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  1. Hey @nigel its here held by the man himself.
  2. Having trouble getting the angel to fly. Maybe not holding my tongue the right way.😜
  3. Lol.
  4. Ok you win.😂
  5. I can beat that got this in Tassie also flys great.
  6. Will give you a chance to make some single liners Doug😆. Let us know if we can do anything for you.
  7. Well thats you out for 6 months then. @igeighty
  8. Shattered. Extra holidays.😉
  9. Found one if these in my kit that i didnt know i had. Will pull out and give it a go. Another one of Roberts kites.
  10. Spoke to Robert he was home for 2 days then off to Europe for a month. Bet that gets tiring.
  11. Which kites are your nigel?
  12. Is that all his kit behind him. He has some stuff with him. Great work.
  13. Did you get any? @nigel