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  1. Thanks Chook! You mean Ingos Speed4 Lotus 12 in white/black/yellow? Yes, it´s really nice! I like Rinus purple Speed5 12, too. I´m always surprised, that you don´t fall off the rock down under
  2. Thanks! The weather was very good, but only 2bft at the second day. I think, the crab holes are made by worms. P.S.: I really love your southern island!
  3. https://youtu.be/xtYi20xwJyA
  4. Nice shots from different angles!
  5. I have Ozone 7, 11 and 15, too. My most used size is the 11. I never tried them, but I heard that Elf and Paraavis are more difficult to fly than Ozone and Flysurfer. Not the first choice for a depower beginner. If you want to compete with other riders, go for the Sonic or R1. The Chrono V1 is a little bit slower, but cheaper. Specially in case of the Chrono V1, check the lenght of the bridlelines - they always make trouble. The price for a new, better bridle (the thick bridlelines of the V2) is around USD 200. If you prefer easy handling and more stability instead of maximum speed try to get a Chrono V2 or a Speed5.
  6. 3 perfect buggydays:
  7. Thanks, Daniel! Next time, I want you to see flying your Diablo
  8. I read in a German forum, that the North has been developed by a paragliding company called Advance.
  9. And one more:
  10. Thank you Chook! It´s my favorite spot in Holland! Maasvlakte is an artificial peninsula and belongs to the Rotterdam harbor.
  11. Kim´s Buggy...
  12. Another Spot in the Netherlands: