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  1. Sorry for the sudden flood of posts all over the forums.. My son is doing a school project in science, and he wants to make a depower kite but using recycable materials that will break over time if dumped. He will get bonus points if the time frame of decomposing the materials is soonish. So we've got the bar and lines already using thin box twine and bamboo for a bar, banana leaves rolled multiple times for a chicken loop and wooden loops (from curtain rails) for depower rings, etc. Frankly it looks the bomb! But the kite - he wants to create a twin-skin using something like bananana leaves, or something perhaps industrial but will break over time. Aparantly, there is a beeswax type cloth that is very durable, light and plyable. Does anyone know where I can get something like that by the metre? He's only 8yo and very excited about this project.
  2. No matter. I have too many... I'll be sharing the love soon I think - first up the Pansh 12m (yes your old one)
  3. I've seen videos of guys jumping off cliffs, etc (Len10 comes to mind), and they're using kite surfing LEI or foil kites to jump with. The Flysurfer manual I have says, for jumping .. "you have a parachute". Wow. really?! How safe is it to jump with a foil from a height and would I have to keep sining (or megalooping) the kite to keep it powered? I guess the worst is of course the kite collapsing and we both plummet... (pun unintentional).
  4. Now I am thinking I should buy that F-Arc from Joel asap. I love modding.
  5. I love that app... but if you're out kiting and one of the steerer or depower lines breaks, which knot would you use to get you by?
  6. PM'd damn.. can't PM.. bakers has me blocked (I think)
  7. How does Dingley compare to President's Park in Werribee? Just curious.
  8. I don't. The nursery bloke knows. How? Bugger me. ?! GMFs of course.
  9. * face palm *
  10. Precisely my Jap amigo... the ones in the main supermarkets are over grown by chemicals. The ones I have are organic, much smaller, better value, and the seeds can be replanted. I have four minature trees growing already. You need to grow them in pairs, as they cross-pollinate and need a tree nearby for that to happen.
  11. Where's Yeapoon?
  12. Our local grocer sells 5 for $5 in a heshian bag. They are organically grown too, and way smaller than the over pumped-chemical ones at Coles, etc. And no, I have never cut myself opening them. How dumb can one be?
  13. Try making kites and selling them Why do you want brand new every year anyway? Total waste of money
  14. Yeah those damn patients get you every time, don't they?
  15. I never get sick of watching that video. I wonder if his blonde handler is still handling?!