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  1. Maybe Alex could kitesurf with Nigel on his chest.😊
  2. Got mine Friday. But had no wind to fly it.
  3. As they are there, what did they set you back? @Grants cause now l really want one.😍
  4. Well like that how can they miss it😄
  5. Yes unless customs use a box cutter to check package.
  6. Might have😉
  7. Blue one at the post ready to pick up. Hope it doesnt look like Chooks kite after post has played with it.
  8. For Sale

    If it was $50 you would buy it.
  9. You know Ryan. Do you know his mum? I bought a kite from her.
  10. I can beat that received a rc heli that they dropped into the sea. Literally had to pour the water out of the box. Dried it out for a week it still worked.
  11. Yes but whats inside @Chook ?
  12. By the looks of the video. Power lines are one end of bar and depower other end. Very interesting design. What do you reckon Mr @bakersdozen?
  13. Managed to get a couple in the sky. Was hard work though. Another 5k would have been better. Will look for another day soon.
  14. Looks like another one of Steffens winners there. Easy bar set up too. Window looks amazing as well. I know a few people who will be very interested in this kite.
  15. Afternoon fly tomorrow at Truganina coastal park. Come fly whatever you want. They are saying 8k winds in arvo. So bring your light wind stuff. See you there.