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  1. @plummet, where you on that land-yacht cruising up and down Pallarenda Beach a couple of weeks back. Totally forgot to mention it here earlier. Very nice rig if it was you. Cheers
  2. For Sale

    Phew! I am safe then?
  3. And the price?
  4. I am looking for alternatives to the Woo and Xsensor, because I want a device that does more than just record GPS and height data (flunky at best I've heard). Is there a Garmin watch, a Smart watch, anything that is water proof and reads jumps properly?
  5. For Sale

    Ouch... Didn't you see my ? For the record @andy666, my reputation up here is safe and sound. Not sure if you're referring to some other type up here that breaks promises, delivers months later, and calls himself The Prince of Pallarenda? What a joke.
  6. For Sale

    Nah. Never trust when someone says 'never flown'.
  7. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but Bunnings has a mesh-like tarp (advertised as a tarp) material (up to 10m2 I think), and it is similar to normal LEI kite ripstop, but heavier. However, it's not too heavy for kite building. My mate up here Ian, built a quiver of "cloud" like kites from this stuff, and left over old leading edge tubes and bladders - they work great! I'll have to get pics (like everything else I've promised - I know).
  8. Yeah but in WA? Postage for all that should be around $25
  9. Big mamma
  10. For Sale

    Considering your BS selling strategy by falsely advertising 2nd hand products as "working", when it's clear and obvious they don't (ie: kite I bought of you with all valves peeled), how can I trust you will buy me a ticket? Wouldn't mind actually.
  11. For Sale

    And I can only guess you've never taken a proper course in customer relations Jason. That is an appalling way to respond to a post. Are you some smart arse that thinks he knows more than anyone else? Pull it in little man. And I know for a fact you've never flown one either. Jon has but not you.
  12. For Sale

    OK. Tomorrow I'll make a video of the bridle system. You have to convert it otherwise yeah as it is, it's dangerous
  13. For Sale

    You're all chickens.
  14. Sorry for the sudden flood of posts all over the forums.. My son is doing a school project in science, and he wants to make a depower kite but using recycable materials that will break over time if dumped. He will get bonus points if the time frame of decomposing the materials is soonish. So we've got the bar and lines already using thin box twine and bamboo for a bar, banana leaves rolled multiple times for a chicken loop and wooden loops (from curtain rails) for depower rings, etc. Frankly it looks the bomb! But the kite - he wants to create a twin-skin using something like bananana leaves, or something perhaps industrial but will break over time. Aparantly, there is a beeswax type cloth that is very durable, light and plyable. Does anyone know where I can get something like that by the metre? He's only 8yo and very excited about this project.
  15. No matter. I have too many... I'll be sharing the love soon I think - first up the Pansh 12m (yes your old one)