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  1. For Sale

    Still for sale Joel?
  2. Any 16m left please?
  3. I am thinking the same. Where can I order here in Aus?
  4. My straps came apart (gave me 4 years worth, which ain't bad) last weekend. I can retro fit something to get me going, but I'd prefer to get something more solid or durable. Anyone have any MBS bindings? All I need is the strap (x 2) that goes through the metal ring and back to the L-bracket on the board. I can then fashion my straps to go around it. Otherwise, I may have to buy the whole kit. Thanks in advance
  5. Made it to Townsville yet champ? Winds are high teens and low 20's at the mo. Perfect conditions, around 3pm at low tide. Beach Access 14 is the place to go
  6. Wow. I am loving all your pics and stories champs. Well done and it's such a beautiful place Yeppoon. Anyone dared do a land-kite in front of all those swishy buggies!? Zzzoom zzoom zoom there @Chook
  7. For Sale

    hmmm you might have to reconsider that price mate. Speed 3 dlx material are selling for about that price.
  8. Oh man I love Yeppoon and I've never been yet. Can't wait to fo there one of these days and land kite like Carl great video Chookness. Great seeing Plums having fun
  9. @plummet where are you now? Yeppoon as well? Some pics of the beach would be great @Chook just so I can see what babble you're on about
  10. This kite is way more of a game changer than that Naish Slash toy discussion on SBRZ
  11. Mate, if only you were here. There was another cyclone, Cyclone Jennifer. She had me whirring around the house like a mouse on a stiff tail, with a pirouette costume! I had to clean the yard, move everything out of the wind, go shopping for supplies, get sand bags (we're not even on low ground!), and prepare the car for take off should we have to evacuate. And all that for nothing as nothing happened here! I seriously need a kite.
  12. Winds must have been over 30knots, but wow. She turns fast and steady... can't wait to see one live.
  13. Finally got to see that video (bad internet here). Nice work! Nice park too. I wish my council will keep my local nice and short like that more often. I dare not use footy ovals, as I've had locals yell at me for doing it (ruins the grass apparantly!) Those Germans have such luck with their huge empty airport and fields.
  14. He wishes.
  15. About time. Now I can get some sleep. For a while there, I thought it was a scam