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  1. Now these more of the better l say. Prisms. One in every colour. First of many.
  2. Will bring this to scare away the monsters.
  3. Whats the start time @Jo Baker?
  4. Plan on being there a bit after 1ish.
  5. Thank again @KaoS im going owe you a slab with all the advice you have been giving me.
  6. I dont think you are that far away from Jo Baker. She would have everything you need. Nice lady, maybe you could have a chat her.
  7. When you going to start building @lngo
  8. I call this one scare the kids. And it probably will. Scares me alittle.
  9. That doesnt put heaps of load on the head of the kite? @KaoS
  10. Thanks Ingo.
  11. What the actual name of the park in Dingley that you have been flying at? Weather pending Jo and l are planning a fly Sunday arvo.
  12. Whats the best way to attach big line laundry to your flying line? Eg how to attach a Peter Lynn midi kite to a lifter line?
  13. Material ordered. 40 mtrs all up. Should be in early next week then sew fest.
  14. Its a great kite. Not to overpowered for my 7 year old. He loves it. Wants to fly it again tomorrow after school. Also a great kite for high wind days but yes it is quick but that makes it fun. Flew the 4mtr right next to it was slow in comparison. But way more pull. Thomas tried the 4 aswell but scared him so back to the 1.5. Joel rigged up a nice easy bar setup for it with a safety wrist strap for him so if it all turns to crap he just lets go. Its a real winner for its size. Compared to the 1.0 uniq we first got him it pulls like a truck. Cant see the uniq getting much air time now.😊
  15. Great winds, just right to get the nasa star 1.5 out and let my little fella have a go. Want to give the 2.5 out soon.