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  1. Thanks, Daniel! Next time, I want you to see flying your Diablo
  2. I read in a German forum, that the North has been developed by a paragliding company called Advance.
  3. And one more:
  4. Thank you Chook! It´s my favorite spot in Holland! Maasvlakte is an artificial peninsula and belongs to the Rotterdam harbor.
  5. Kim´s Buggy...
  6. Another Spot in the Netherlands:
  7. The wind was very low and a Montana can´t compete with a Sonic. And it was cold - only 5 degrees...
  8. Team Forstbö goes Depower: This video is not available on mobile devices with mobile browsers. Webbrowsers only...
  9. Tennis balls???
  10. Les Hemmes 09/2016
  11. My seat is still black, not brown!
  12. KBBC means Kitearea Buggy Backcountry Cup. It´s an annual funrace organized by Guntram Leibrock at his Kitearea. The wind was low and I had diarrhea, so I finished after the first run. I was not able to buggy that day... :-( For the others, it was a funny event!