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  1. Why do you guys always give me a hard time here?! Okay... I have poor memory issues. The price is the price. Besides, I've spent a lot of time on her adjusting the bridles and I've also replaced the pulleys with Ronstan glide pulleys, which are smoother. There price reduced!
  2. For Sale

    Yeah yeah i know... I run two businesses, work full time, and have kids to look after, and even after work i have to cook too, and do kite repairs... so to put it mildly... drawing lines like a teenager doing a school assigenment is not a priority of mine. But it is recorded in the helpdesk system i have. So... yeah ill get to it.
  3. Is anyone going to answer my questions? Hmph
  4. No. $350 I recall incl postage, I am sure hence the asking price. Does anyone want it? Make me an offer... a reasonable offer. Trying to resist fleabay
  5. True... but I was going to offer $2.50
  6. Does it hold air?
  7. bump... no takers for the Pansh Aurora? Hmm I am surprised.
  8. For Sale

    True. Will do... I need to know for myself anyway to keep it all maintained properly. I've adjusted the B & C line to keep the middle of the kite more inflated, and it's slowed it down a little which is good since it tended to loop/spin at a touch of the steering lines. I'll put her up this week and start drawing!
  9. For Sale

    Believe me I had it all filmed and ready to upload, when my HDD crashed (cheap Seagate rubbish), and I lost my post of glory. I'll do another one asap, as winds here are picking up again and the Waterfoil always gets me out there when it's too gusty/punchy for others without a foil kite.
  10. All prices AUD. PANSH Aurora 1 (yellow black, standard) closed cell surf or land kite + bag only - 12m. $250 - REDUCED AirRush Crest 12.5m open-cell snow/land kite + bag only. $120 - REDUCED RRD Type-9 12m LEI + pump + bag + bar and lines (pink/white scheme). $250 Postage negotiable
  11. Pics?
  12. For Sale

    Keep this kite if I were you. I'll help you convert it into a mixer with a depower bridle setup even!! I flew mine over the weekend in gusty 16-19 knots and I couldn't believe the lift and hang time I had. This kite is a dream...
  13. You and I are very, very much alike. spooky. I am after a Charger II but I am keeping my Synergy. It's 12m anyway. Sold my 19m to a guy your way I think
  14. May I ask, how much they weigh? Just wondering if it's worth the postage to Townsville. There are NO buggies up here, but gee it would be nice to show off in one.
  15. Is this kite going to come in other sizes other than 9m? On a side question about Open Cell vs Closed Cell: If the winds over land are considered gustier and less consistent than an open field, beach, snowfield, etc, then wouldn't CLOSED cell be the way to go, so that at least the kite keeps its flying shape as much as possible? I've flown open-cell kites and the only one that held its shape consistently, allowing one to handle gusts more easily was the HQ Montana