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  1. Soo much snow this season... Had an awesome day up Falls creek on Monday. Awesome snow, full blue sky, 25/30knots all day. Looking forward to October, the ski season has been extended to 8th, but the snow's not going anywhere soon. Next trip for me will be that closing weekend.
  2. I'm really excited about Monday, it's been snowing most nights this week and big winds forecast. Crew headed to Falls creek...
  3. Just had a ripper day snow kiting up Falls creek on the 9m Hyperlink. (I don't have the other sizes otherwise I would have flown 12m). Wind was a little light for me, but I really wanted to fly this DEMO once more before sending back. Ive got a review to write up on it, and also try to answer questions. Let me start by saying this kite is Super stable, it did not collapse or lose its shape and I could enjoy carving turns in fresh powder rather than worrying about kite. I think the stability comes from the Lower aspect when compared to other Closed cell kites. (That's the quick easy answer). Flying Closed cell kites in the mountains is fine when everything is perfect, and It's still better than inflatables. But as you get more adventurous, you kind of appreciate the OPEN cell advantages more.. The major benefit being safety, in that you can pack up the kite much easier, quicker and smaller and in more wind.. You can land the kite using safety or stall handle and then start wrapping the lines up without even securing the kite, it will just pull towards you. Not as easy on a CLOSED cell kite. ive had a few sessions on Closed cell kites where the only way to land is to flag out the kite onto safety line and watch it turn into a tangled mess. (Usually because the wind has picked up). And it's usually takes a while to untangle out of the wind, with a beer in hand. OPEN CELL = LESS TANGLED MESSES.
  4. So today I found the top end of the 9m Hyperlink. 25knots had me going nice and fast. (But also a little scared). I prob should have flown my 7m Frenzy, that would have been the right size for the conditions. Heaps of snow, it's time to get up there before it starts getting to warm and wet.
  5. Awesome video.. Mavic? Went to Elwood park for a fly today, but headed back up to falls ASAP.
  6. The Victorian Alps received 1m of snow last weekend, needless to say it's was epic conditions after the "Blizzard of Oz" finished. I planned to do an in-depth review of the 9m Hyperlink, comparing it to the 9m ChronoV2UL B2B. However the wind was light, after this photo I swapped up to riding 13m ChronoV2UL A review will still be coming, just need more wind, hopefully next session! What I can say, was the Hyperlink was super easy to launch in light wind, it flew well at its low end ( around 10knots ) and packed down perfectly.
  7. Yep, Amazing @ Falls creek this week. Hoping to kite tomorrow, I have a 9m Hyperlink to review. Fingers crossed for wind and blue sky's Wednesday should also be epic. ( I have to work) Photos :- "simmo" from VIC SNOWKITERS Facebook group jumping Eagle Rock.
  8. You should do a Skydive on the Friday afternoon, they land in Elwood Park which is also a great little park for kiting... Lots of Paraponters hang out here, you will get to see the whole city while falling back to earth.
  9. Melbourne, Is it more like a Frenzy or a ChronoV2 ? I'm assuming it's DNA is from somewhere in between, for 9m size I'd use more on the snow/land, so a Frenzy/Summit style would be ideal.... But for 12m, I'd Prob want it to be more like ChronoV2 for hydrofoil. Would it me possible to retrofit a ChronoV2 with zippers and 5th line? Anyway, it would be great to try. I currently ride:- 7m Frenzy 9m & 13m chronoV2UL
  10. As somebody who would actually buy this kite I think it's awesome... i currently Have 7m FRENZY and all my larger sizes are closed cell so I can use on the water for foiling. The 5th line and open cell of the frenzy combined with design/features of chrono's etc equals "Do it all". Until now, unless you can afford to buy both open and closed cell kites you pretty much have to choose what model will work the best most of the time and make compromise for the other situation. If I could open the cells of my ChronoV2 and add a 5th line for the snow I 100% would. Good work Ozone! If you have ever tried to pack down a large closed cell kite in the snow, usually on a sketchy/windy ridge top you would also appreciate the 5th line and open cells. I LOVE the frenzy, but can't justify buying something I can't really use on the water in larger sizes.. Now with the hyperlink you get those features and can still use on the water for foiling. The real question is, when can I demo one in Australia. (Please please please please). Id like to compare the 12m to my 13m chronoV2UL
  11. Yesterday was awesome. 14ish knots. Clear sky's and a handful of stoked Kiter's. The cover is excellent with more snow forecast tonight. Facebook has a new snowkiting group called:- VIC Snowkiter, worth checking out. 54.4km/h top speed on the way back from Mt McKay summit, the snow was a good compromise between soft and fast. 9m ChronoV2UL
  12. 54.4km/h on 7m Ozone Frenzy. I should have started Strava earlier as I was going faster on 9m Chrono but started getting scared. @.Joel can you adjust fastest speed to 54.4km please (taking me off bottom record step)
  13. This photo popped up on my Facebook today from 5 years ago. its from the summit of Mt McKay with Falls creek in the far background. Today ruined castle lifts opened, which Means there should be enough snow.
  14. At the moment not enough snow.. im up at Falls creek, it's snowing on and off, and plenty forecast over the next few days, so could be good by next weekend. My next trip after this one will be Friday 21st July till Monday 24th, hopefully it's good conditions then! KiteRepublic run a snowkiting trip to Hotham first weekend of September. That's prob a good bet for first timers.. ill prob be up Falls that weekend, holidays booked and fingers crossed for conditions
  15. Falls creek opens this weekend, if anybody is headed up please take some photos, in the meantime, here is a photo I took today at Elwood while mountainboarding in 8ish knots. With Polish Pete.