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  1. As somebody who would actually buy this kite I think it's awesome... i currently Have 7m FRENZY and all my larger sizes are closed cell so I can use on the water for foiling. The 5th line and open cell of the frenzy combined with design/features of chrono's etc equals "Do it all". Until now, unless you can afford to buy both open and closed cell kites you pretty much have to choose what model will work the best most of the time and make compromise for the other situation. If I could open the cells of my ChronoV2 and add a 5th line for the snow I 100% would. Good work Ozone! If you have ever tried to pack down a large closed cell kite in the snow, usually on a sketchy/windy ridge top you would also appreciate the 5th line and open cells. I LOVE the frenzy, but can't justify buying something I can't really use on the water in larger sizes.. Now with the hyperlink you get those features and can still use on the water for foiling. The real question is, when can I demo one in Australia. (Please please please please). Id like to compare the 12m to my 13m chronoV2UL
  2. Yesterday was awesome. 14ish knots. Clear sky's and a handful of stoked Kiter's. The cover is excellent with more snow forecast tonight. Facebook has a new snowkiting group called:- VIC Snowkiter, worth checking out. 54.4km/h top speed on the way back from Mt McKay summit, the snow was a good compromise between soft and fast. 9m ChronoV2UL
  3. 54.4km/h on 7m Ozone Frenzy. I should have started Strava earlier as I was going faster on 9m Chrono but started getting scared. @.Joel can you adjust fastest speed to 54.4km please (taking me off bottom record step)
  4. This photo popped up on my Facebook today from 5 years ago. its from the summit of Mt McKay with Falls creek in the far background. Today ruined castle lifts opened, which Means there should be enough snow.
  5. At the moment not enough snow.. im up at Falls creek, it's snowing on and off, and plenty forecast over the next few days, so could be good by next weekend. My next trip after this one will be Friday 21st July till Monday 24th, hopefully it's good conditions then! KiteRepublic run a snowkiting trip to Hotham first weekend of September. That's prob a good bet for first timers.. ill prob be up Falls that weekend, holidays booked and fingers crossed for conditions
  6. Falls creek opens this weekend, if anybody is headed up please take some photos, in the meantime, here is a photo I took today at Elwood while mountainboarding in 8ish knots. With Polish Pete.
  7. Slight improvement today on 13m chronoV2UL and 10knots. 35.6km/h Hoping to break 40km/h for this location ASAP. The grass has been mowed, just need some good wind.
  8. Video

    If only we got snow like this in Australia...... Luckly we dont have to worry about Avalanche's as much tho.
  9. Really excited about snowkiting this winter, Last year i had a broken shoulder and new born son, so this year im doing double to make up for my lack of riding in 2016. In Preperation:- My wife and work have been informed of my plans to ride lots. I have purchased seasons and resort access passes for Falls creek (because conditions can never be counted on). Lodge bookings have been made, with flexibility. Lots of good deeds and Karma points, which will hopefully be exchanged for great conditions. Share the stoke, so please make yourself known if you plan on riding Falls, post your trip details, photos etc. Enjoy, Karl Lapwood. 2013 snowkite.bmp
  10. 34.9 km/h felt very fast in such a small park. Im sure this time can be beaten, so take up the challenge. Bit of Fun. Feel free to add me on Strava :- Karl Lapwood.
  11. Falls creek ski field closes this weekend and there is still 80cm of snow... Who is keen to go ride Falls creek next week, im thinking Thursday at this stage, but whateva day the conditions look best..
  12. Photo from start of year... Elwood park nice and green at the moment. ( see attached photo ) im headed up to Falls creek tomorrow for some snowkiting... So hopefully conditions are good and I'll get some more photos to share. Mbs Australia is distributed out of Melbourne. TheZu is a dealer.
  13. I thought I'd try Joes trick and listen to music while land kiting @ Elwood park. Managed to break the screen on my phone. Took to a phone repair shop who over phone said $109, then $150 in store, and then $200 when I returned to pick it up.. So I said no. Give my phone back! Because I don't like the increasing price game they seem to play. Made appointment for Apple Store instead, was running early so stopped in food court and had wallet stolen. ( school kids grabbed it and bailed real quick ). Apple open my phone and see sticker from the other repair shop and say will not replace screen under warrant for free when it has been opened my somebody else.. FFS. i tell them I've just had wallet stolen, phone replaced for free....... KARMA.. now i I need to ring around to get new drivers licence etc etc.. LUCKLY DIDNT HAVE TOO MUCH CASH ONBOARD.. Could have been way worse if I had money in wallet for my Snowkite trip this weekend! Or just sold a kite.....
  14. How good, Elwood park has a crew now.... Headed up to Falls creek this weekend for snow kite, Frothing, can't wait.