley this afternoon for a chilled out buggy session. If you're nearby call-by. :-)
  3. Awesome news. Congratulations to both of if you! 😊
  4. I'm thinking of heading down to Baknarring beach today for a lunch time landboard. At present it looks pretty windy but I'm hoping it will ease a little (keen for some sand time. . . never satisfied). Definitely looks like a gloves day! If anyone's interested please get in contact.
  5. Yes Mavic. Unfortunately we forgot the phone so the Falls footage was all shot off the basic controller which is a pain as you lose all the camera control settings :-( . Next time we won't forget.
  6. Nathan and I managed to squeeze in a couple of days at Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek last weekend. It was great to get the dust off the gear and we are now planning some more trips before the snow disappears. Hope you enjoy the footage :-)
  7. Count me in . . . though I still have a lot to sort out before then :-)
  8. Will see how I end up after mountain bike riding this morning though possibly after lunch (around 2ish). Will keep you posted.
  9. Looks amazing though I wonder if sharks go for blood red. . Probably won't be able to catch you regardless.
  10. I'm planning on heading over to Dingley after lunch today if anyone's local. BTW I got our on the buggy last weekend in that insane Northerly wind. Had a 3.8 up and it was like riding a bronco. I learned a lot about recovering a luffing kite as the wind range was 5-40 knots oscillating minute by minute. Today's forecast to be much lighter but still strong (25knots). Awesome fun!
  11. I'd be up for it but am not so sure Saturday will be that great. I've found Northerlies are best. Southerlies seem to come off residential areas and are a bit gustier for that location. If it dries out after the rains on Friday and wind is moderate to strong and steady I'll consider it.
  12. Hey Darren. Mr Riddle looks great. Was having too much fun to take many pics but here is one at least. It was a good day and a good turn out. A little light but certainly buggy-able.
  13. Assuming the wind does what is forecast, this weekend is looking good for Dingley (NNE 10-15 Sat, NW 15-20 Sun). If Saturday afternoon picks up enough I'll consider heading across. Sunday looks promising with a little more wind forecast. I have been finding anywhere from 15-25 seems to work there, and a northerly bias seems preferable. Hope to see anyone who wants to squeeze a winter run in. Message me if you are considering it. BTW I got out on three occasions last weekend and had some great times. I'm finding if you pick your times well, winter buggying can be great!
  14. Yesterday was fun. I'm playing around with a 9m at the old St Kilda football ground today. Call by if you are local. Went out this morning (buggying) and it was great! :-)
  15. I'm down at St kilda (Elwood) if anyone is local. Conditions ok but bigger kites better!