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  1. NASA street is exactly what i need in addition to my fat bike ( non trike) for beach use with harness I guess 6 sqm is Better on sand Also it s a challenger for kitewings but more user friendly. as performant as a kitewing ?
  2. Good if you don t own a car like me
  3. What i like thé most is those aerials with XT wheels skateboard. I wish i could do thé same one day would beNice to sée mountain board jumps strapless too
  4. Compared to pu wheels skating it looks slow. But having air wheels is very comfortable on and off road. it s just very tiring Sorry I can't do that
  5. I use long boards to. But I like to go in the woods and for that kind of use I wanted to say mountain board is less tiring than SUV not what I was thinking before trying have a good ride. Fred
  6. With 6 bar pressure it s quite fast but tiring of course but using both legs to push makes effort more standable. Moutainboard ist boring on roads because to slow in comparison to longboard, I prefer on paths
  7. Cross-country use here Moutainboard spares 2 kg on each leg movement, tons in one hour , so less tiring than suv With skogging it s possible to do 20 km on paths on a moutainboard if you use always the same leg its very tiring
  8. Sometime less is more
  9. I had 10 or 15 kmh wind this morning
  10. I am really pleased with it now especially when the kite stays in the air like an anchor Tomorrow I will film with a stick
  11. Much better than "paraskiflex bar" I was using before cause you can park the NASA where you want I will do a vid next week Compared with depower bar it might be worst but with short lines I never used one
  12. I have tried with NASA 12'75 on fat bike it works great One handed you can manage the kite on short lines as good as with handles
  13. One guy use MBS matrix trucks on his carvebord deck and works the same