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  1. Thats class that.
  2. So did Noni l bought 3😉.
  3. Small video of the day. Harden_Kite_Festival.mp4 @bakersdozen love the gimble.
  4. More from Harden.
  5. For Sale

    I will rebridle it turn it into a single line and put a big tail on it @.Joel
  6. For Sale

    A 2mtr Bora smashed me at Sandy, think a 12mtr race kite would put me in the grave.😉
  7. Yes but if l did them they would be blood shot and weepy. 😁
  8. A few pics from the Harden kite festival.
  9. They look great Kevin.
  10. We are off to Harden this weekend if you feel like a 5hr drive come join us. 11am till 4pm. We will be doing single line stuff but plenty of room for a buggy they tell me.
  11. Yes, yes they are.
  12. Isnt that what im doing in this picture.