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  1. Hey Doug, sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you recover quickly. Ironically (and certainly not trying to compete) I managed a grade 1-2 tear of my right calf muscle buggying 2 weekends ago. Very gusty northerly resulted in a fast moving OBE and from what I gather the muscle must have torn as I was trying to run too fast downwind. I'm lucky in that it doesn't seem to have stopped me from doing anything (including more buggying)! Interesting injury in that it wasn't even that apparent at the time but I definitely felt it a little later (and still can).
  2. When you see footage like this you have to wonder just how often sharks don't attack!
  3. XK

    Hey @.Joel great pictures! Adding my bit . . . I thought the weekend was perfect! It is always great to be amongst a group who want to push the envelope in every 'extreme' and do things just a little outside of the box. This weekend was no exception. Whether it was the 'extreme' sports (paramotoring, paragliding, buggying, motorised buggying, landboarding, sport kiting), 'extreme' hobbies (drones, FPV flying, RC planes, camera action), extreme food (more meat than I have veer seen and super yummy pickled olives), or other talk of 'extreme' interests beyond what we could fit into trailers and car boots to take down there, it was all great! Yeah the wind didn't blow some days . . . and blew too much others, there was sun, fog, lightening and rain . . yet there was still plenty of fun buggying to be had. Thanks all for making it a great time away. I cannot wait for the next trip!
  4. XK

    Well the wind swung to a Southwesterly but also dropped to around 5 knots. Better than nothing. A few if us got in an hour or so. hopefully it will do the same tomorrow but stronger. :-)
  5. XK

    Beach looks amazing as per normal. Wind is about 10 knots with more easterly than I would like ESE. Hopefully the sea breeze will pull it around. Off to Waratah bay for a play!
  6. XK

    On my way to test the waters! See you all there later.
  7. XK

    Wind forecast for the weekend is starting to look like a game I used to use to keep the kids busy: Regardless at least there is some wind forecast! Maybe an evening run!
  8. XK

    Bigfoots at the point should work so long as it is windy enough.
  9. I'm enjoying perfect conditions at the old St Kilda fc oval in Moorabbin today. If you're local call by! :-)
  10. Aside from the observation that he makes foilboarding look easy, this guy has amazing kite skills!
  11. Sounds awesome Nigel - I look forwards to it :-) :-)
  12. FYI there are kite plans available for a 6.3 metre here: http://www.kiteplans.org/pln_597/ It is on my 'to do list' to have a go at these one day.
  13. Great to be on a beach with more than one buggy for a change. Pity the wind didn't entirely behave, but enough to have some fun at least. Great to see some familiar faces again - looking forwards to Vaporised!
  14. Yep the surf life saving club. Drive straight through the shops and up the hill to the main beach. Once you see the surf life saving club on your right (going down towards the beach) turn left and park in the small carpark. You can keep driving right to the beach access to check out the wind first. Enjoy.
  15. I'm heading down with Mark. Planning on being there around 11. Pray for good wind!